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What you are looking at is an image reflecting the natal chart for America, which is clearly used by sources which are reflected in the quote "millionaires don't use astrology, but billionaries do" - Dale Carnegie

The birth time is 5:10 pm July 4th, ,1776 -- the time of year that the Sun is conjunct Sirius, or Isis (Sirius A) and Osiris (Sirius B). Burning Man is way too sophisticated in the geomantic structure of the city to be as grassroots as it wants to be. America is ISIS, inverted by means which I write of elsewhere.

In 2011, I was involved in a project which became a reason why I began looking, why I took interest. 2011 was themed "Rites of Passage", which I came to realize was so...because it was the Rite of Passage for America -- the Saturn Return went exact at 5 am on August 28th, I was there being a major contributor to this "One Mile Clock" project at the time...which I later realized was TRIBUTE TO SATURN.

"BLACK ROCK CITY" is laid out like a clock, symbolizing "counterculture revolution", but is a continuation of controlled opposition......not to say it isn't damn fun. 2011 was the only year that the clock was complete and manifest, otherwise hourse 11 and 1 are missing, as they are open playa. The Temple is placed at 12:00 o'clock -- pinning it down.

A tribute to Saturn's Return. Nobody knew this was going on, as far as I could tell and I found out.

That year was also my Saturn Return......which was exact on August 19th....I was there on the playa before the Saturn Return for USA went exact 8 days later. My Saturn is 13'55 Libra, America 14'48 Libra. That my Saturn Return was coincident with the world's largest clock and this amazing party, blew my mind at the time.

It blew my mind further, to find out that the thing was constructed in time for the Saturn Return of America, which makes me wonder about the festival being placed at that time of year. It is 14'48 degrees for Saturn in the USA chart I use, which is clearly being used by some influential people.

Saturn is Father Time, the degree of Saturn in the USA chart refers to cyclical returns...a clock.

The Clock is the Counter of a Counter Culture Revolution.

The two stars fit within the pentagonal trash fence make TEN, the FIVE is the fence....ten are hidden, within the seen fence.....separating them. Obvious and Implied 5 and 10 -- 5:10 P.M.

THE MAN is a strange thing to be "sacrificed" on Saturday...the MAN is THE SUN.

I believe the Burning Man Ritual to be Satanic for that reason. I despise it, but I still do believe Burning Man otherwise to be a beautiful thing. It is being tricked to go along with a ritual devised by those who would not discover the uses of the natal chart of USA by synchronistic guidance.

I am involved with no occult society.

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