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Inter View

I put a lot of thought into lyrics, and rather than other musicians...I feel the lyrics should be understood by the listener, so that what I mean, and my intent gets across.....the universe.

Things mean more to someone when making sense, so...what the hell am I talking about in the first verse of Apocalympdik, regarding the interview and the gravedigging tour?

This is something I noticed which we imply, yet do not compute. The subconscious mind, a bit of a if someone wants to do an INTERVIEW:

INTER - to place a corpse in a tomb or grave

VIEW - Lookin' at.

Interview: a viewing of a corpse being placed in a tomb or grave. What is the tomb or grave? Youtube? Rock magazines?

Interview? You want to see my band dead and buried? I think not.

We are a band of outlaws, not entertainers. We do not entertain ideas, we act on them.

Considering the interview process, let's go on a gravedigging tour.....

Big surprise

It's awake

it's your funeral

woke, woke, woke.........

Considering the word "INTER", what is to be interactive? What's an International Corporation? Interracial relationship? Interstate highway? Office Intern? The INTERNET? What does it REALLY mean to be an INTER RESTING person? Dead people are really interesting, don't you think?

Apocalympdik is track #1 on the home page.

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