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The first image shows how EVE fits in between South and North of the center image.....and it is the top image which demonstrates that we read from the bottom up, SEVEN UP.

EVE.....the central letter in this name is Roman Numeral 5 -- and E is the fifth letter of the alphabet. Is 555 of the Hollywood Phone Number (as known in the 80's) something to do with this? Sure, why not.

SIX is the same word as SEX, people do not realize....and SEX is the world surrounding the central point, which is the SEVEN. There is a relationship with 5 and 7 -- 5 is the center of the crossroads on the ground, adding one more dimension to the two, adding above and below.....7 is the central position.

SEVEN is five letters, which is what we call.....synchronicity. Eve is blamed for the "fall of man", and we find her within SIN. Can you see that EVE is within Original SIN? Sin is the word made from connecting both poles of a circle by the Diameter, S and N for South and North.

Eve, within original SIN....a latin word meaning "to be" -- the fall is into the second world, the second dimension. The SEVEN diagram is the reflection or yourself.....your SELF...which is a sphere.

Look, it is just another mirror coincidence. Anyone who brushes off the mirror coincidences, is a fool with an uncreative mind, who "knows" that the sound is spelled the way they believe, vibrating the air with mere coincidences.

Just a mirror coincidence, pay it no mind. NO MIND, thoughtlessness.

SEVEN overlaid on a diameter and circumference, hints to us....that SEVEN is related to the infinite.....and the Individual begins with SEVEN.

SEVEN is the number of The Goddess.

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