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Elvish Preshley

Follow the link above, I have written an article about what I have done with the song "If I Can Dream". I had no deliberate motive, but it seems to be one of those things that carries more meaning than I'd thought.....I tend to be like that, allow my depths to speak without interrupting or controlling.

Elvis "stole the music of black musicians" (no, he didn't). I stole the music of someone named "Carrie Oakie". The parallels between Elvis and Jim Morrison are a few, one of them is having the same secret admirer........J. Edgar Hoover.

The audio included from "The Miami Incident" means to wage war against the propaganda, which insists that something else happened that night, instead of 10,000 people getting naked. Jim Morrison asked them to do whatever they wanted to do, and what they did was take off their clothes and go home without them. Elvis was doing in the fifties what Jim would be doing ten years later....all the women, in their fantasies.

Vince Treanor, equipment manager (louder, Vince) is the only person whose account made it to print, it is in Frank Lisciandro's "Friends Gathered Together". It seems that what people believe about Jim Morrison and who he was have very little in common.

Same goes for Elvis Presley....they were the same archetype fucking America, in essence. Women want to throw panties at these men, and J. Edgar Hoover loved them to death of their getting away with arousing women as symbols of rebellion....and Hoover did not appreciate women none too much.

He was gay, and persecuted the men who turned him on the most......Harry Pierpont, John Dillinger, Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison.

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