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Do you like our band and would like to__________ us?  Have any questions/thoughts about our ideas or have amusing anecdotes you'd like to share? If there is a genuine and sincere interest in us and/or a passionate appreciation what we have done, are doing, and will ultimately do dooby do and a doodly doody doot do...we can be reached at the mailing address below.


It's far more romantic this way...and it is far too easy for things to get weird when keyboards and screens get involved, doncha think?  Comment threads, people who need to debate and "win" (with the goal of becoming the Master Debater) thanks...that's boring bullshit. 


Approve or disapprove, you can act like a big deal and that's very special, but it doesn't make for apparental "authority"...that's about as boring as it gets, and gosh, we are already living in Boringopolis, Hawaii....(Kahului).  Did you know there is actually a Boring, Oregon out there?  Somewhere? "Goddammit! This place sure is boring! It needs a Boring City Hall and a Boring Public Library" and then she said "your organ is boring", and the rest is boring history.  At Tezcat Real, we do not have a boring organ, it gets so excited that it organizes the music around itself.....but who cares, yeah?  Totally.    


We are looking forward to reading your thoughtful and brilliant letter(s)! Just remember: Spiritual Intelligence is where it's at and what it is, anything Artificial has derived from Artifice...which is the most boring and lame organ of them all! People who point out what is debunked have never thought about how "bunk" is a word that means "bullshit"....and so what is debunked has had the bullshit removed, that's why authoritarian turd people are so hostile to all debunked things.  Debunk the music industry.  At Tezcat Real, if it's debunked....we'll make awesome violent music about it and if you dance to it, you don't get to eat bunk anymore. AI is bunk.  With any "AI" you find, it goes well with the ADON:                                     "ADONAI"


Adonai is a Valley Girl word meaning "I dunno"....and are you are a sphere of LIGHT? The RIGHT is not silent, so whatever was the Left -- shall be the LIGHT.  SYNERGY, dude.......WRITE ON.......  

Tezcat Real 

111 Kahului Beach Road

#D-320 Kahului, HI 96732 


The image above is from the early days of television....a TEST PATTERN. 


Visualize this image as being laid out on the ground, as if it were a blanket.  90 degree flip....and it is horizontal, rather than vertical.  What does this do to perception?  Visualize yourself standing within the central circle....the 30, central position of NEWS -- north, east, west and south. "Don't trust anyone over 30" -- yeah, interesting.  Especially if His Horse Is A Prostitute (Witko).


What is the TV Screen according to this orientation?  IS IT THE GLASS CEILING?  Dude.....


The 2nd dimension is "feminine" to the third dimension of space.....this is a natural law of the universe, which is one line of verse -- poetry.  The 2nd dimension is receptive to the Higher Way -- the 3rd of space, 4th of linear time....and the 5th of synchronicity.  Dismiss all Mirror Coincidences.  What is masculine asserts itself, as Light tends to do and remember -- what is FELINE?  The first syllable of feminine (Fe) and the last syllable of masculine (LINE).  FE-LINE -- androgyne.  It is U in the mirror, but certainly not the center of Being.  Tezcat Real is for pussies.....are you pussy enough?  Huh?  

What is feline is the consequence of synergy, rather than polarization -- no need to be a Master Debater in this band-- polarization: a fall from grace, or my new glasses that go from "I look stupid" to "looking cool" as soon as the sunlight hits the lenses?  This feline is no slave.  I dentify with a baseball bat, smashify and breakify as well.  Sometimes, hit some balls and then run. 


So.....where did U go for so long? Was it U inside of TV for all this time?  The alpha-bet, an original wager? T,U,V......W....double or nothing, U becoming twice born...........and now that U came home, get out of the reverse, and into the universe.  Reception -- it's not just for phones anymore.

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