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                                      TEZCAT REAL is a band...........

                                                                                of particular frequencies.

I performed and recorded everything. Some tracks are originals, and the covers are completely different from their origins as originals.  They can be considered "new originals", keeping in mind the original originals, of course.  

TEZCAT was the name of a cat and best friend that traveled with my wife and I during our motorhome years, he rode on the dashboard watching the Arizona horizon never get any closer.  I often let Tezcat sit on my lap and pretend to steer our rig as we hurtled down the Highway. Since there is nothing more hardcore and badass than naming a hard rock/metal band after your cat, TEZCAT REAL, (used to be merely "TEZCAT" it is.... He died as soon as we got to New Orleans, at the age of seven.  

I mean to imply the Great Jaguar Constellation.  

If this turning into a real band didn't happen and you were counting on it, you might be a redneck.  Or crazy. 

All of this is only a rough draft of the album I am currently recording, I got better equipment.  All of this was done on the most cheap ass recording equipment there is, let that sink in a little bit. 


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Music should be for WAR, not for entertaining crybabies in the Tuat.  (That is Egyptian for "America") 

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