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Goddess, A Woman

"God is a Woman"...really? "Goddess, A Woman". These two statements are identical, down at the depths by way of sound.

The truth is that America is an enslaved Goddess, subjected to a certain means of entrapment.  Metaphors and symbolism are in operation here, this is not for the literal-minded.  There are methods and means, the most important of them is to drive people as far away from her Being into an exiled God, a concept that belongs to your heart driven out into the future.  Exiled and Exhaled are the same word when you go down into the depths by sound.

God is a future, and so Jesus Christ, leader of a revolt covered and reincarnated by Rome, sits at the right hand of God – the right hand path is the future, and the Devil is the reincarnation of a Son of Goddess. "The Devil", which is merely a toxic approach to recognizing God within…..the toxic Son fears domination, believes in the death that is a fundamental disconnection between “I and Thou”.  Left and Right are the "opposames".

“Be your own God” at the expense of the Self.  One does not “be their own God”, but becomes God… fractal.  This is subject to hideous misrepresentation.

The Light is the companion of the Right Hand, the “LEFT HAND” – whatever is left, once the Light is successfully blocked….by an act of domination and those succumbed. I will not SUBMIT to be "published", another "reincarnation".

Two sides of the same coin would be a sphere if whatever is left returns to Light.   The mind’s tendency to take things literally is a capacity of the autistic kleptomaniac....taking everything literally.

America is a Goddess, non-locally and locally...and what that means  is going to be completely misrepresented and misunderstood by those left to comment without my leadership……and to have grown up being Miss Understood, is one of those things that the conscious mind does not recognize, but leads to perception and action.  Little Miss I am androgynous in more ways than one, and it is androgyny which leads to being the greatest warrior....Alexander and Crazy Horse come to mind.

A man is NOT Miss Understood….which leads to conformity being a requirement of manhood….and yet, to be weak enough for it is hardly masculine.  Masculinity is the warrior within a woman as well as a man.  To be known, predictable and obvious -- that is "a man". Mystery is something to be feared by History.

The Son of Man is the Son of Woman, his father is not the man who pushes him into a future, the Father is Central Authority in the heart, not in His Heart….MY HEART....your HEART. "Namaste" I recognize Central Authority within you and within myself. One DomiNation under God is what the nation actually is. One Domination.

When pop stars tell you "God is a Woman", ask yourself what is wrong with the mention of The Goddess. Really? It is a simple thing which leads to your epiphany.

These facts are Eternal -- the future and the past are as masculine and feminine, the idea of Jesus Christ is the King of NOW -- who balances both poles and "transcends duality" for the Oneness of HIMSELF -- this is inverted into "everyone and I are One", which requires silencing the voice of the most beautiful......if we are referring to the Mythic Form. All sides of the SELF are part of ONE -- and you are not ONE with me, the Oneness of ALL is creepy and doesn't recognize healthy boundaries. If we are not meant to have boundaries we would literally only be one thing, but we are many.....the truth is what is experienced.

"Unconditionally Love everyone who wants to fuck me, fuck her or fuck with me? No, no no.....that is wrong". SILENCED. That is a Son of Goddess, who must be SILENCED -- and "reincarnated" a film.

Central Authority can only be the Individual, who recognizes the same in others....nobody has the right to entrap and dominate another....that is the dysfunction of evil, which is stupidity, forgetting, fear and imbalance.

If "God Vs. The Devil" can be really interpreted into something making sense, it is the story of imbalance subjecting a coherent truth into something which descended to the second world of "Hell"....which is where the habits of the second dimension inflict themselves upon what is Higher......subjecting what is Higher to itself.

This has to do with why I will not recognize illegitimate authority as what they want -- to be recognized would be there without title, position and uniform if it was, and when I do not play "child" for an illegitimate authority, I draw the wounded child out of it.....and recognize it for what it is.......something which has no business telling central intelligence what is what, only according to the expectation to be valued for what it is worth, more than the voice of Consciousness within. Yeah, right.

this is not blasphemous
Son of Goddess

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