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Digital art exhibit

Here is a track that features Chrystya some, and I'd always hoped that her voice being played by many people saying the same things would do something to influence things for the better -- but we have not gotten there yet.  A lot of people should listen to Chrystya's words on this -- I had her do this during chemotherapy, which she has no recollection of.  I say that the more people embrace  it, share it, the future we want is stimulated by so many plays.  Language is magic, and the universe is a magical place with a universal language.  

What Chrystya deserves is a real studio where we both have mics and headphones and the whole band is there......just being all like "We're fucking rich, man!" 

She is going to sing lots of songs when she feels good, and feeling good will lead to positive genetic expression.  Playing games with a stupid condo and eviction causes negative genetic expression, such as cancer which synergizes with capricorn if you are not stupid like those ones over there. Like the once and future king, not "that's in the past let it roll off ya" and future king.  Once and future.....but not now, which is totally bullshit.  Who the fuck cares about the once and future king?  I want my king NOW.  

What would be best is for people to be impressed with this and rescue us from this awful situation that somehow, is part of the cost of my superpowers that I have, I can make good record...but no make people give the fucks that are needed to really fuck out the fucks. 

If I am to have these awesome superpowers, I also need some money.  Tezcat Real is an overnite sensation, because -- why not? Anything less is boring. 

I have superpowers, but don't call me gifted. What, a savant?  I'm stupid and then, whoah....the entity did it through his aura and praise the great Tharnak who gifts when you do something well, instead of fucking it up which doesn't get confused with anyone else's work. 


I think Dave Lombardo is supposed to be our drummer.  We know this to be scheduled at some point, and we had a visitation from Akhenaten to confirm this with us by telepathy...and who also was yakking with Dave on another channel and so brought it up...lookin' for a drummer, do you know any Dave? How about Dave Grohl? Are there other Daves Dave? What are you doing Dave? Dave? and he told Dave straight up, be in our it do it doit....Dave was a projection of a floating Dave Lombardo head that said nothing but just looked like "Really?"  Does he even know what we look like? If I see him, do i start, just talking about pharaohs that are interesting?  



Akhenaten has been known to visit living drummers.....people do not know of this, but Akhenaten tended to show up naked and have no concept that other people notice that.   Nefertiti also, it is said that never covered her bush once in her life........interesting woman.  Isn't it a Pan Tease, those panties?  "Why are you hiding your vagina behind cloth? It makes me nervous!"  Pan Tease. 


 Sometimes, Akhenaten and Sitting Bull arrive together and just go "SLAYER" at him. Akhenaten and Sitting Bull are related on a plane where whatever I want happens, where all things seem to float.  You ever have Akhenaten AND Sitting Bull there at the same time?  They thought it was funny, I don't know why.  


That makes it sound like God is doing it without asking me what I would like, and because of shit like that I decided to view the world as God radiating from within and all that there is to interact with is The Goddess -- but, I ain't no hippie Goddess person.  

You have to let the Goddess know that there is a deal that she NEVER messes with the evolving individual's path.  As long as you approach the Goddess completely naked and she uses her breasts to stimulate memories of the past to temper future ambitions, keeping it NOW-- things are good....and some people walk with God, others walk with Goddess, which looks like being a nudist accompanied by women who aren't jealous of each other and accomplish getting space from being hit on by stripping and I've heard that men get nervous about that..


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