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When it comes to dysfunctional memory, nobody did it better and/or worse than both sides of the Plains Wars when recording and passing on the "history" about the Battle of Rosebud, The Battle of Little Big Horn and the story of a Woman War Chief who participated in both battles.  Everyone was crazy back then, desperate, psychotic and often starving.  

Wikipedia says that this is Pretty Nose, an Arapaho War Chief.  At least the War Chief part is correct.

Tezcat Real says that this name, "Pretty Nose", is hardly the name for a War in fear from my very pretty nose, you vicious brute.  

Pretty Nose, Brave Woman, Pretty White Buffalo, White Bull, White Cow Bull with One Bull, Buffalo Calf Road (Rode, actually) Mochi and Black Buffalo Woman are all the same person -- and her name was Pretty White Buffalo Calf translated to English.  It was Mo something or other in Cheyenne, we know she was Cheyenne and it was SOMETHING like Mochi -- but not quite.  History is muddled deliberately and accidentally....the motives for falsifying history are very powerful, we know what they are.     

There are those who communicate the truth in code, on both sides of the lie.  The first thing people need to know of THE LIE - is the tendency towards inversion, which has this example:  "Crazy Horse loved Black Buffalo Woman" -- yeah, yeah, yeah.  Did you know this is an obvious inversion of WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN?  "Oh, every other girl was named that back then...." Nope, not true.  "Oh, she is a mythic character", so is Jesus Christ....who in reality was the warrior king who took on Rome, leading the Jewish Revolt....his sister-wife was Mary Magdalene.  Real people are turned into "myths" so that people will deny and/or not notice the truth when it is in front of their face. 

Crazy Horse was a Heyoka -- and "does everything backwards"  so it must be that his story was turned backwards.  Black Buffalo Woman was the love of his life, but he could not be with her?  You expect us to take it seriously that a champion warrior and great chief didn't have first pick of the women?  You don't say someone was "the love of his life" if he was never with her, and only a creepy stalker always showing up to annoy a real man at his teepee, jealous of another man's relationship.  

People were jealous towards Crazy Horse, who had problems because a) he was half white b) he was drop dead gorgeous, and with these two factors influencing everything, he had to go to extremes to have people accept him -- and many never would, because a, b, and c - he was a badass.  

The reversal is this -- White Buffalo Woman was the love of his life, and he was with her until she was sold out by her  own people to Captain Benteen, she was captured -- and the rest of the story must be gruesome and incredibly cruel....beause this woman, Pretty White Buffalo Calf - Mochi - White Bull -- was excellent with a gun, and knocked Custer off his horse with ONE BULL --One Bullet.  

White Cow Bull is a coded message, communicating White Female Bull -- White Woman Buffalo...White Buffalo Woman...seen Dances With Wolves?  

(Pretty) White Buffalo (Calf) Woman was the hero of Rosebud and Little Big Horn, she was equally brave as Sitting Bull and deserved a place as "champion warrior" next to her man, Crazy Horse -- who was the alpha male in that situation.....a champion warrior does not stalk other men's teepees and jack off while watching them eat dinner.  There was more than one Crazy Horse --- the other was his dad...the guy who surrendered at Fort Robinson.....while wearing a War Bonnet....he was taken to a jail cell for impersonating a real warrior.   

If you play "Heyoka Rode" loud enough, The Thunderbird will leap up to the sky from all bottles of that infamous spirit as well as Injuns become Engines, to once more be the incredible spirit in battle.  Spirits in the battle are always stronger than spirits in the bottle.  WAKE INYAN, callin' Aquila........rhymes with Tequila, the black-haired mistress of Aquila.  

                                                 They Are Afraid of Her...

                                          Pretty White Buffalo Calf Woman 

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