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Marshall Arts 

Every one of these art pieces is a proof of the existence of Free Will, expressions of the light within!  Materialistic determinism has been obliterated! I have absolutely zero interest in having anyone see art pieces that I did over a period of years, because people have this awful habit of relating to the artist as an extension of the art, making him two-dimensional...and therefore, just a shell-image made by attention.  Then, I'll observe someone being actually being a lame person, and seem him or her be accepted "for who they are", but the artist is "too lucky, let's act like he owes us something".

I know that many of you wish you could be able to do stuff like this, and it makes you angry that I could and won't get famous FOR you, and be THERE for YOU, rather than getting there on your own. I hope you hate me for not showing my art, because you probably would hate me for being open and showing my art as a nice guy.  That is exactly what has happened, so NO WAY. My website doesn't hide this for some reason, I am not a web guy.