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Tezcat Real's treatment of the Elvis Presley classic 'If I Can Dream" is fun and unmarketable, out of respect for those who are sold but don't get anything out of it because people believe that instead of souls still being somewhere, they are keeping you alive.  When someone dies, quit using them to make money, I say….it messes with the journey, and might make it a situation that has that souls unable to have their normal amount of energy available for them.  They are here, they are still there and people will not let them go. 

You will note that I begin the song with some of Jim Morrison’s stage banter from the Miami show, which is an event about which it can be said…..history is bunk.  By the way, if something is debunked….the bunk has been removed, leaving only truth.  Interesting, how the “science” minded are so into informing us about what authority has debunked….which is a reason NOT to be involved with it. 


Elvis Presley…..has had a movie made about his life, from the perspective of Col. Tom Parker…who was actually Tom Hanks in disguise.  (Spoiler Alert!). 


The film is surprisingly great, and is almost as good as "Elvis Meets Nixon".  If you have seen that film….. "I'm John Borroughs.  I'm incognito"….oh man, Elvis Presley’s “unintentionally hilarious period” was something else, because he was Incognito.  Incognito with a purple cape, the belt buckle, jeweled pimp cane, and the entire Elvis look....but, he was John Burroughs....with his guns on the plane.  He robbed a donut shop, allegedly.  He was out to meet President Nixon....and he did.  "Hey, man!! It's ELVIS!!!"  robbing the donut shop in a D.C. black neighborhood.  A real life superhero.  


You might notice I altered the lyrics to pay tribute to the donut shop incident. 


"Elvis Meets Nixon", is arguably the GREATEST rock n' roll movie of ALL TIME.  According to “greatest of all time” countdown lists, all time goes back to 1955, though if some performers could talk, they had memories going all the way back to the Great Depression.....which was a metaphor symbolizing incarnation, when Poetry mattered with spirit.  Spirit matters.  Everything is interconnected.  There are some men who switch things on….and the problem is, some people return us to experiencing the CORE of being….and most people have things there which are normally looked away from, distracting by all that we must be doing and whatnot.


The past is taboo if you really think on this, yet the creative allows himself to feel, bridging Being and Doing.  Androgyny is in someone who can operate NOW, and there is a “timelessness” about that person.  What Elvis stimulated in people, making him so “dangerous”, is feelings people put aside to get on with life….the way it is set up to fragment us, make us dissociative.

Let's have a moment of silence to remember we forgot that The Dillinger Gang was the counterculture hero rock star that was the spiritual father of Elvis.  They did not have any hit singles, but hey.....John Dillinger faked his death.  

So, yeah…..what I did with “If I Can Dream” is something else…..for you to interpret, and my intentions weren’t anything specific….I like the song, and am aware that I can sing like that….and since my life sucks, I sort of want people to notice and acknowledge that.  There is no alternative, either.  It is all or nothing in my case, despite the opposition to being myself which has always been there, and in normal society……Elvis was an outcast growing up, which has a great deal to do with looks. 

So…. “If I Can Dream” is now getting a boost in collective consciousness.  Synchronicity is at it again…..helping us in ways that tend to happen when a person just goes with their instincts, which is how I write songs and right wrongs….I do not tell music what to do, I just let it happen.....especially when lifting other people's music, I just go with it, man.  Including “If I Can Dream” this on this album, now there is an Elvis movie making this song is something people are aware of, just in time for Tezcat Real. We made that happen......with our MINDS.  

There are “Gifted People”.  Really special people, ain't that right...BOY. 


Just wanna say for all of us as a precendent: There is no “gift” that is given to me if I am the one who does all the work when lifting other people's stuff and putting it together in a new way, like Elvis did when stealing black people from the corner store and making them be a career because he was only white people......something like that, and if that is something to argue over with a nerd horde, I didn't listen in class because when you are good looking you are really, really bad.  TROUBLE.  Doesn't look too good from my perpspective and perspiration.  The claim of his “racism” fails to take into account that….like a black man was condemned to always be “boy”…if you are male, beautiful and talented….you will always be “boy”, no matter what you do. 


I know how it goes, the reasons why a person is an outsider are not anything people want to talk about, so people make things up.  People make more things up to account for the original made up stuff, and then people go out of their way to believe it. Elvis had hips, which spawned hipsters somehow, who are all secretly wanting to be sex on legs, like Elvis....but often, they are just assholes from Seattle.  


A man can be an alien with no other options but being a focal point for hysteria.  It can be that or be extremely neglected by life…..often, there is no way around the neglect, people project all over ya if you are a certain kind of thing, which Elvis and Jim Morrison had in common.  I wonder how much Elvis like The Doors, I would expect a certain amount of “he knows what it’s like”. 


Talkin’ about “being gifted!!!”.  The language we use has implications for perception, and I get that people don’t know where it is all coming from.  There are some souls with a great deal of experience, simple as that. God, who also is the same God who set people on fire for singing and dancing, especially because of proximity to BEING...which includes beautiful...when beautiful is not doing, MGTOW is a bad acronym.  The old standard….men are what they do, women are what they can be….beautiful or fat and ugly, etc.  A man who is beautiful endures accusations of not wanting to work, as women "do not want to work", being is not doing…..a primitive reaction to being beautiful, associated with woman.  A man is a human doing, not being…..something I have pondered a great deal.  The work I do, is considered a “gift”, so that others can relate to me the same way a beautiful woman has it – what she has is for other people, the “gifts” I have been given require the invention of what has given the gift….rather than considering that…..some people are naturally alienated, and compensate by spending all the time left from being denied normal opportunities (because of being shut out), getting really good at something. 

Nothing is more annoying than to have all the work seen as a gift….especially when I am the person giving it to you for a welcome reception.   Gifts from God, whose behavior throughout history does not seem to favor the beautiful and talented, tending more to align with the uncreative psychopath.  Singing and dancing, get set on fire….  ”He’s on fire for the Lord”.   Considering that God and the Son have something to do with the Sun of God, there is something people are trying to grasp.....Where does God reside, really?  AT THE CORE.  

A STAR!! Ya Know?  

I have encountered the predictable stupidity of denouncing the film for not addressing the “racism”, or in other words…..the film is attacked for demonstrating how Elvis did a lot to help end the ridiculous and scary segregationist attitudes of the time.  Those who insist he was “racist’ for “stealing black artist’s songs” are just retarded.   They do not consider that Elvis was an outsider due to his androgyny and charisma…..the Observatory scene in “Rebel Without A Cause” makes this point, that other men gang up against a James Dean, an Elvis or Jim Morrison…and, when done wit h that…falsify reality to hide their threatened masculinity.

They should have done this, they should have focused on that instead of this….well, make your own film and say what you want!! Oh, wait.  Critics are lazy and cowardly parasites seeking to humiliate those who confront them with their inadequacy and shame about themselves….which nobody deserves to be punished for.  Those who shine do not deserve to be punished, to accept that kind of thing is to align with evil.  The truth is beautiful, and beauty causes some people to feel ashamed of being ugly, according to the values they themselves believe in…and their crap will be projected on the person who “thinks he is better than everyone else”…the attitude of mediocrity justifies itself by calling itself “humble”, and their “evil” as arrogance. 


It is a hatred of diversity. 


Duh…….Elvis made it okay for whites to appreciate black people, at a time when it was typical to view them as wild animals that should not mix with “decent folk”.  The accusation against Elvis of “racism” is the projection of those who have not thought it through, that they are saying that we should still have segregation. 


Elvis made it much more possible for black artists to have crossover appeal and be successful, too….goddammit.  A beautiful man is a mirror of projections, and there is great loneliness behind his eyes….for few can really know him.  Those who come near him see what they want to see the most, the person is a magnet that pulls what is inside you to the surface…and if what is inside you is fear, that person is “the devil”.  I’m sure Jesus was treated the same way. That’s why he is the ‘Son of Man’ and the ‘Son of God’, rather than a Son of Woman and a Son of Goddess. 

Likewise, critics complain about how someone else should have been creative, rather than create something themselves.  This is tied up with calling a person “gifted”, which subconsciously informs a person that what they are doing and what they create, they do not have rights to make boundaries.  Creativity is like a beautiful woman’s body and sexuality, it belongs to other people…and the truth of the matter is not out in the open, but hidden beneath a lot of covering up….and, think about how a return to health is “recovering” rather than “uncovering”. 

Like Axl Rose wisely stated about critics always having something to say about what he created, as if it didn’t come from his own effort and activity – like a “gift” belonging to all delivered via a non-entity that can sing, as if being used by some power beside his own center of Being….he said to them“get in the ring, motherfucker.  I want to hear YOUR song, I want to hear YOU sing…..let’s hear it, I wanna see how you do, instead of telling me what to do and how I did it wrong"....paraphrased, and he was correct.  


Critics are authorities on things they cannot do themselves, which is that pathetic part of themselves projected on those who can do what they cannot……our world is a protector of the most insecure at the expense of the strong.  Envy is evil and asserts authority.  

Evil is what envies, and it forced Elvis into the "make him a man". 

The Goddess is on the rise, and attempts to substitute male for female, such as "God is a Woman" will not succceed.  When God is a Woman, there is a word for that....Goddess, and she sent her Son to make you act hysterical and to threaten the contrived masculinity which consults with and reports to other men regarding approval and consent of women.  

There are men who do not share with other men what they are doing with women.  These men are feared by other men, I am one of them.  Provoking people to make a case against me, I manipulate them into making Tezcat Real widely known.  Those men have not read this far.  

On March 1st, 1969, 10,000 people took off their clothes and went home naked from a concert by The Doors.  As if a projection of a shared hallucination from prior times "Jim Morrison exposed himself"....with the same penis that once Elvis was imagined to flop around while he wiggled.  

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