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The Sword/Stone Enigma

I believe that I have actually solved a riddle regarding the Sword and the Stone, which requires taking oneself out of the tendency to literalize mythic symbolism and also requires habitually screwing around with words.

As you can see here, the solution to the problem is found within the words themselves.....and the words are the sword. You have heard the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword?" I suspect that either the subconscious knows, expressing deeper knowledge as a kind of hint, synchrocity -- or this was simply known to some who gave us the phrase "pen is mightier than the sword"

You can stab someone to death with a pen, you can also write with a pen. The eyes will also take note of a word formed when simply removing the space that separates the words "pen" and "is", if you have ever heard of the pen company "Pen Island", you know what I refer to.....the Army.

Yes....there is a sexual dimension to all of this. Ralph Ellis, the brilliant historical revisionist, has had much to say of Arthurian Legend in his book "The Grail Cypher". Read it. Read everything he ever wrote, as soon as you can. I have spent a lot of time reading his works, there is NOBODY else like him. His work is so important, that he is not allowed a Wikipedia page. Much of my work rests on his foundation....and sure, I have become well read by the education of many, many writers....but he is who I choose to place at the top of my list.

Ralph Ellis made the link between Jesus Christ and King Arthur....both of them are mythical historical characters, he proved them to have actually existed and, to be the same guy. King Arthur, is Jesus Christ in Britain.....he was exiled after the Jewish Revolt....which he led as part of an attempt on the throne of the Roman Empire. Christ means "king" in Greek....and we are dealing with a King Jesus.....please, read Ralph Ellis.

There is a lot to say about that, sure is. Anyway.....only the "one most true" or something may remove the sword from the stone....which was sexual reference buried, for reasons avoiding the dangerous fear of anything sexual existing for......the entirety of our history.

He could remove his sword from the stone, because she let him put it there in the first place.

What is the relationship between the sword and the stone? All are blocked from removing the sword from the stone, because to do so would symbolize the denial of The Goddess.

I make the claim that God corresponds to the Future....and that it was necessary to hide the truth of imbalance by reincarnation of Goddess, as a masculinization which still involves itself with domination of the female....called The Devil.

Anton La Vey .... the Goddess is the passive instrument of the black magician. Whether denying or indulging, the sexuality of The Goddess is subjected to opposite forms of is all bullshit.

The sword belongs to "future", the stone is the past......the stone is the mother of the sword, and they may not be separated....for the sword IS the stone, the stone is the raw materical which becomes the sword by applying heat, pressure, and intelligent design. The Stone and the Sword are ONE.....the future and the past are one with the moment.

The tendency to deny the mother, the past, the is the STONE -- the SWORD is technology meant for improvement but tends towards domination....and for the sword to dominate the stone from which it sprang from, is mining metals from ore without regard for the earth as a Being which we take from and do not give thanks to.

What are the WORDS and the TONES? Like the sword and the stone, one rests in the other, they are inseperable. I refer to music....lyrics within melody, harmony and rhythm. In other words like another sword, the singer wields EXCALIBUR.

The man who does, will become a Christ figure to people, which is strange business. They have forgotten but they remember, that Jesus Christ led a major revolt, and was buried beneath historical manipulation.

No one has the right to sacrifice someone to their own needs, and then control their return with their own "reincarnation". Val Kilmer was meant as the reincarnation of Jim Morrison.

The FBI informs filmmakers of what should be presented to people...preserving attitudes of J. Edgar Hoover, who led the "moral crusades" against John Dillinger and Harry Pierpont, likely was behind the drafting of Elvis into the Army, and also the thing with Jim Morrison showing his penis. The truth is that J. Edgar Hoover was a man who persecuted anything reminding him of what he was in private, gay. The FBI influences perception of who would be a hero figure....and it is like Rome to leaders of a revolution which was put down.

So I pulled the sword from the stone, which I suppose also implies I got to put it there in the first my lover is a Goddess, and so it could be any lover. Call me arrogant, I don't care. I am a man who realizes Excalibur in the throat....and so it must be that A=432 hz so that the music vibrates without mathematical dissonance, but harmonizes with the world. That is why you must play TEZCAT REAL loudly, and let it vibrate the world like a prayer.

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