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     A Tezcat Real America 

I have stumbled upon something massive, and so I have a gift to give to those who can receive it.  The notion that it is better to give than receive is the sort of thing that can really get into the collective unconscious and stay there for a long time without being realized for what it really implies.  Words are multi-dimensional and are like children.  People tell them what to do without allowing them to speak for themselves, people do not listen to what they have to say about who they actually are, and where they come from.  

"When I was big, I was in a jail and I ran away and was in a gang!! We went to a store where they sell money if you bring a gun and I showed my gun and my friends had guns and we said we want your lots of money, and they gave it to us and then we drove really fast!"  What happened to that child?  Well, his daddy was threatened by what he was saying on so many levels, but fundamentally....if a child is talking about having been big before this experience of being small....basically, there is no basis for a father behaving as if it is HIS CHILD, or his property to shape as he dictates.  I have found out what it really means mythologically speaking, when "the father sacrifices his eldest son" .....I used to believe it was supposed to be like "the father sacrifices FOR the eldest son"...and then I had an experience to recall that this one time I got fried to death in an electric chair and that was on Oct. 17, 1934. 


I experienced all that was being carried within my soul about that suddenly rushing to the surface, I was instantly triggered by reading an article from that was an article which I had encountered because of indulging an instinctual curiousity.  I have this happen about a lot of things, and that is because I am receptive to what is happening within.  Sometimes, a thought will come from nowhere and say "do a search on early 20th century outlaws in Arizona.  I found something immediately.   


A certain gang founded and led by Harry Pierpont had been apprehended in Tucson, Arizona in January of 1934.  Learning what I could about many things....I was really having funny feelings about it...and then there was an article from that day, Oct. 17th, 1934.  "Harry Pierpont Electrocuted In Slaying Of Sheriff" and BAM!!!! Holy bananas, my soul just REMEMBERED that shit.....and on a soul and emotional level, revisited and relived it...which involved some howling and "OH NOOO!!!!!!!! AAAAWWWW" Cried for a couple hours, and.....huh.  If that happens to you, that is the end of "what if?"  Instead "Holy Shit, I died in 1934 and came back suddenly in 2021!!! I fought the law and, I won...I fought the law and, I won!!! Wait 'til they get a load of me....."  This about a prison break, for Human Beings. 


My mind operates poetically - always pulling words apart and re-arranging things, questioning all components like an engineer with machine parts...and I arrive at amazing places.  I have mentioned the situation above because it is the truth, and it leads to some realizations.   The same person, different body.  The body is an expression of the soul.  I may be white, but I have a way bigger dick than most white men, and no black man ever put me in an electric chair and turned down the juice so I'd have a horrible "being tortured death" rather than the quick and painless death advertised...and that is why I woke up to it.  "I'm woke. I had a wake and it was my funeral."  A white man can be really pretty and subject to prejudice and discrimination for that reason....especially back then.  Like it had truly been for a black man, no matter what he did, how manly and tough he is, how much he works and is responsible.....he can never be anything except "boy", which is a major factor which led Harry Pierpont to the outlaw life.  I have that outlaw soul, this context, I am hoping that black folks will accept what I'm saying without any racial issues...because I made a discovery of epic proportions.   


There is an old Irish or Celtic word for "Master Poet", it is "ollave" and it certainly appears that it would be pronounced like "olive", but those old Irish and Celtic words so often turn out to have completely different pronunciations than you'd assume, according to their spelling.  I couldn't find any information about how to properly pronounce it...and, with many, many other things, I let the "ollaves" simmer on a back burner in my mind.  It was the confusion I felt about the whole "Black Lives Matter" vs. "All Lives Matter" situation that did it, which led to an epiphany.  When the mainstream media picks something to make a big deal about, offering it up as two things polarized against each other, I get damn suspicious.  Realizing the nature of my outlaw makes sense that I don't really feel like I'm invited to the world most people live in, I observe..and I analyze.  I believed then and still believe now, that it was my gang specifically that was the ACTUAL "Criminal Justice System", we robbed police stations and made off with five police badges, to go with all the guns, bullets and bullet proof vests.  FIVE POLICE BADGES? Oh, wow.....I know what that must have meant. 


"POLICE!! THIS IS A STICK UP!!!"  Ha ha ha ha!  "We're taking this money down to the station for questioning, ma'am."   

"Hi, was your day?"  


"Oh you just wouldn't believe it!  The police robbed the bank today as a training exercise! They said it's to be better prepared for when real bank robbers strike...and you never know when!"  


"It sounds like it's how they try to understand how they really behave, to get inside their minds with psychology, that's my guess".


"So they said! They were really charming fellows, too!" 


"Well, that's really exciting!  How about that?"   

So...I suddenly had one of those "aha!" moments and, as if some will of its own, my inner voice said "Ollaves is pronounced like "All Lives".  Does "All Lives Matter" actually mean to specifically sound exactly like "Ollaves Matter"?  Since then, I've thought about that possibility, and looked at the whole situation throught that lens, of seeing people, black people, tricked into being against the white people that are against their black people thing.....and the black people KNEW something was deeply wrong with "All Lives Matter", they just KNEW dammit...but they didn't know it was anger about a maneuver which had black people saying, essentially, that "Master Poets Matter" is a rotten thing to say, so that especially on an emotional level, totally reject the notion of "Master Poets Matter", but it sounded like "Ollaves Matter", which the signs said "All Lives Matter".  Black People have rap and hip-hop, the emphasis is on words with rhythm and rhyme...poetry, basically.  A rapper is a street poet.  I kept on connecting the dots, and became more and more convinced......I am correct.  Here is another thing.  Jesus on the Mount of Olives.  Should that really be "Mount of Ollaves", which would be pronounced "Mount of Ollaves"?  I looked at pictures of the Pope's throne room, which looks like a snake's head.  The Pope sits in the serpent's mouth...and behind him, is this ridiculous, fucked up statue that is supposed to be Jesus -- emerging after a nuclear holocaust?  Something about a mount of olives again?   

Jesus Christ, an Ascended Master Poet? That seems to be the case? You know what?  Let's You and I Verse and call it "UNIVERSE" -- one line of verse is what we are.  I ain't serving any death sentences, I serve the universe.  This is how we are all kept down, by putting to use the hidden knowledge about words and consciousness.  You want a Black Jesus?  The system tricks y'all into rejecting Jesus at the same time, kind of?  This is bullshit.  I know a thing or two about Black Panther, and I'm going to tell you all about it.  Come, assist me in this prison break, it will be GRAND.

I teach Spiritual Intelligence against Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial is derived from Artifice…which is trickery, deception….yeah,  something ain’t right.  Spiritual Intelligence includes knowing the secret laws of language, human condition as it has been for a long time, has a cause which an Ascended Master Poet would be able to see through


’ve for a long time viewed the major racial types this way: black? Tires are black.  White? My fridge is white.  Red?  Lobster…etc.  and I was to find out how THAT way of looking at thigns is actually the key that leads to seeing through the scams that always give us an either/or polarization. Black Lives Matter against All Lives Matter.  What is actually going on here is worth an explosion of Light. Forget that nuclear holocaust?  What are they telling us? I am certain that AI is something that should be put on the end of that you get ADONAI.    Even though it is not something that I pursue as a craft, my mind works poetically.  So, I guess I am a poet though I don’t really show it, and so I want you to know it, breaks my heart and I hope I don’t blow it…..oh, I totally did that without realizing what I was doing.  Geez. 

I have a gift that is to be given to the black racial category before anyone else, and you could say that I have been led to knowledge or guided to it by what I can only say are Mysterious forces.  Perhaps it is for the reason that quantum physics has proved that time is actually non-linear at the same time as we decode linear time with how our brains work.  Something in the future reaches back in time so that, reflections have been signs for me, pointing the way to the view of truth.

Anyone saying “All Lives Matter”, I didn’t get it.  Do all the fucking assholes in prison matter to you? Doubt it.  What about terrorists? Do they matter? What is actually going on here, is playing games with words while expecting the populace to accept things literally, rather than knowing the answer is going to be an indirect third option rather than one side of a polarization. 


I found my way to the realization of Tezcatlipoca, basically.  Black Panther….a cultural phenomenon, and I did not see the second….but I got the theme.  The woman becomes Black Panther, there was also a Mesoamerican theme….what with the Quetzalcoatl.  Quetzalcoatl is actually White Tezcatlipoca.  The legends say that he constantly fought with Tezcatlipoca, Black Tezcatlipoca.  There are also a Red Tezcatlipoca and a Blue Tezcatlipoca.   This is important.  The primary Tezcatlipoca is Black, and not realized as part of a gang of four, because the others are Huitzilopoctli, Tlaloc and Quetzalcoatl.  The American Flag is Red, White and Blue.  The three other Tezcatlipocas?  The Black One, that is called Tezcatlipoca not included.  

The name of my band is Tezcat Real….which is a dual meaning, the black obsidian mirror of Tezcatlipoca and Tezcatlipoca himself…the REAL is the Spanish, for Royal.  This is something which I feel has chosen me, more than the other way around.  I have arrived at knowing what the polarization of Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter is really all about, and BLACK PEOPLE are to be the first to know, because the betrayal and manipulation is heartbreaking, and I am a person who intends to lead by example, as I encourage the marriage of empathy and ambition, when they are equal…..that is what kind of equality we want to have in this not yet civilization.



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