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John Dillinger happened, by a stroke of fate, to have the gang that he was in become named after him. This was due to the expert psychological warfare tactics played upon them by Matt Leach, Professional Idiot.  

Really, it was considered the Pierpont and Dillinger Mob...Terror Gang to the papers, and witnesses who saw them in action felt it was obvious that Harry Pierpont was the (unofficial) leader, as he was the guy who decided for the rest of the gang when to spring into action.  This became "Harry Pierpont, the Trigger Man for the John Dillinger Gang"...Matt Leach wanted Harry Pierpont to be just what he fantasized...a pretty boy bossed around by other men.


This was the 1930's, mind was a time when mass communication and intense prejudice came together, it was The Great Depression.....because back then, people were assholes..which was greatly depressing......and if it weren't for the Dillinger Gang, women's rights would not have made the leaps and bounds that they have now in these times when it is back to being a bunch of bullshit again, which is progress to many people. 


Women can be lawyers on equal footing with "men", and they should salute a statue of the Dillinger Gang, back then..they were held in as low regard as their outlaw clients at the time...and their "gun molls" (bitches) showed the world women could drink, smoke, swear, fuck, drive getaway cars, launder money, and participate in other outlaw activities like punching cops in the face while being arrested, etc....rather than just obediently making pies and babies at home.  Sure they got in trouble, but it told women a message that terrified Hoover, who was already enough scared of women.  The Dillinger Gang were gentlemen while the rest of the country were still mostly medieval mysogynists.  

This is the cowardly reason why John Dillinger is portrayed as a woman beater, which he was not....if anything, his girlfriend was probably the abusive pain in the ass in their relationship, and she was Menominee.....while the rest of the country was too racist for them...and, John chose a black guy to be his partner when breaking out of Crowne Point.....and my point is, persecuting the Dillinger Gang was racist and sexist.  

Harry planned and led the miracuous Michigan City prison break, and it seems his belief in John Dillinger was the reason Dillinger was accepted by the rest of Harry had built a reputation for fearlessness unmatched by any other, a natural leadership charisma....and it could have been a form of insanity that had him be such a one who would knowingly invite violence upon himself, just to let anyone asserting authority over him....know that you cannot assert authority over him.  

During the trial for the sensible execution of Sheriff Jesse Sarber, Pierpont said to the judge "the reason that men like you hate men like me, is because everytime you look at me, you see the coward that you are.  You don't have the nerve to do what I do or be like me".  He knew nothing mattered, he was getting the death penalty for shooting a guy who reached for his gun first, who had taken a ten thousand dollar bribe to let Dillinger go from Lima County Jail....and double crossed Harry Pierpont when he arrived to follow through on the arrangement.  (According to Charles Makley). 

Jesse Sarber got a parade for "dying in the line of duty", because he was dirty and cowardly....representing the lot of them who silently know he represented their way, and who band together against superior men. He brought it all on himself, because he wanted to die looking like a hero instead of a coward who killed himself at home, he knew what he was doing.  He hated his life and he found a way out.  

Harry Pierpont was a fighter for a few reasons, one of them being his face.  I imagine that the reasons he would refuse to be intimidated by anyone included being treated like he was "boy" quite a lot.  Matt Leach assumed that "pretty boy" was out to get attention, and laughed with the other police officers about how this would turn out.  The vanity of the leader would be so wounded when reading that HIS gang was being called, not the Pierpont Gang, Terror Gang or Pierpont-Dillinger Mob -- but the John Dillinger Gang....and he was simply the henchman working for John.  

This plan backfired  spectacularly, because contrary to expert psychology -- Harry Pierpont was not out to get attention, he wanted very little attention....and could easily see through this bonehead strategy.  If zero attention could be managed, that would be best...because he was robbing banks for Pete's sake.  

It seems that Matt Leach got a phone call from the newly christened "Dillinger Gang", which congratulated him on his brilliance and how he was what they called a screwball, idiot, buffoon and other such things that caused Mr. Leach to stutter very badly....which is a consequence of fear.   "We're g-gonna c-c-c-catch you andand y-you're g-gonna...."

"B-b-b-b-bye you sh-shithead" (click).  

Harry Pierpont was out to wage war against illegitimate authorities, Matt Leach was specifically one of these types -- who must punish those who tear down the stereotypes which protect a fragile masculinity which is easily threatened and insecure.  Pretty Boy makes the girls sigh and bosoms heave....ah, but he is a sissy!!! Ha ha! Harry was not what they expect, who used counterintuitive strategy when he knew he usually is an advantage in a fight when the enemy is not expecting so much of one.    

Harry Pierpont was a warrior -- and so were his best friends.  Though it is silly enough that they were the Dillinger Gang -- the second incarnation of the gang should have been called something else.  The first incarnation of the gang....were great friends who were part of a prison clique.....and ironically, John Dillinger's place in the pecking order was not like his pals - who were seasoned veterans of bank and auto robbery, John was in for petty theft....but, boy did he prove himself once paroled....and it was more than luck.  

By the way, we are certain that the last and greatest humiliation of the FBI -- was in shooting the wrong guy that was "John Dillinger", as public relations needed this badly, but it seems they were being scammed for the reward money -- by the likes of John Dillinger, the real one...with blue, not brown eyes, different fingerprints and teeth -- and face!!!!  He faked his death, successfully....after his associates helped spread the rumor that he underwent plastic surgery to alter his appearance.  This plan played on the fact that it was believed that the Dillinger Gang were vain and childish.....caring so much about one's appearance......they would never question it.    

This is our conjecture: the story about John Dillinger getting plastic surgery was turning the tables on the morons who could not see past their own vanity, which was projected on John and Harry in particular, the two members of the gang who had movie-star looks and celebrity even seems that Harry knew how John was necessary to deflect attention away from Harry -- without someone like John, who had what it took to become America's first and great celebrity criminal, who could have been a matinee idol if fate took other turns....Harry simply stuck out.  They both had it....and John seemed to enjoy the publicity, living out his "Douglas Fairbanks" fantasy as
"Johnny Rob Banks".  Little John....Dillinger and Robbin' Hoodlum, and their Merry Men...and Mary, Kinder. 


It was interesting how Mary and Billie, the girlfriends, frequently did dumb shit because of drinking....yet RUSSELL getting drunk in public led to their arrest.  It was RUSSELL, being a drunk jerk in the hotel bar in himself recognized, just before God made it catch fire.  


That was fate.   A story for another time and page....

Also....calling John Dillinger "Robin Hood" leads to the truth....when standing next to other guys in the gang, you can see he was like...5'6", so....if anyone was Robin was Harry Pierpont, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor with Little John Dillinger....the biggest man in the village. My guess is every member of the gang was carrying a big package, and not just a Thompson submachine gun over a sack of money in the same hand, a police badge in the other.   I have no idea what charities the others gave to, but they had their favorite charities....and they did not have to deal with annoying stuff like saying their names. 


I suppose Santa Claus showed up with some sense in the actual gang showing up, people would tell the police....just because they were telling everyone because it's fun....and "oh, wait...sorry I blew it"..they foresaw this.  They got no publicity for it, so the Dillinger Gang did not do this....that is the level of stupidity we are dealing with here.  They were only out for recognition and attention, just like a sheriff who needs a parade after reaching for the gun when told not to...and, what?  You recieved 10 grand....Jesse Sarber.  

The story about John getting plastic surgery played into the vanity of those insisting they were vain, out for attention.  Someone who gets plastic surgery was a vain person indeed.....the story was planted that he didn't want to be recognized, but there was a subtext to it....he was into his looks, that is why the rumor was believed.  


The truth was brilliant strategy which led to the FBI shooting someone with a different face.  This also played into the extreme desperation to kill John Dillinger, who had done more to humiliate the law.....than anyone, even though the other members of the gang were some heavyweight contenders.  

The FBI took the bait, and killed a patsy sacrifice to make their humiliation finally come to an end, and eventually someone had to have noticed.....but the humiliation of the FBI presented by the seeming fact that the last great heist was the scamming of the FBI for the reward money - I hope that John got his percentage and lived as peacefully as he could in San Diego, for as long as he could....maybe he became a farmer.  

The Dillinger Gang was the baddest, and too bad for Hollywood -- "Dillinger" with Warren Oates and "Public Enemies" with "Johnny Deppinger" are equally lame.   Propaganda films.

"The United States of America is at eternal war with the Dillinger Gang"

- J. Edgar Hoover  

In the REAL America, the Tezcat Real America.....a film is made about the Dillinger Gang focusing of the period of time BEFORE John broke out of Crowne Pointe, (hilarious) not after....because the police station robberies were not only funny, but they hvae been ignored.  This group of friends became selected by their own courage to become the Criminal Justice System....with an arsenal from the police, and five police for Harry Pierpont, one for Russell Clarke, one for John Dillinger, one for Red Hamilton, and one of Charles Makley....Ed Shouse was a loser, he didn't get one. 

"POLICE!!!! THIS IS A STICK-UP!!!!"  camera zooms on a very pretty girl, blushing as Harry winks at her, and to take it further....John does his "Johnny Robbanks" action hero leap over the counter...and so many women have bandit hearts, which is what angle makes it only possible as an outlaw film.  

We need to raise ten million dollars to make it happen, and no.....we will not be robbing real banks to make it authentic.  You can't do that anymore, there are always new ways towards banditry though.....the women scream because deep down, they are crying out to be saved from the envious lunacy of overcompensating cowards and their Criminal System. 

The Dillinger Gang was the Criminal Justice System....and, by golly "Criminal Justice" is the title for that film, ain't it?  

"Criminal Justice" funded entirely by Johnny Depp to apologize for his cooperation when assassinating the truth regarding America's first, most direct and also most violent counterculture heroes....robbin' from the rich, giving to the native american reservations -- you know they did with Evelyn "Billie" Frechette with them.....of the Menominee.  

The First Nations were starving to death during the Depression, and nobody gave a shit about them.  I think the gang understood sacrifice to Lady Luck and who the most damaged victims of all time were in this country.  That angle depicted would make this idea completely unstoppable...and we should also include what amazing leaps the Dillinger Gang made for Women's Rights.  

The guy who busted out of Crowne Point with Johnny, was a black man.  He was subjected to racist entrapment for being black in a store, and shot full of holes.  To combat racism, we need ten million dollars....for an animated feature, forget live action and a whole old timey film set, that would be too expensive for a film that will not at all be appreciated by people who it is meant to make fun of the most....including Johnny Depp if he doesn't pay up.  

Harry Pierpont

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