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"Millionaires dont use astrology, but billionaries do." - Dale Carnegie.   Oh, how the enforcers of our enslavement laugh at whatever is debunked....forgetting that what is bunk is bullshit, and so if something is is the truth.  The enforcers of our enslavement laugh at the truth, because a person with enough courage to stand with the truth is beautiful...and it is not about the truth, but threat to masculinity that courage poses. 


Keep in mind that masculinity is not the same as biological are not as masculine as assumed.  Masculinity is the part of ourselves that protects and enforces healthy boundaries, which will be the warrior against the herd....and women can be masculine while still being very attractive in the feminine fact, the more beautiful.....the more masculine. 


Masculinity will not just be objectified and dominated.  Who do people seek to dominate?  Is the person who must dominate masculine?  No.....masculinity means strength of the Individual.  Broken and inferior masculinity needs the group to hide what is lacking within.   In the case of obedience to THE LORD, I want to tell y'all exactly who that is.  

Astrologial symbols refer to a body of information, an idea....planetary bodies are the metaphor.  Ontological before astrological, actually.....but debunked, nonetheless.  What is bunk?  Crap.  Debunking removes the bunk, leaving only truth.  


Autistic kleptomania is a widespread disease which makes those afflicted take everything literally, and if they get their way, til nothing is left.   THEY SEEK TO CONVERT SOMETHING TO NOTHINGNESS.  They might tell you that something is Ego, so choose Formlessness.  Toplessness before Formlessness will make the latter behave as what they are, intimidated and cowardly before the Forms which they claim to transcend identification with or influence by.   What is masculine can resist conforming to consensus beliefs and make decisions based on independent investigation.  Believing in scientific beliefs is not scientific.  Independent investigation is scientific.  With that said, astrology has been debunked by those who remove bunk from being intermixed with truth.  



Uranus! Oὐρανῶν- "Ouranos", as it is in Greek. Clearly, Uranus derives from "Ouranos", supposedly mythical father of Saturn (when he was Kronos/Cronus), which fits astronomically, as Uranus is right next to Saturn. Officially, Uranus was not discovered until March 13th, 1781, officially no ancients knew about it, to them he was a sky father, born of Gaia. Her Son and Lover.  Ancients had a way of knowing about things from a time of a Golden Age, though.  


Oὐρανῶν "Ouranos"-that Greek word, is the very word that became translated into English as "of heaven", when translating such texts as The Bible, at least according to this site.,


Wikipedia agrees Uranus comes from "Ouranos"


This site goes into quite a bit of detail, refusing to acknowledge the word does translate to Uranus, Uranus literally will shake up the Saturnian action, the crystallization of belief...which makes men refuse to see things that would corrode the foundations.


Uranus is an energy that means to keep people from becoming anchored in unreality, such as NEWS Anchors.  Saturn will cage things, put things inside of its box.  A cube drawn two-dimensionally is hexagonal.  It is the sixth planet, and embodies "six" the hexagonal shape at its pole proves it. SIX sided boxes.


Uranus "takes you out of the box" by unfolding the box, and imagine that Saturn is the Cross in the solar system. You have to CROSS from the known (personal planets) to the unknown), which involves ...seeing a see across .... and see Your anus looking back at you, check out these sentences when you see "a cross" the known, or the traditional interpretation, to the new interpretation, which erodes the foundations.


Now, everytime you see οὐρανὸς say Uranus, say it out loud (yooer-RAY-nus). It is very funny now. This is a perfect, literal example of Uranian force bringing sudden change to the crystallized order, inhibiting reality from being the true ordering force. When the Saturnian force usurps, sits on the rightful throne of Consciousness. The "I" in the triangle of three. Consciousness is the "I" behind the "eye", get it?



My Father Uranus---


Matthew 5:18 N-NMS GRK: παρέλθῃ ὁ οὐρανὸς καὶ ἡ NAS: to you, until heaven and earth KJV: unto you, Till heaven and earth


Matthew 16:2 N-NMS GRK: γὰρ ὁ οὐρανός NAS: [It will be] fair weather, for the sky is red.' KJV: for the sky is red. INT: indeed the sky


Luke 4:25 N-NMS GRK: ἐκλείσθη ὁ οὐρανὸς ἐπὶ ἔτη

NAS: when the sky was shut

KJV: when the heaven was shut up

INT: was shut up the heaven for years


Acts 7:49 N-NMS GRK: Ὁ οὐρανός μοι θρόνος


KJV: Heaven [is] my throne,

INT: heaven [is] to me a throne---(the full passage now reads, phonetically "your anus is my throne, and earth is my footstool: what house will ye build me? saith the Lord: or what is my place of rest?" See how Uranus flips things around, just like symbolized by it's horizontal axis spin?


James 5:18 N-NMS GRK: καὶ ὁ οὐρανὸς ὑετὸν ἔδωκεν

NAS: again, and the sky poured

KJV: again, and the heaven gave rain,

INT: and heaven rain gave ("And he prayed again, and Uranus gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit". This can refer to mycological allegory said by authors such as John Allegro, Jan Irvin with Andrew Rutajit, to be contained in religious texts. In this instance, the ridiculous translation born from aiming at a laugh, tells us that "the rain from uranus" made "the fruit of the earth grow".


Many mycology enthusiasts know that the brown nutrient rich, claylike substance which is expelled from the anuses of cows provides the necessary fuel for "Liberty Caps" and "Cyanescens" to grow. "Uranus", in this passage is the anus belonging to the cow being adressed in this passage, that may or may not be the Great Cow who his friend is praying to. Because of Elias, this didn't happen for three and a half years, so Elias made this happen now, and everybody can get "the fruit of the earth", which is obviously a fungi, which fruits directly from the earth, contrasted with the fruit of bushes and trees. Fruit of the earth.

I started off completely joking, but feeling it's not entirely a joke. Fruit of the earth?


Revelation 6:14 N-NMS GRK: καὶ ὁ οὐρανὸς ἀπεχωρίσθη ὡς

NAS: The sky was split apart like

KJV: And the heaven departed as

INT: And heaven departed as


"And your anus parted as a scroll when it is rolled together, and every island and mountain were moved out of their places"...what the hell did you eat?Oh! It's not capitalized, nobody would ever deliberately not capitilize an original text, when it was Ouranos not ouranos





Probably from an older *ϝορσανός (*worsanós), which may be related to οὑρέω (houréō, “to urinate”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁worseye-, from *h₁wers- (“rain”) (compare Sanskrit वर्षति (varṣati, “it rains”).

A folk etymology advanced by Aristotle interpreted it as ὅρος (hóros, “limit”) and ἄνω (ánō, “up”).


The Romanization of Uranus adds the masculine "us" to Uran, which seems to actually mean "Urine"...Urine-Us...,Uranus. See? That is the kind of irreverent shit that Uranian energy does, and it's energy somehow inserts opportunities for itself in reality, for its own opportunity. Urine-us. What.....

"I will make thee a great nation"

"Oh, yeah?" It has been said that rain is God pissing on the world, and The LORD said "You're a nation!"  The LORD kneweth that it sounded like "urination".  Do not let The LORD make a nation of thee. 


The wikipedia entry on "Uranus" agrees with this sily etymology.


The most probable etymology traces the name to a Proto-Greek form *worsanós (Ϝορσανός)[8] enlarged from *ṷorsó- (also found in Greek ouréō 'to urinate', and also Sanskrit varṣá 'rain', Hittite ṷarša- 'fog, mist'). The basic Indo-European root is *ṷérs- 'to rain, moisten' (also found in Greek eérsē 'dew', Sanskrit várṣati 'to rain', Avestan aiβi.varəšta 'it rained on'), making Ouranos the 'rainmaker'.


So this basically means, that for the age of Aquarius, expect that the "Rainman" is to be a possible archetype to be associated with the age, when Pisces was the Fisher King. The Rain King. The Rain Man. Definitely, definitely Rainman.  


Now, I alreadly mentioned that John Allegro wrote of these things.  Uranus is the "sky god who thunders and lightnings" and ancient people's actually DID believe that "the god" was pissing all over the world, actually...the rain was seen to be sperm, fertilizing the earth, so when God was pissing all over everything, people were fucking excited as fuck because they knew that "the presence" on earth would be born from this union, the fungus containing chemicals that provide the means for shamanic interaction with what was undeniably experienced as "god's presence" by those partaking. This information is coming out, Uranus is a ruler of the Aquarian Age, and we have seen the "magical plants" return to awareness, and the knowledge of their history return to us. The greatest way to defeat evil, is to be able to laugh at it. The above treatment of the word οὐρανὸς is fitting for the times, what is called for.


Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth (Uranus is the son who does it do his mother)


And you have wonder about any Greek word, since

"Herodotus asserted that the Mysteries known to the Greek priests were originally derived directly from Egyptian temples"-Tony Bushy

"An ignorant explanation of the Egyptian sign language was begun by the Greeks, who could not read the hieroglyphics. It was repeated by the Romans and has been perpetuated by "classical scholars" ever since-Gerald Massey. Uranus is the Roman word for the Greek Ouranos. Did the Greek come from an Egyptian hieroglyphic?


As for the Egyptians, "In several temples, which were examined, zodiacs, which were discovered; these, also, were accompanied by inscriptions of an obviously astronomical seemed to be perfectly certain that we had to deal with a people of an astronomical turn of mind-English astronomer J. Norman Lockyear.


Wow. What a classic example of avoidance, people will not see what they have been told not to see, or to think of. When confronted with it, within the words that provide the foundation of their beliefs, they


It is the Uranian energy that is responsible for knowledge being revealed, going into the Age of Aquarius from the Dark Age of Pisces. Saturnian energy, crystallized the thought patterns, and in so doing make people avoid reality and cling to that which flies in the face of what has been revealed to us.

So, Uranus is in that way, the servant of Truth, when habit and traditition is not aligned with reality, it will make sure that things are shaken up and broken up. This is why Uranus can be associated with "unpleasant surprises", which is merely due to clinging to the safe and known, partly from fear and rigidity, partly from laziness, parlty from sloth. To stay aligned with reality, Uranus is beneficial. Uranus is the 'Wake up!" call.


which rather than what occurs nowadays, to revere nature as an abstraction that has forgotten its origins in nature, while simultaneously maintaining a belief in being apart from rather than a part of nature, or adopting "world denying" stance that rails against the "illusion" of "this world",


Chances are, that Uranus, and Ouranos, derives from the Sumerian Anu

In Mesopotamian religion, Anu was the personification of the sky, the utmost power,[7] the supreme god,[8] the one "who contains the entire universe".[9] He was identified with the north ecliptic pole centered in Draco.[10] His name meant the "One on High-wikipedia entery on Anu.


Anu is a former ruler of the gods, who was overthrown by his son Kumarbi, who bit off his father's genitals and gave birth to the storm god Teshub. Teshub overthrew Kumarbi, avenged Anu's mutilation, and became the new king of the gods. This story was the later basis for the castration of Ouranos in Hesiod's Theogony."


So, yeah...according to Wikipedia, Anu became Ouranos. Urine Nation. The Sky Father showers the world with his sperm, and stuff.


Romans had that tendency to put the masculine "us" on the ends of words, so Anu, the Sumerian would naturally become....(drumroll) Anus. Both the Greek "Ouranos" which nodes at urine, and the Romanization of the Sumerian Anu, flow into what became Uranus. Is our word for "butthole", anus, have its origin in the demoting of a pre-Christian Supreme deity of the Sky? "Your God just talks a bunch of shit....hey, I have an idea, let's name our buttholes after their Supreme Sky God!"


"Good idea, Biggus Dikkus!" So the Romans did just that, and with that pesky supreme deity of the sky demoted to being full of shit, the new Supreme Sky Daddy could be supreme.


Knowing this information, go and observe worshippers on a Sunday. Removed from the natural origins of things, when what was recieved was the rays of the sun or rainfall, worshippers will still make their gesture of closing their eyes, lifting their arms toward.....the ceiling. When I was a kid, I wondered what the hell was on the celiing that was so special. I was made to go to Protestant churches, there is nothing special on the ceiling. At least in Catholic Churches there is awe inspiring domes and murals on the ceiling. Protestant, lifting their hands up to the fucking ceiling. "I lift up my hands tooo youoooo" Do you want a hight five? Ah, to think that there were powers of nature, what people wanted was no abstraction.


Lifting up their hands, little do they know...they are asking for Sky Diety to urinate on them, a sky god that is Anus.


The Great Anus will pee on you call his name, and open your mouth and close your eyes....and with your hands held up in expectation.  Now that we can see that Christianity is the product of someone's dark sense of humor, we can all come back to beleaf in the god within, the divine portion that is the individuated person. 

Ur, Hebrew, is a word that means "flame, light" So, Uranus could mean "holding a lighter up to your butt and farting a flame"




Flaming Sky God (no wonder the Goddess is nowhere to be found in Abrahamic religions).  

"God" is a Flaming Asshole. Jehovah connotes the feminine, which can only mean that He is sassy and delicate as well.

Most famously is Ur, the city in Babel from whence Abraham's family came (Genesis 11:31).


So, Uranus could also mean the anus of a town that the patriarch crawled out of, where it was so dysfunctional that it was normal to hear voices in your head telling you to "kill your son, to test your faith".


Now stand on one foot and hold your breath for 3 minutes! Now put your weener in the tree knothole and scream the words to "I'm a little teapot"! Now, eat your own feces (Ezekiel 4:12)"


God is an asshole, I just proved it with etymology. "God of the assholes"...I have PROVED it. 


I remember having an argument with the neighbor kid, who was more sophisticated than me. I, at age 5, was absolutely certain that babies came out of the butt, because I didn't really know about vaginas quite yet, or I did, I just had no idea that something more than lemonade for my little brother come come out of them. Bigger things, more solid things came out of buttholes, and maybe I was just subconsciously expressing that I was "a piece of shit" according to my dad, but boy....we argued for days about where babies came from. According to him, the front. Me, the butt. It was totally logical, my premise and assumption. How was I supposed to know?


A male deity without a consort, possibly the collective childhood fantasy of a male creating life? If not, why did it happen this way, with the origin of the "Supreme Being" (in heaven, in the sky), going back to Anu, the Anus as he would be Latinized?

We still go get the male from our male BOX after inserting the KEY.  A daily ritual affirming the MANdatory appropriation of the feminine by the male.  Every time you point your finger, I see a phallus of patriarchal domination. 


Authoritarianism, is to be stuck at Freud's "Anal Stage" (actually, the Anal Stage, Freud's is the business of his own particular and peculiar childhood). IS this really what is going on? The truth is hilarious and straightforward. The "original sin" is poop, either that or throwing your sippy cup.


I'll say it again: THE ORIGINAL SIN IS POOP. Religion, is being stuck in "potty training". Salvation, for a lot of people, is merely going from the oral mode, to the anal. The Oral activities were smoking, drinking, sucking dick, taking drugs, eating cake, saying "fuck you", etc.


Anal stage, wow...we're really advancing now. Be saved from the poop. A child can be taught be be ashamed that such disgusting filth keeps being made by him, he is disgusting inside.


Religion is to save you from the product of your butt, by giving all of your poop to the big Asshole in the sky, and so we have reduced God to the lowliest of wonder people have the audacity to pray for favors. 


The Sky Father, when he "urinated", he was actually not urninating.....that was sperm. The sperm of the Sky Father, the "God of Thunder", impregnated the earth..the seeds of life, his essence, made the magic mushrooms grow by the tree, or in the grass...where poop that came out of buttholes was providing the means for the Son of the Sun, to grow and enlighten people.


So, there is a pagan reason that the Sky Father would be connected with a butthole, anyway. IS the God of Thunder an asshole? Let's ask Gene Simmons.

"Are you an asshole?" 

"People that haven't had me inside them yet, seem to think so", 

and there you have it. 



In Egypt, where a great deal of Greek culture, and hence Roman culture, came from...(history has conspired to disavow), the name "Anu" is a name for the city of Heliopolis. Heliopolis was the city that was nearby the "pillars", or the pyramids which were not primarily tombs of pharaohs, they were religious ideas in stone. The dieties honored by the pyramids, were those of the sky, such as the.....Sun.


There has been much distancing of Western Culture from Egyptian origins, and this name Anu, finding its way to the Roman/Latin tongue....could become Anus. The city of Anus, where the assholes worshipped their pagan gods, blah blah blah. Wikipedia:


In Mesopotamian religion, Anu was the personification of the sky, the utmost power,the supreme god, the one "who contains the entire universe".  He was identified with the north ecliptic pole centered in Draco. His name meant the "One on High", and together with his sons Enlil and Enki (Ellil and Ea in Akkadian), he formed a triune conception of the divine, in which Anu represented a "transcendental" obscurity, Enlil the "transcendent" and Enki the "immanent" aspect of the divine. In astral theology, the three—Anu, Enlil and Enki—also personified the three bands of the sky, and the contained constellations, spinning around the ecliptic, respectively the middle, northern and southern sky.

Though Anu was the supreme god, he was rarely worshipped, and, by the time that written records began, the most important cult was devoted to his son Enlil.Anu's primary role in the Sumerian pantheon was as an ancestor figure; the most powerful and important deities in the Sumerian pantheon were believed to be the offspring of Anu and his consort Ki.These deities were known as the Anunnaki, which means "offspring of Anu".Although it is sometimes unclear which deities were considered members of the Anunnaki, the group probably included the "seven gods who decree":Anu, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, Nanna, Utu, and Inanna.


So, we see here that the "supreme being" is the pole star, not just the sun.  Key (Ki) the female consort of Anu.  So, the mail in your malebox just got more interesting. 


"Anu's main cult center was the Eanna temple, whose name means "House of Heaven" (Sumerian: e2-anna; Cuneiform: 𒂍𒀭 E2.AN),[c] in Uruk.[d] Although the temple was originally dedicated to Anu, it was later transformed into the primary cult center of Inanna. After its dedication to Inanna, the temple seems to have housed priestesses of the goddess. "


All you have to do to make "Anus" is remove the apostrophe, so all that belongs to Anu becomes Anus, everything that is of an asshole, for the assholes. His cult center was in URUK, where Abraham is supposed to come from.


Uruk, where Anu's temple was. Where'd the apostrophe go? In Uruk, Anus Temple. Uruk-Anus.




"The Sumerians believed that rain was Anu's seed and that, when it fell, it impregnated Ki, causing her to give birth to all the vegetation of the land. During the Akkadian Period, Ki was supplanted by Antu, a goddess whose name is probably a feminine form of Anu. The Akkadians believed that rain was milk from the clouds, which they believed were Antu's breasts. "---or semen. Holy milk, is semen. admit it. Anus is androgynous, bi-sexual.  Anus is the new........

In Hittite mythology, Anu is the son of the god Alalu. Alalu is the root of Alalu-yah? Hallelujah?


In Hittite mythology, Anu overthrows his father Alalu and proclaims himself ruler of the universe (what's going on here, is the pole star changed?) Perhaps Uranus is related, because of a cataclysm that changed the poles.


The most direct equivalent to Anu in the Canaanite pantheon is Shamem, the personification of the sky, but Shamem almost never appears in mythsand it is unclear whether the Canaanites ever regarded him as a previous ruler of the gods at all. Instead, the Canaanites seem to have ascribed Anu's attributes to El, the current ruler of the gods. In later times, the Canaanites equated El with Kronos rather than with Ouranos, and El's son Baal with Zeus. A narrative from Canaanite mythology describes the warrior-goddess Anat coming before El after being insulted, in a way that directly parallels Ishtar coming before Anu in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

El is characterized as the malk olam ("the eternal king") and, like Anu, he is "consistently depicted as old, just, compassionate, and patriarchal".In the same way that Anu was thought to wield the Tablet of Destinies, Canaanite texts mentions decrees issued by El that he alone may alter. In late antiquity, writers such as Philo of Byblos attempted to impose the dynastic succession framework of the Hittite and Hesiodic stories onto Canaanite mythology, but these efforts are forced and contradict what most Canaanites seem to have actually believed. Most Canaanites seem to have regarded El and Baal as ruling concurrently:

"El is king, Baal becomes king. Both are kings over other gods, but El's kingship is timeless and unchanging. Baal must acquire his kingship, affirm it through the building of his temple, and defend it against adversaries; even so he loses it, and must be enthroned anew. El's kingship is static, Baal's is dynamic."


Ur of the Chaldees is the birthplace of Abraham, the "Great Father" Ur-Anus



Identification with Uruk[edit]

According to T.G. Pinches and A.T. Clay, some Talmudic and medieval Arabic writers identified Ur of the Chaldees with the Sumerian city of Uruk, called Erech in the Bible and Warka in Arabic. Both scholars reject the equation. Talmud Yoma 10a identifies Erech with a place called "Urichus", and no tradition exists equating Ur Kaśdim with Urichus or Erech/Uruk.


The Great King Gilgamesh from Uruk


This is thought to be close to their original home. According to the Old Testament, Abraham came from the city of Ur, one of the 12 city-states in southern Mesopotamia, located about 50 miles southeast of Uruk. Apparently Abraham left Ur in about the 20th century BCE, in the midst of drought, warfare, and collapse, to travel southwest with his band of followers, eventually to settle in what is now Israel, carrying with them traditions from Mesopotamia.


Gen 11:31 Terah took Abram his son and Lot the son of Haran, his grandson, and Sarai his daughter-in-law, his son Abram's wife, and they went forth together from Ur of the Chaldeans ( Ur [Light] of the ones of Kesad [Cloud breaker] ) to go into the land of Canaan, but when they came to Haran, they settled there. (ESV)

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