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      The Jesus Lizard

What people seem to all be doing these days is going over the past, and that is what we are meant to do but from what I've been able to tell....people really need me to handle this.  Oooh....I feel needed.  It's strange that a person could be on a WANTED poster and you are supposed to view him as a criminal.  What if you saw a poster of a guy and it said LOVED?  VALUED?  APPRECIATED?  There are so many ways that consciousness can be influenced and what makes me an extra special loner is that I notice them.  It was necessary to push a propaganda film on a whole new generation influenced by him, which I clearly saw as a military intelligence psy-op.  Music as a vehicle for authentic rebellion must be compromised and made a profitable distraction.  I have contempt for the music industry to the extent that it can only be as a form of outlaw that I am interested in being a musician -- and what turns out to be a congenital heart defect has put me through a longer development period - and I hope that makes me terrifying, or cute....


Do you think we live in the universe?  I say that we have been thrown into a REVERSE and conditioning people to take everything literally (Autistic Kleptomania) and to also accept that the concept of "central" is outside rather than inside of yourself, are critical to apprehend and comprehend.  Uni-VERSE -- one line of verse...or poetry.  This guy influenced everything, this guy really did open the way for everything that came after, and who has been more deliberately misrepresented?  

Follow this lead.....we turn back to the start.  Where else?  Rock N Roll itself has had a traumatic childhood, Tezcat Real knows that rock stars become mirror coincidences, and they are dismissed.  

From the very start, 

What an absolute tragedy what has happened to this man, and others and if nobody else will....I will, because it starts with empathy for yourself.....and as he said, if the body is ravaged...the spirit grows stronger.  In his case, he drank a stronger spirit....but the spirit in the battle is stronger than the spirit in the bottle.  

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