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Ultimate Rock Star

the full moon has always been a Rock Star
Rock Star

This is an image of the Full Moon, clearly. It is a sphere which appears to us as a disk for five days of a 28 day lunation period...which has been known to synchronize with a messy experience called "a period". This Full Moon has been referred to as "The Night Sun", as it is the complementary partner to the Sun of Day --- ruling the Night.

"Five to One, in five" the mysterious lyrics of Jim Morrison I have often interpreted to be about his middle finger. Jm Morrison was and still is considered to be a Rock Star....if anyone is, he is.

Five days to one Lunation Cycle is a Rock Star......and have you thought of the Full Moon as a Rock Star? Ancestral Memory regarded this Night Sun, it is a twin and partner of that of Day....which is known to be a Star. The Full Moon is made of Rock, rather than Fire....and yet, the Moon and Sun appear to be exactly the same size in the sky to us.

Poetically and mythically, they are marriage partners....or Mother and Son. What of Father? He is the precedent....the influence of yesterday which has seeded or pre-seeded you. The Precedent.....get used to my way of questioning language and bringing to the the depths of ourselves might know things without any conscious waking daydream being wise to this.

The MOON is not the Rock Star -- only FIVE DAYS can be. What we are really saying to ourselves when we "worship Rock Stars" (which includes sacrifice) is something related to the lunar cults and a "Son of The Night Sun" -- The Full Moon is the ULTIMATE ROCK STAR.

The Rock Star is the Silver Screen -- mythically, symbolically -- photographs and films correspond. The Rock Star in society is reincarnated by public fervor in response to stimulation.....there is great danger, that a person be reduced to being the image of others.

The Individual must be stronger than all of that.

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