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Division is to vision, what the mansion is to dimension, what the vine is to the divine.........a regressive dimension is trying to take humanity with it, and TEZCAT REAL is a guide to the higher mansions, this requires remembering oneself.  People are only willing to go along with the regressive due to avoiding the call of the soul, which wants us to remember.   My wife and I have maintained silence and discretion about our answer to the call and what it actually led to, a real Pandora's box of revelation for sure..... we have gone to the depths of the Wilderness without any human Master but by responding to the whispers of GODDESS, who is simply, the experience of the external reality as intelligent and wed to the GOD within, the mind spills beyond the bounds of flesh. 

We understand suddenly why we are in Maui at this time, after we were pressured to leave New Orleans a few years a consequence of her battle with rogue cell disease...(let's stop using the name for the archetype of water, memory, empathy care and nurturing so irresponsibly).  

Hawaii is a reflection on Earth of the numbers which signify the presence of THE VINE of Intelligence......DIVINE, is a word that needs to be properly understood as parts of the whole VINE.,..consider that the VINE becomes the WINE when it is TWICE BORN,  W is the letter/symbol of multiple incarnations....implied by showiing two consecutive incarnations.....with a letter called "DOUBLE YOU"......our civilization has unconsciously gone along with 

imbalanced reverence for the EYE, which has unfortunately led to unwitting and deliberate intentions mixed together, to result in the "spiritual requirement" of overcoming "the ego"---or, the "I", symbol of the Individual....who must have a center of gravity.   Vampires are "without ego" and ready to mimic others and become them...and acquire them....just like the USA did with America, who is coming back and we are not transcending something which never happened, okay? 

W---double you to the ear, and also two "V' letters to the eye....a real symbol of synergy between the ears and the eyes.  U, V....both symbols of the soul's descent into matter, and returning.   W, suggests "no, I am going back and I am going to take a chance on not being able to remember.....I have to take a chance".   We have succeeded in remembering....and that makes us able to blow gigantic holes in the prevailing narrative...which is mimicry of what should be.  

137 is a key number, and the Hawaiian island chain is said to be made up of 137 islands.....with 7 main islands.  This is certainly evidence that 
Hawaii is a portal of Intelligent Spiritual energy....but it needs to be cleaned up very badly.  Hawaii is kind of like HWY.....on Maui, the High Way can actually be accessed.   We are broadcasting from where we are protected more than we would be elsewhere.  

50, the state  very important to understand.  There is much ado about the star Sirius with America, many legends symbolize Sirius with the idea of 50 adventurers, sons, daughters, rowers on a boat, 50 Annunaki, etc.   Robert Temple writes that the idea of 50 is a reference to the orbital period of Sirius A around Sirius B.   The 49 others of each group of 50 are really just placeholders, just for 50 to be established.   The other 49 are not Sirius, and not to be taken Siriusly.  This means that Hawaii is where the TEZCAT REAL America is (have to do the TEZCAT so there is no confusing REAL and REEL) ---


Maui, a heart of energy, due to Haleakala.....a mirror of the L-R letter swap rule of the "language crystal"---on the other side of the planet, is Giza, Egypt.....where Haleakala becomes Hare Aker Ra...(Horus-The Lion of the Dawn-The Sun God, Ra)---the name of the Sun is LA, and my soul is deeply interwoven with L.A. California, and LA Lousiana.   LA Woman, can be applied to the Sun---ancients saw the Sun as a Goddess.   Maui, the god....pulled the Sun down to Earth.....and I regard this as actually being about pulling the Sun's panties down and Maui rose to the occasion, much like Jeb...the Earth God who let her ride on top.  So what? Why are people afraid of this? Haleakala is the "House of the Sun", so is the Great Pyramid.....Rising Sun can be applied to either of them, as well.  The House of the Rising Sun is also in New Orleans.   Every place where LA is, RA wants to be there to pull her panties down to Earth and be the Rising Sun at Dawn.....Cameira....(ka-MY-ra)---that is the secret name of America....the Sun Goddess is in Maui, nowhere else.   

Five to one, Earth is HEART.....Earth has been plagued with GREED.....Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit all meet in the HEART.   MOTHER HEART, FEATHER ZU.  137 is key....and those who named their plan from the progressed natal chart of USA, call themselves "progressive".  Did you know that? 

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