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According to a text I have written by some anonymous Egyptian (Khemitian) author, Isis corresponds with the concept of THE WORD.

"In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God and The Word was God."

John 1:1

The same text mentions that Isis is in a trinity with Osiris, the soul, and Horus...the spirit.

Osiris is the past of Horus; Horus is the future of Osiris....father and son. Isis is the door between them, and what this means to me....refers to Incarnation, but not "reincarnation", which is a word wrongly applied to a situation that considers a past life.

Yesterday is a past life. Reincarnation is an Elvis impersonator, but where the same soul is that once walked the earth as Elvis the Incarnation of that soul. Do you know what I mean? We are never the same river twice.

Isis = THE WORD.

In the Beginning was ISIS and ISIS was with GOD, and ISIS WAS GOD. There is a figure in history who qualifies as being the actual situation behind this, I call her Isis-Smenkhare. Argument can go many ways, I have decided to believe that the woman we know as Nefertiti became a King or Pharaoh in her own right, after Akhenaton was stoned to death after being publically humiliated by Tuthmoses and possibly Nefertiti, who would have been really pissed off at him about him choosing for her that she accepted the Bull God, which was out of date at the time, it was and still is.......The Bullshit God that is greedy, jealous and a turd about everything.

Why I believe Akhenaton was stoned to death involves the story of the Golden Calf in the Bible....Ralph Ellis provides background here. Read "Eden In Egypt" by that author, it is amazing.

There was and still is the concept of "The Aton", which I insist is not the SUN DISK, but is the Sphere of Light that is the INDIVIDUAL on a higher vibration than merely the physical body.

The Aton is GOD, the Individual was God. This concept endangered belief in authoritarian hierarchy, I believe the reign of Akhenaton is barely understood.....the Rebel Pharaoh was even perhaps the front which Nefertiti and another brother, Tuthmoses, operated with.

Tuthmoses is MOSES of the Bible, and is associated with Akhenaton BECAUSE he was merged with Tuthmoses by speaking for him, his tongue once having been burned out for offending the priesthood for whatever reason.

The Individual is GOD -- in the sense that everyone who realizes themselves is also God. In the case of Nefertiti, this is what happened: It is little known that her birth name was Isis, which the hieroglyph for....was a throne and egg. As Isis she knew that she, herself, was the throne of the pharaoh...who was actually GOD in those days. She, herself....the throne of God....her body the throne of the immortal part of herself....the SELF...a sphere of Light.

Due to this, it is easier to see how The Aton, the "private God of Akhenaton", refers to the SELF of any Individual....and people have not figured this out....I have. That is what it is. "Akenaton is the only one who KNOWS THE ATON" was playing off the tendency of the Bullshit God to jealousy, as they were about the current age at the time, Aries. Taurus is stubborn, and the Bull God would not step down.

Akhenaton ended up betraying Nefertiti in a few ways, and because Nefertiti was "God's Wife" to "God", who was really Akhenaton....what he chose, he chose for her....which pissed her off. To refer to Nefertiti is a deception of history, so that she be forever the extension of Akhenaton's choice.

I insist that she refused to be the extension of Akhenaton, when he renounced the it wasn't really his idea, and backslid into Bull worship again....which at that point was the toxic side of Taurus...the precessional idea was out of date, the Aries idea was difficult to accept...for Aries rebels against authority, the "fuck you" of the Individual.

Aries doesn't give a shit about fitting into the authoritarian at the time, the best person to be ARIES -- was a Queen refusing to have "God" make her an extension. This woman, ISIS, was already a throne.....and so she was fit to accept "God" within her body.

She became Smenkhare, which means the name Nefertiti should not follow her from the past. Smenkhare married a daughter for symbolic reasons, and so it was....that In The Beginning was ISIS, and ISIS WAS WITH GOD AND ISIS WAS GOD.

ISIS - SMENKHARE. Nefertiti was a throne name, a thrown name. She was the throne, ISIS. She became Smenkhare to keep the concept of The Aton alive, and massive historical deception hides what really happened. The Individual is a threat. She divorced herself from Akhenaton, and therefore from the name Neferneferuaton Nefertiti.

I insist that the opulent tomb of Tutankhamen was actually the tomb of ISIS-Smenkhare (Nefertiti) - but it is all about an ancient deception by those who cannot become Individuals, their masculinity was extremely threatened by a WOMAN - who was both Serpent Queen, God and God's Wife all at once...and she was THE WORD. An incarnate Goddess accepting God within herself....and this all became the contradiction of "accepting Jesus into your heart", but still refusing to accept that God is not an authority over you, because only by schizophrenia is a person their own slave and master.

Precessional Astrology is at the heart of everything.....and there was an Exodus into the pages of the Bible. The Individual is not the servant of the second dimension....authority derives from flat surfaces. Laws, the BOOK, money...all that stuff.

King Tut is NOT Tutankhamen.....we are talking about TUTHMOSES. King Moses, the power behind the throne and lover of ISIS-SMENKHARE. I believe she bore a son to him, seventh of her children.....included to the six daughters born to Akhenaton.

This, I believe to be the reason for becoming a "Jealous God", who rejected The Aton to say "fuck you" to Tuthmoses and Isis. The Bible is the record of The Bullshit God. The Bi-BULL.

(Bullshit) God of the Bi-BULL.

Nefertiti with ONE EYE

In the beginning...

In the beginning was THE WORD, and THE WORD WAS "ISIS" .......

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