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A place where the mind should rather NOT be, and should get out of as soon as possible, is the mental space where all coincidences, patterns, hints, codes, games and correspondences found in language (or in the life’s unfolding) are "just wierd", regarded as deliberately orchestrated activities by human agencies.  These perspectives suck all the “wow” out of life, and takes a person to a dull and not very sexy place.....I don't want to live there.  Blah. I get annoyed by types that regard every incredible coincidence that can be mapped as being part of a grand conspiracy…how boring. UNIVERSE....the word is telling us of a poetic continuum. Obviously, there are conspiracies that happen, open any history book.  Also obviously, to me.... the Universe is Intelligent. 


The atheistic/materialist perspective concludes that there is no intelligent MYSTERY working through us and enveloping us, and hence the materialist attitude empowers and enlarges the image of whatever enemies/authorities that are at large, blocking our right to choose and grow at our own pace; attributing way too much to them...because maintaining an illusion of power is a key tactic. 


What I "discover"  happening in language is evidence of this MYSTERY operating through us, and to understand it is a key to freedom. To understand and embrace this…is to BE the vessel of the fifth element, consciousness…..the LOGOS. There are certainly those who use knowledge of symbols to to seduce us, and we need to upgrade our understanding of things, NOW.

Here, I focus on what is interesting about FIVE-There are discernible patterns in Logos, finding its way into our language that the upgraded Poet has begun to understand.  Often, the very number of letters in a word can refer to its quality, and not only that; TEN is a number of completion…so FIVE can be found as one half of an idea or ideal, as this list of words demonstrates. 


Adult/Child--birth/death--north/south--mater/logos--Above/Below-Black/white--Horse/rider--Inner/outer--Light/Sight--Right/Wrong--Penis/Vulva--Magic/Music--Chaos/Order--Sleep/Awake --Valid/Wrong--Water/earth--Heart/blood--Young/Gross --Satan/Jesus--Demon/Angel--Flora/Fauna--unite/alone--Being/Doing--Write/Spell




The last one is “spelled wrong”, but I don’t really think so. M is a continuing wave, N is the stoppiing of the wave.  A river is dammed, a person is damned.  PRISN become PRISON highlights what a prison actually is, blocking..six is the number of structure....building blocks.  Blocked. Six feet of social distancing, pfffft.  It's like shooting ducks with the orange nintendo gun right on the TV like the cheater kid that does that, it's that easy to fool people, so I yell at them...because it's funny.  Sort of.  SIX. SUX. 


PRISN CELL BLOCKS. To serve sentences.  Because of a conviction, an external authority to yourself has taken away rights, because of wrongs.  wrong/right, light/write, etc..  Author, is the first half of authority. Start righting your own story, and like the anole....even learn to drop a tale and grow another, always another. 


The number six corresponds with being in prison (six letters), which is worth another article, but just remember to maintain SIX feet of social distancing, not five or seven.  SIX—because FIVE has you standing at the center of the crossroads, recognizing that the devil is your worst fear and jumping straight into it is how a person is rewarded for courage...go exactly at your greatest fiear, and nobody will block you from reaching your center, wihch is called "being selfish" by those who lack the capacity to go after that Scorpion of Scorpio, who is there to bring your worst fear...the beginning of initiation.    Then you become the snake that sheds a skin and moves on beyond it, and when you are the Eagle, you can see many of the deaths and rebirths, mearly painful doorways and door wars. Kick the devil out of your crossroads, and unite sky and earth, the Eagle and the Snake and say hello to yourself, Quetzalcoatl. 



Even the word FIVE should rightly be spelled as PHIVE for the golden ratio that determines the proportions of our bodies.  1.618

TEN completes an idea, clap your hands-two fives.  Ten is a word in Egyptian which refers to the Sunrise…and the number of letters in a word is significant to understanding the manner in which Logos behaves for the Poet, a word that is an upgrade of "shaman", and "prophet".  For example-Sunrise=7 letters Sunset=6.  6x7=42.....which is worth another article. 

In the Fibonacci Spiral, 55 is the tenth number (not counting zero) So, a great key to unlock mysteries is FIVE and FIVE

When you see the speed limit sign 55, you are being reminded of something.  55 is one Phi based rectangle pack of cigarettes, why are you still smoking, bruh....

Also, that shape would make a fine mattress, or even an HDTV.  

PHIVE is the FIFTH element, there is no "devil" at the crossroads…..what is at the crossroads is your inner child, wanting you to stop being a little bitch and listen and re-connect with now. 

Seriously, stop being such a little bitch and going after every distraction, that's how pissed off a lot of inner children are these days.  The fifth house in astrology, the fifth sign, regards creativity, children, and it is the spiritual capacity of the child that is creative.  Being creative is really about being connected to the now, which requires that there is NOT any “devil at the crossroads”, but the child/adult.  They are two parts of the same ideal.  There is no adult without the child, because the inner child is the connection to the infinite for the outer adult, the adult that creates something in the world, otherwise A Dolt. 

sword in the stone.jpg

The 5 and 5 coming together for the complete statement. Sword and Stone are 5 letters each, and either this is just me playing around with words, having fun and unraveling something quite interesting or I have stumbled upon something that was consciously encrypted for someone to unlock.  The 5/5 make 10 by addition and by following the Fibonacci pattern.  Birth/Death, Sword/Stone, etc., the unlocking is by doing what is RIGHT.  LEFT and RIGHT are words that show us the spiritual choice involves FIVE, compared to FOUR.  LEFT is comparable to YHVH (unconscious matter) and RIGHT is comparable to YHShWH (Matter christed by the "fifth element", a development of the divine spark within each of us.  RIGHT is the path of the SUN from DAWN to DUSK, or SUNRISE to SUNSET.  

I swap the V and W in YHVH and YHShWH for a reason, which is that the letters U, V, and W signify much the same idea.  U and V are the same idea, a descent and return into a body and re-turning, W is the letter which encodes both U and V, written and phonetic....W is a symbol that is short for "TWICE BORN", Double YOU.  Through consciousness, the fifth thing....we are aware of more than the limitation of one body, YHShWH is overcoming of amnesia. YHShWH is Yeheshua, Yod Heh Shin Wahv Heh, the PENTAGRAMMATON, overcoming the TETRAGRAMMATON.  The SON that outshines a FATHER that will not be subject to domination, made in the likeness of another.....who is himself, and will not be diverted from the RIGHT to be who he is.  LEFT behind, is the ordinary that would "sacrifice him" out of jealousy.  

The ONE TRUE KING is who is "Yeheshua", that is not an external figure....a symbol of Being, with the capacity to be independent of any "master",  Self-guiding and freed. Consciousness is the The One True King. 

As the pattern goes, 5/5 are two sides of one thing, completion.  SWORD/STONE are a polarity.  Naturally, a SWORD is a phallic object, and so the STONE must be the feminine counterpart.  This corresponds to the X and Y axis of 2-dimensional graphs and also, our chromosomes (X is female, Y is male; X is horizontal Y is vertical; X is the stoned horizon and Y is what we say looking up at the sky when frustrated) The SWORD is obviously representing vertical, so we can infer what the STONE will be.  Is not the horizon made of unprocessed earth? 

The SWORD, of the Y axis is rising out of the STONE...a reminder that metal comes out of stone/ore/rock.  The idea has a lot of cross over potential (pun intended), in the realm of WORDS/TONES.  Did not the genre of METAL arise out of ROCK? Stoner metal, is to say androgyny. DOWN WORDS and SWORD--A cross.  


The "Penis mightier than the Sword", of course.  The SWORD trapped in the STONE may be symbolic of masculine energy being held and preserved by the feminine until being unlocked; and precisely what that can the LOGOS (WORDS; thought) is frozen within MATTER, unlocked and freed by consciousness....which requires HEART.  The goal of alchemy was to release/realize the "spirit" from matter, to awaken the intelligence in what deceives many as "just a frikkin' rock", everything becomes the vessel of a universal consciousness.  Considering the Left/RIGHT equivalence of matter without or with the "fifth thing" (fallen), the person who is the ONE TRUE KING liberates the SWORD from the STONE (the "fallen" or "dammed/damned" situation of "unconscious matter"  due to the unrealized condition of a person); the WORDS in the TONES are discovered where there was the "Sword in the Stone".  WORDS in the TONES are a twice born, transformed realization of what is "masculine and feminine", where WORDS are symbols, images, etc.  and TONES, are vibration.  A manifestation of this, is the potential of "rock and roll" WORDS are the lyrics, and TONES are the music.  WORDS SET TO MUSIC, is beyond entertainment, the so-called "Voice of a Generation", the image of external salvation (always a mistake) is the "Voice of Generation".  There is the idea that sound can create the world.  Is this the weapon of "One True King"?  

sword one.jpg
sword 2 - Copy.jpg

The SWORD is a CROSS for WORDS.  The CROSSWORDS puzzle 

5 & 5 give us a number of completion, TEN--the SWORD is the lowercase "t".   Words/Tones are unlocked by taking "S" to the right.  This is what is right, our right.  "S" is a letter that is a serpent, of the vertical axis, counterpart to the horizontal...which would give us a SINE wave.  WORDS/TONES as TEN..the complete idea, is unlocked by following the SUN, sunrise to sunset is to the right.  TEN is the name for "the Sun at Sunrise" in Egypt, TEM is the setting.  TEN and TEM.  TEN is ATEN, the idea of a Solar deity venerated by Akhenaten, which amounted to an inversion of what should be.  "the Pharaoh as Sun God", when the idea should be "Every Man and Woman is the potential Pharaoh".  The concept of "One Man as the Sun/Son" is traced to Amarna in Egypt; it is a stupid and corrupt inversion of what should be.  "Atonism".  Regarding "WORDS/TONES", and liberation from what is set in stone, free association is not barred...and ATONISM is a word that can be pronounced in the way that ATONAL is pronounced, so ATONISM is akin to being tone-deaf, an annoying trombone that refuses to go along and disrupts the orchestra until they either stop playing or be subordinate...if the trombone player had the power to execute anyone he wants.  


TONE DEAF LEOPARD is a band inspired by inverting the knowledge of the Panthera class (those who understood the "fifth thing" potentially available to everyone, and wore Panther/Leopard skins). ONE GOD becomes the tyrannical ruler of a nation, rather than ONE GOD being one consciousness manifesting in ALL THINGS.  ATONISM refers to myth of Lucifer.  He did not want to be in the chorus of angels, and so he changed the words and screwed up the Christmas carols on purpose just to be a jerk and embarrass his parents, so he was kicked out of the choir.  Potentially, he knew that he had the coolest voice and should start a band, but the inversion of a RISING SUN is a TONE DEAF LEOPARD.  The TONE DEAF LEOPARD is out for fame and recognition for its own sake, and too inexperienced to recognize the coming humilation and exile that comes with such baseness. Recognition is a secondary side effect when a person is a catalyst for others' evolution simultaneous to his/her own.  In other words, not a narcissistic dork.  Great Art is never produced by a Tone Deaf Leopard.  

morally upright - Copy - Copy.jpg

In this image, it is shown how two directions of the star mirror what can be implied by SWORD/STONE, which is the LEFT side of WORDS/TONES..the RIGHT side of the FIVE.   The inverted star is associated with the "left hand path", standing for "matter triumphs over spirit" which is a bogus association since the left hand is controlled by the RIGHT brain, that is our DIRECT engagement with the REAL.


It is certainly worth consideration that the SWORD/STONE situation could be symbolic of when MATTER is dominant and keeps WORDS/TONES freedom energy in suspended animation.  STUCK.  IMPRISONED

PRISN rather than PRISM 

inverted - Copy - Copy.jpg
startsart - Copy.jpg

The root condition that begets a corruption such as "ATONISM" the "ATONAL" answer to "how the SUN is manifest in MAN" 

TEN, the rising SUN that is an idea that became externalized, and should not have been.  A sillhouette of the Sword in the Stone reveals something quite important, and self-explanatory.  The Cross on the Hill is the Sword In the Stone.  Both of them can signify what the inverted star would signify (oh, great now people are getting really made at me, I can feel it.) But what happens to the fifth element (Christ Consciousness, to use a New Agey term) because of the cross? The Christ ascends to heaven, and LEAVES THIS WORLD.  When we realize that this equivalent to having the 5th element, the "spirit informing matter", depart from this world....we are left with a particular situation.  Unconscious matter dominates, to have it "depart from this world" is equivalent to raising four points of matter above the 5th spiritual arm of the star.  In this world, Unconscious matter (and humanity) is dominant.  To divorce the 5th element from ourselves, as a distant idea, in the past or not of this world, is a deception.  

The 5th element must be HERE in the NOW, and that is the "salvation"--it is not realized vicariously, but by making room in oneself to contain it.  This means that there is no "devil at the crossroads", either because of believing the 5th element within oneself to be "taboo", or that near the center of one's being, are unresolved and unexamined fears that are usually the traumas leftover from childhood...that were the initial cause of becoming estranged from the center of being, their inner SUN.  Unhealed wounds cause people to live "beside themselves" and off-center, and looking for external substitutions, which are readily available.  To seek them only results in going to the farthest extreme that of alienation from the CORE self.  It is not unlike wanting the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  

There are two external powers that become manifest, five and five making TEN, the NET, or even a TENET.  

As a reversal of TEN, and the internal rising SUN, people place a great deal of importance on NET worth.  "How much is your NET worth?" Sounds very much to me like saying "How much is your CAGE worth?" NET worth is to impress people with this idea "My NET is worth this much, and they're NET is worth less than my NET" Wow, so you really have a lot to give up to not be inside a NET, is what you're saying? Think like a Poet, play with what words can do and you'll be astounded.  You're probably already there with me anyway. 

TENET-a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy. It is the same word, forward or reversed. 

arthur christ.jpg
king arthur - Copy - Copy.jpg

The person who removes the "Sword from the Stone" is none other than "King Arthur"...a large subject that is too much to really deal with briefly.  The angle to focus on, is regarding what amounts to authority.  AUTHOR is foundation of authority.  Lawmakers WRITE what is RIGHT.  And what of the Rite? To Write a Passage is a Rite of Passage.  Spelling, is a form of SPELLcasting.  

The writer of a script has written SCRIPTURE.  

Casting spells is a casting call.  Cast in a film called REEL, that would blur the boundaries of what is REAL. 


Revisiting this image, that tells so much when not expected, we can gather this: people are told what is happening, so that way...there technically is violation of boundaries.  People volunteer to have the device which is saying "what you most desire is in here, the in the square...(the image of the Television SET is 2-dimensions, so were are dealing with circles and squares rather than spheres and cubes).  

The Chief is looking to the RIGHT, so it seems. Actually, he looks to OUR right.  From his perspective, he is looking to his LEFT and showing the RIGHT side of his face.  

What is Right for him, and what is Left for us? The twists and turns of our incredible language will make the unconscious conscious, and make a person the Poet in the Universe, an upgrade of what was once called a "shaman", for in merging the worlds of the natural man and the literary...Poet is the word which suffices....the goal of the West has always been to "Square the Circle"--which is to be propelled into a new, unpredictable state of Being by first achieving this balance....

sword in the stone.jpg

Here, again, we see the movement to the right regarding the S-S of the Sword and Stone, which paired with the image above...reflects a message about the key to the "Sword/Stone" image that may or may not have always been meant as an anagram.  I prefer to attribute things like this to MYSTERY and synchronicity, otherwise it's easy to lose people and myself at the same time. There is something about 5 with a simple shift of ONE thing out of FIVE--one thing that has always been a symbol for a high inititiate, royalty, the adept, knowledge, and spiritual mastery.  The Serpent.  SS. Two of them.  

Two Serpents: S and S, shown on the Caduceus...The Sword, Spine, Snake, Wings, Abyss, Brain, Nerve, Whole, Egypt, Venom, Truth, Image, Scale, Lions, Labia--all five letter words.  Again, another five.  To OUR rights is what is shown, even if a person facing us looking in that direction would be facing the LEFT from his/her own perpective....showing us the RIGHT side of the face.  It is to the LEFT that we see the rising SUN, on a journey to the WEST which is RIGHT...yet from the SUN's perspective, it is what is left for do.  What is left for me to do? The Sun knows there is only one thing.  Is it wrong, if it is not RIGHT? Does this issue with language set up a foundation for moral relativism? As if Right and Wrong are a matter of perspective? There is much to do, it is our language that links us to others, objects and to our own  thinking.  We need to upgrade and learn from language that is ANYTHING but arbitrary, as many are led to believe.  

The Sun's journey, looking right is a time to write about the day, about the rite of passage that is worth writing a passage.  Sunrise and Sunset may not be words of five letters, but ARIES and LIBRA are....which correspond to the rising and setting sun.  

wrong write.jpg

Does the way our language develop over time reflect what is going on within us? To write left-handed was often much of that is due to our language and what it does to influence our beliefs and behavior on a level that bypasses conscious recognition? I find it hard to imagine any council deciding for everyone what words will be built into language and chuckling at their cleverness, although...the recent stupidity of the official re-definition of "racism" to no longer simply mean "racial prejudice" but defined as a crackpot conspiracy theory that claims all members of a racial category are part of the conspiracy, (which is racial prejudice)--is evidence that forces me to keep an open mind about the possibility of deliberate language tweaking.  After all, it is only appropriate and proper to appropriate and steal.  Is it not? 

The abbreviations for Left and Right are L-R. 


The profundity of these two letters are fantastic and sublime. 

REAL - Copy.jpg
L-R - Copy - Copy.jpg

As you can see, in the words Reflection and Refraction, are the "two gods" RA (expressed towards the left) and 

EL (expressed towards the left) RA and EL are the "two gods" and EL actually means "the messenger of RA" 

RA and EL wrapping around each other, are REAL...and so we do not confuse this word with "REALITY TV" REAL is pronounced "Ray-AL' rather than REEL.   

Our PRISM will not be our PRISN when M is continuing flow of light WAVES, stopping at N. 


reflection reaction - Copy.jpg

R and L, when sounded out, are deities.  Ar is a spelling of Ra, (Egyptian language left vowels to be implied..before or after the idea of a consonant could work either way). El is a Semitic word for "deity" or "god"....and also means messenger.  
In the two words above, we see RA and EL (reversed as Le, becomes EL when reversed by mirror reflection), RA is present in a word that means "Light passing through and being changed", and the other is mirroring.  A mirror can be said to be the messenger of the source of light, and even though what refracts may not ultimately be the source of certainly appears that a prism can give light if looking at it from straight on.  Could stars be refracting light from some unknown source? 

A Prism refracts, and a Prisn is when the flow becomes stopped up, or trapped.  A mirror can be a prisn or prison of light....but it would be more accurate to say that of a film or a photograph, the images have been TAKEN, which is considered appropriate by photographers.  

It is worth pondering if our word REAL is where RA and EL have become intertwined, this is when I prefer to relate to El, the messenger as the Individual where Ra is the external Sun.  The Individual involved in reflection becomes wise, it is the Individual who is El, the MESSENGER. Slap a priest as hard as you can. I dare you. 

It is far too easy for the words REEL and REAL to become linked by phonetic equivalence, and well....just look at our world today.  Reality is not defined for most people by direct engagement with it, but by the Television Set. 

crosswords 1.jpg
cross words 2.jpg

The Sword is a Cross, Sword/Cross, Cross/Crown.  Sword/Words.   I can never think of "Crosswords Puzzle" the same way again.  The Sword, becoming "The Words" takes on an interesting dimension when considering "The" refers to "god", (Greek theos) The Words is God Words, but...when it was "The Sword" it remained GodS Word.  It has always been GodS Word to live by The Sword.  The twists and turns of language are to make of a Poet no longer what academia defines, but something that has more to do with seeing, and a Poet never need publish anything, for the same reason there are secret shamans who never seek publiclity.  Publishing requires submission, often times.  No way.  To successfully remove The Sword From The what has made you King Author, because you have made it to the bottom of this article and hopefully have understood it.  


And what if we are to Cross Swords? There can only be ONE? There is one mystery, and there is no one but MANY beings.  Across, up or still across from you.  An upraised cross is simply ready for action, especially considering it a phallic symbol.  The Universe is a big slut.

swords words.jpg
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