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The RED SHIELD -- the SHIELD is seen everywhere. These shapes have a common origin, and most people do not suspect what this common origin is....and why the origin makes for a symbol of power. We live in times when the truth is surfacing again, and that truth will be subverted to the opposite of extreme of a lie...."God is a Woman"....right. You will never look at these shields the same way ever again, and hopefully -- you will see the subversive manipulation of Goddess symbolism all around you? Ready? God is a FUTURE, the "Son of God" is the notion of a champion kind of a guy that is obedient to patriarchal authority, he obeys his Father, gladly going along with being his "Ultimate Sacfice", people believe in a cowardly God who will not sacrifice Himself....but he is consubstantial with "The Son", in the same way that an authoritarian and cowardly father makes his eldest son, the rebellious and courageous one, an extension of his narcisstistic grandiosity. The Son has had his Courage extinguished, and when people pray -- they imagine that "The Most Beautiful King" is their errand boy.....the bitch of everyone. Crazy Horse was a "shirt wearer" (long story). A warrior does not sacrifice himself for a community who deserves to sacrifice him.....making that decision for him. A person who has people make that decision for him is no warrior to begin with.

This is the original red shield, and who is the Salvation Army? The Priestesses. The clit can raise a charge, the penis is receptive to the charge -- and the original betrayal involves sexually "rejected" men, who fear what they cannot know....and they are a malignant narcissism which envies what makes them know they cannot ever be "the elite", unless they murder and enslave that which they cannot have and who they cannot be -- and that involves the Ancient Soul. Why is the concept of a past life so taboo? Denial of what makes someone Royal -- not blood, but experience of an aged soul.

Contrary to misunderstanding researchers, things related to Dionysus and Tezcatlipoca are not black magic and/or a deadly and greedy hedonism-- and this is forgivable considering that this returning to this kind of knowledge requires a strange kind of memory coupled with a capacity for pattern recognition, as this knowledge is the MOST hidden and/or destroyed, and finding any books on the subject....pretty much are unavailable, but a person can put the pieces together again. The archetype was inverted, subverted and submitted.....Dionysus and Tezcatlipoca are not what people take them for -- a) related to male homosexuality, human sacrifice and the priesthood identified with an inverted Dionysus/Tezcatlipoca b) mythical representative symbols of death worshipping hedonism. Female Homosexuality? Hell yes, absolutely....and the kind of man who they love as the exception.

Michael Tsarion's program "The Female Illuminiti" is groundbreaking, I take it further. Unlike his attitude on the matter, "Dionysian" does not refer to the toxic ways of elites which he refers to...for the concept of Dionysian has been appropriated and poisoned according to the poisoners, that it is their reflection. All things have been stolen from a place and time before "The Fall" into winter.

"Dionysian" is the same as what is of Tezcatlipoca -- they have both become "Satanic", but what is behind that is a society of priestesses who revere a Son of Goddess, who has been their champion, and a great warrior. What is "Satanic" is just stupidity and toxicity of the inversion....which is the foundation of our great civilization in organized and unorganized ways simultaneously.

Dionysus and Tezcatlipoca: the male champion warrior king who is involved with the legitimate priestess society -- a society which, for its own protection, never ever made its presence known....who know the tactics and means of Erotic Warfare.

Alexander ("the great") is a famous, if completely misrepresented "Dionysus" figure. Crazy Horse, another one.....these types are always misrepresented by the culture which owes its wealth to the raped, plundered and destroyed Goddess become "eternal slave". Olympias, the mother of Alexander, was High Priestess in the AUTHENTIC Cult of Dionysus -- my instincts tell me that King Philip organized one of the first male homosexual "Dionysus" cults...a subject for another time.

The RED SHIELD used in the symbolism of the powerful, comes from the shield between her thighs. The concept of "Unconditional Love" should be thought of from the perspective of the raped Goddess.....she does not believe in "Unconditional Love".

Contrary to "men" who have appropriated "rugged individualism", while conforming to their orders and cults of domination (military, church, police, business)...those who are considered "evil" due to intelligence, courage and beauty in one person have always been the first proponents of Individualism.....they are the first to have boundaries that must be respected.

Everything is misunderstood.....and as a band called Tezcat Real, meaning Royal Tezcatlipoca, there is an archetype to be "obeyed"...or the name will curse who does not honor it. Names come with conditions.

Just past the door of Holy Mother Church, is the vestibule.....and so is a vestibule between her thighs....just past the labia, Hebrew word for "lioness".

Look at this again, particularly the left side image. The shape of the SHIELD is identical to what is found between Her Thighs -- and look, a LION -- looking to the left side. In symbolism, the left is "the past" and relates to the feminine and Goddess -- the RIGHT is RIGHTEOUS GOD stuff. The LEFT......but, I say, THE LIGHT is actually the counterpart of the RIGHT, whatever is left is.....whatever is left.....behind.

JEWS. So, they are Jewish....which means they really mean it....that the LION(ESS) is LABIA, the Hebrew word for Lion, particularly Lioness -- the labia guard the vestibule between her thighs, and.....the King Lion being inside of the shield? This is the penetration of the Goddess by the King...who must be chosen in the same sense as "only the most pure and true can remove the sword from the stone" -- or, the weener from the pussay.

In Latin, a dead language as we are The Dead (occult term for the uninitiated masses), the word for SIX is SEX. The SIX pointed star is representing the concept of SEX -- and at the center of SEX is SEVEN -- the number of the Goddess.

The Lion King here -- is the Son of Goddess, and this my friends, is High Subversion of Royal Symbolism. Who is Royal in this Fallen World? Those who falsify everything, they are not REAL...but they have called themselves "royal families Royalty is Reality.

SEVEN -- is LIBRA, and LIBRA is "Lucifer" and "Jesus" -- the BALANCE of Cancer and Capricorn, Mother and Father....or FEATHER. There is a heart for mother and a feather on each one of the scales.....father is the sorry substitute of Feather....the Eagle.

In Ancient Egypt, the constellation of Leo was setting with the Sun...due to precession. Most would assume that the Lion at the center of SEX is Leo -- but, two lions symbolized the concept of Libra then.....the Lion is both Leo (5) and Libra (7) at once. The King is Leo, and Jesus (Justus/Justice) is SEVEN.

Jews, make sure to denounce anyone exposing subversive use of sexual symbolism as being "anti-semitic", rouse up people's fears of being just like them -- racists who hate the HUMAN race. Inhuman people will take anyone and anything hostage.

They despise the human race, dividing and conquering according to people who choose one fragment polarized against the other. Black and White are pieces on a chessboard, not a race of people.

Besides, the human race is to the end. What are you racing towards or against? I do not belong to the human race, because I neither fear the past nor want to die for the next world.

The human race became the rat race. Rats eat garbage and carry disease, they live in filth. When it is emotional filth, psychic filth...people are okay with it....but not me.

The Eagle looks to the left, signifying the feminine....and we know what "spread eagle" means, when referring to a woman. The spread eagle bears THE SHIELD.

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