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The Woman: Chrystya

          La Libra y El Libro de la Vida 

There is no WILL that binds Chrystya to the Second Dimension.  This album is an assertion of our TRUE WILL, which is anchored in the 3rd dimension of space, the 4th of linear time, and the 5th of lon-linear and a-causal communion.  


               Just another one of those MIRROR COINCIDENCES 

                                                ANY QUESTIONS?

Not chained to this second dimension, imagine her to pursue anything she wants to, in the human organic dimension of bodies, trees and heavy metal bands led by her


           Heyoka Warrior 



The Woman  


                                   La Mujer 

          Six becomes Seven...

I...found this, in my mind one day.  It is about how a sex change to seven can happen.  This is the reflection of who she would be in the organic dimension.  SEVEN is the number of the Goddess.  If you are into it, be EVE.  Hold that frequency.  This is a reflection of a sphere -- which is central to a cube.  The cube has SIX planes.  SIX and SEX are the exact SAME WORD.  When we see the word "Sex" used, think SIX -- and that SIX means THE CUBE.  Add one exploding sphere of Light centrally -- that is SEVEN.  

The two basic form of the universe are CUBE and SPHERE - considered gender opposites (oh, no!).  SIX -- every plane or wall of the CUBE -- is a flat surface, or a screen -- the SPHERE is actually the Spirit of GOD -- the CUBE is the GODDESS at Large.  This is the reflection of a woman who is WHOLE - a beautiful nude woman, who is clearly a Goddess if viewed as one...but able to hold GOD within -- the Aton.  This is the reflection of Nefertiti who later became a pharaoh...history hides this.  The Pharaoh was God back then....

There is a diameter from S to N, which are for South and North...consider it spells SIN - -which means "to be"...BEING IS WRONG? A "sinner" has God anchored in the organic dimension - allowing for freedom.  The circumference is O-riginal.  You see that EVE fits in between two poles -- it is EVE within

O-riginal SIN -- SEVEN - the 5 letters are to remind us of how we are oriented to the center of a 2D plane - horizontally -- one at the center of NEWS, north east west and south.  From the image, to the organic dimension -- starting with the feet....the diameter becomes the concept of "I" - the circle becomes the sphere.  It is also SION...and add "The Man"....MAN SION. 7 letters.  

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