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A lot of explanation required to really get this subject across, there are other pages related to the same subject......this particular USA chart, and how it seems to be interpreted by those who have knowledge that the rest of us are kept in the dark about.

Everything is Consciousness, and I had been guided to make this uncovery....a word which I use in place of discovery and recovery, often enough.

These things are connected - -the notion of the counterculture and clocks. I was guided to have a realization by what was revealed to me when involved with constructing the world's largest working timepiece at Burning Man 2011 - the theme being "Rites of Passage", which was to commemorate the Saturn Return of the USA chart on August 28th, 2011.....probably about less than one percent of revelers would be aware of this.

Someone has made a giant occult ritual in the desert, and from my experience I put the pieces together.....this is the truth: the subconscious mind knows that placing the numbers 1-12 around a disc signifies the 12 archetypes of the zodiac....which are BUILT IN..they do not come from the sky.

This insight reveals the standard clock to be entraining the mind towards relating to 1-12 being interpreted in the precisely opposite direction around the wheel as the "counterclockwise motion" of an interpretation of astrological chart movements.

"Clockwise" is a word which is really the opposite of wisdom, and counterclockwise -- is the opposite of clockwise, and clockwise is not wise. There is wisdom and the inversion.

What people do not realize, is that there is a maintenance of a ritual, which refers to the clockwise direction of the national mind. I insist that the natal chart of USA has been and is still a blueprint and map for destiny, and the natural destiny of America is "counterclockwise".

Burning Man is the continuing of the "counterculture revolution", but not the real deal. The GENUINE and LEGIT "countercultural revolution" would be if we were conscious of this natal chart, knew the correct interpretation of it....and with conscious action, set about our DESTINY.

The geomancy of Burning Man, somehow gives us the experience of what energy is truly in our chart. However things work, I know that they do...and it is my fate and karma to show this to people, and to show HOW and WHY it has been, and still has been inverted.

I almost feel like I understand that a national character can be created, in the authoritarian and shitty way we have known, by "drawing down energy", and basically betraying the cosmos with a theft of energy, which is accomplished by ritually acting out the CLOCKWISE interpretation of a national birth chart.

The real counterculture revolution has not happened...and this is the other thing....a major imbalance built in, which REALLY sets things to go strangely. LIBRA is "broken".

Libra balances Capricorn and Cancer, which are Father/Future and Mother/Past -- they must be interpreted as being one above the other, as Master and Slave.....they SHOULD be in balance, but they are in extreme imbalance.

I found out this was the truth, observing what happened when my wife battled for her life AGAINST CANCER!!! Cancer is equivalent to EMPATHY.

The 2nd house steals from the 8th house, basically....and I am the person to show people they way out. STAY ATTUNED.

It is equal house, to correspond with the clock...that is what is revealed when studying Burning is a magical grid relating to Saturn in a degree which refers to constant a clock.

The Base - 7 Cipher is very important also......when applying it to chart interpretation, and thinking of the MOON = 1221 -- those are the numbers of every cusp. MOON.

Don't let them kill the Sun of God/dess.

Five to one, baby..........

Again, this chart is being used as a map for going against the cosmos, clockwise. This is about clocks, in a major way. LIBRA is in extreme imbalance, giving us authoritarian hierarchy.

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