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This song is about The's got to be, and at the very least if it is not a deliberate intent, it works.  "You want it all, but you can't have's in your face, but you can't grab it". You might notice people watching The NEWS and it's important because their concerned and have their arms folded across their chest...watching about all this stuff as far removed from their immediate experience as could be? Irony. People forget that NEWS is the acronym meaning North, East, West, South.  I even like being shamed about not watching The NEWS, like I should know about the thing with Senator so and so and I'll laugh.  The NEWS -- you can touch it, feel it.....stand at the center of it and claim your Being -- I experience and feel the news, more than WATCH the news -- like some passive observer watching disaster when what is most disastrous is allowing the center of gravity to leap into TV.  Where did U go? Inside of TV.  Oh, very clever.  U...inside TV.  Ha! Creative people know that the NEWS literally is all about them, like surrounding them.  "You think it's all about you all time!?" Helllllll yeah! 

Sometimes, I just have things show up in my mind.....I'm not searching or wondering....just suddenly, when watching this for fun...."It's about The NEWS as North, East, West, South".  I've realized many things this's a bit like checking the mail and getting something I wasn't expecting...(like my guitar pickups, where the fuck are they?) Learning is sadly authoritarian, for those who are in that awful world of polarization between what is a PARODY of masculine and feminine, rather than what things really are when anchored in the 3rd dimension of space (4th linear time, 5th is non-locality and non-linear time), "thinking" is closer to giving orders to yourself and others around you, and that's too bad.  Mike Patton has always said he isn't much of a poet, and that's probably because he has stacks of spiral bound notebooks full of poetry and drawings that he only shows to whatever woman is closest to him that really accepts him.  I betcha!!


"Squeeze Me Macaroni" proved a capacity very early on. You really think a guy capable of "Squeeze Me Macaroni" wouldn't have something much more sensitive going on?  But, of course, you are "not a poet"...wink. 

Henry Rollins was openly being a poet, only after making himself look a bit like a guy you don't want to start anything with but a sensitive guy is behind those tough guy photo shoots, kind of like Phil Anselmo...but less drunk.  Mike Patton is not into lifting weights, and you have to be into lifting weights and also going "oh, this long hair makes me look like I should be on the cover of a romance novel.  I will shave my head and look like an Army Ranger.  Now it is safe for poetry!!!"   Cause I'm a LIAR! (He means, "I am the exact opposite of my appearance, I am a sensitive poet and that means I am totally into the Goddess", but you have to read a lot to uncover that information).  Henry Rollins is clearly a "protector, consort, sun and lover of the Goddess" type, obviously....I've always known.  That is what a Poet really is.  If Jim Morrison had to die to be taken seriously, letting anyone see your poetry could be  a death sentence.  That was a death sentence and so is this one, because sentences about death are death sentences.  "I'm not much of a poet" I've heard him say.....sure.  We all want you to live, and all poets everywhere know that making a deal of it could result in political assassination. 

Neither am I a poet, for that matter.  I am your computer screen, actually. Poets go to boring bullshit open mics, and if your name is Mike and someone tries to be clever about an "open Mike" who knows.  Make fun of "Brian Hoffmann" goes like this: "HEY!!! WHERE'S ERIC!????"  If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you aren't as cool as me....your screen. Where is Eric?  Then, I have this wave of incredible sadness wash over me, because there never was an Eric.  So instead of Decide it was just I Decide.  I had such an extremely lonely childhood that turning out how I have is unexpected, to say the least...because no one pointed out the way to me!  I have extreme emotional and psychological self-reliance, and so if you ever see some guy trying to shove my vibe into how he is a man since I am not, "look at me alienate the women!" etc., starting with being jealous of me and wanting to punish me without my having initiated anything against anyone. Well, it's about giving off a vibration of CHAMPION WARRIOR...always a champion if any experience evolves you....and if you want to challenge the notion, please show me a superlative album that is superior to Tezcat Real, created by yourself against opposition, in order to give your wife something to be passionate about --some to be looking forward to instead of death, while being severely harassed (because of being beautiful while having BREAST CANCER) by her "family" (people with Cancer are supposed to only be old and ugly) --- and then make sure to pretend like I give a shit when I know that anyone who has to act competitive about things when I'm just being quiet, is an insecure litle bitch and extremely afraid of being recognized....but I always appreciate the New Age interpretation, considering that Old Age used to be considered experienced and having wisdom.  New Age.


It has been a horrendous, monstrous experience what they have done to her, because of being pretty? She's too pretty to be believed about suffering from cancer -- and, I'm pretty too....obviously as child. (This after maneuvering us to be uprooted and live somewhere isolated, promising to be buying her a home that would be ours to sell if we shoud choose -- and betraying her!!! That was a dirty trick, deliberate violence (because stress reverses healing) perpetrated on her while still in recovery from four major surgeries related to breast cancer, and a whole lot of stress and heartbreak later -- she's having a recurrence of breast cancer (while being pretty).  This has been major violence perpetrated against my wife -- and I could do nothing but love her and stay with her, and they have the audacity to spread lies about how "I am violent to my wife".....oh, right.  That totally covers their tracks.  There is this assumption that I am helpless, i have been waiting for the right time. 


I'm going to go on the offensive and be extremely interesting, do whatever you like to us....way to police my website and act like it's not okay to have a voice.  Now everyone is going to know....and these are the people who are all about appearancess.  What she has been through is pretty unbelievable and -- I'm going to make people believe it, and the Make A Wish Foundation wants to make Mike Patton come and read her a story or juggle or whatever Ringo might do.   

Shamanic Initiation is the hippie term for it.  I call it "put an end to this bullshit, demand justice for Chrystya" time.  Yo, Ipecac -- I have some targets I want to spew puke on.

The is all about you.  

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