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   In-Car Nation

An  account of the infamous "Light My Buick On Fire" incident, related by Bill Siddons in "Friends Gathered Together" by Frank Lisciandro, had us re-evaluating this footage of The Doors' appearance on The Jonathan Winters Show in 1967, which aired just after Christmas. The selling of "Light My Fire" to Buick had been agreed to when he was somewhere else, and he found out when he showed up for taping two songs for television. 


I was astounded to read this interview with Bill Siddons, especially because the previous book that had been put together by Frank Lisciandro told the same story, but which had conformed to the standard chronological shift of the actual event to a couple years later, or so.  Probably the three Doors made him keep it that way.  Probably Ray, actually.  Ray Manzarek seems to have had a bit of a "I should be Pharaoh of the United States of America" thing going on.  We didn't realize the chronological shift was made until realization of the early date of a known part of "the myth".  When someone is mythologized, what everyone believes about them can really influence the mass mind.  If it is false, people become disconnected from reality.  I'd hate that if it happened to me, this guy was a threat.  Equality = Empathy x Ambition.  With empathy and ambition being equal, maybe culture won't suck so much. 


The acount of Bill Siddons is very different..and, all that is required to prove his story to be accurate is to return to this footage with a fresh perspective and a much greater empathy for Jim Morrison.  I'm certain of it, that what we absolutely need the most right now more than anything, is to allow our capacity for empathy to be powerful enough to beautifully influence and affect the world around us for the better, for what is love without empathy? Worthless, that's what it is. Empathy in society is barely there. A parody of it that is "empowerment",  It's lacking.  I'm looking down the barrel of this gun - "We love your music!" (but you don't like me?) I've been through that with visual art and quit forever....or until my voice cannot be ignored for myths built around what someone looks like (what people project all over it).   The truth about the "Light My Fire" thing has the potential to cause a cultural shift, we need to return to THE SOUND being important more than LOOK AT VIDEO. 


Projection of a "myth". That is the nightmare he suffered, shouldn't it be for our realization to learn from and evolve because of? 


A nation of people with a great capacity to empathize with ourselves and each other, imagine that! And our  becoming as powerful as the capacity for our ambitious striving.....well, that would be a beautiful new dawn.  What would that require?  It requires recognizing that money is backed by soul energy.  Yes, it is.  So come on, people on your brother, everybody get together right now! 


So....Bill Siddons says in his account that Jim Morrison had found out that his bandmates had "sold him down the river", sold his soul FOR him without including him in the decision making process....when he showed up for their appearance on the Jonathan Winters Show...which was basically just after Christmas in 1967.  Wow...are you kidding me? Bill says it was the ONE time that he saw Jim Morrison get totally pissed off angry as hell! Dude....he was so upset about this betrayal, and he was scheduled to sing "Light My Fire" and "Moonlight Drive" on television? Yeah, go sing now..all pissed off and hurt.  Wow...the version of this event that we were used to, sure manages to get around the situation which was how much of a heartbreaking betrayal for Jim it really must have been.  Watch the video with a renewed perspective now...and then come back to this commentary.  

With fresh eyes, I did not see a self-destructive buffoon doing ridiculous things on TV for no reason so must be loaded, man. is now realized as the pivotal event in their history and also that of Rock N Roll (which is a black term meaning "fucking").  The power of film to lie, and change perception if Jim Morrison would really want to give people any more excuses than they've already invented, to treat him like a ding-a-ling and nutbar.  Suddenly, the stories of Jim Morrison showing up at a party and pushing someone down the stairs, just before going and laying in the street til the cops arrived...probably goes more like this:  "Hey, Morrison!! Watch out for the thingus over here!  We don't want you to make it fall down on you!!"  Then his response:  "You're the one going down....this flight of stairs, asshole!"  "Auuughhhhrrrgghh OOF! Fuck you, Morrison!" At that point, everyone would be glad that Jim Morrison came to their party.  "Hey, Jimbo!!! You wanna hear me sing "Light My Fire" a lot better than you since you suck?!?" Who knows what funny ass reply he would have snapped back with....or be all like "you wanna see something really weird? It's my dick, pissing all over the wall, man....." 


"Why don't you get the fuck out of my house, Morrison!?"

"I dunno! Sure beats the shit out of me!!" and at that point, he would go puke in the birdbath, because there was David Crosby and he was a Poet.  "I hate The Byrds.  Let The Byrds sip my rock n roll puke!"  Now on his way to becoming a pariah in Hollywood, "Fuck you, Morrison!"  Getting warmer, "Yeah...what the hell is wrong with you?"  Warmer still, "My asshole stinks, that's what's wrong! Here he is!!" referring to whoever it might be standing there to fulfill his comedic vision ..and so they thought that was funny at least, and now it was time to go lay in the street.  Sirens.  Police.  "It's that Morrison guy again".  Something like that.....sure sounds like way better dialogue than what other people have come up with, doncha think?  


John Densmore doing damage control:  "Jim had a schizophrenic moment on live TV"...isn't a dysfunctional memory schizophrenic?  How embarrassing. Perhaps what was really potentially embarrassing for them was what the story could have they were asshats" and so that was just about when Jim started up with his kamikaze drinking, from that point on.." (I bet) "since after that point he didn't seem to care if he lived or died as much as he used to.  Hey, there's our singer sleeping in the gutter at 2:00 p.m. Awesome. "Oh, Lord did he drink" they have already said so much...."and often to show us how far he could take things to punish us for doing that bullshit to him for Christmas"  totally....."and he wanted to show us how it was that, since his greatest humiliation had already come for him and whenever he shows up anywhere, it's "hey, don't fall into the thing! Want to hear me sing the end of "Light My Fire" for you? It goes like this!"  Yeah...."and he simply became only  too willing to embarrass us in public if he felt like it that day, and he could be an asshole in the studio the rest of our career, also....since Ray absolutely begged and pleaded with him that he not quit...because he has a gift to share with the world, he doesn't want to cheat people out of that, right?"   

This is what to consider also....that this was just after Christmas?...and so, the reason that Jim couldn't be located for a few days, had to do with was fucking Christmas for chrissakes.  I wouldn't be too surprised to find out that betrayal at Christmas was not unusual, would have been with that much gravity.....that he would have felt that, what he thought was the closest thing he had to family...betrayed him, for Christmas.  Damn. 


I believe it was him, Pam and Michael McClure who had been hanging out with each other while the singer for The Doors was having his soul being sold for him, without him having any say in the, for Christmas?  Perhaps Jim and Pam had been enjoying the still quite new success, and were Christmas shopping...getting presents for the other guys in the band, and....likely, after his nationally broadcasted humiliation, he got the really drunk kind of suicidal, perhaps...and didn't Pam always refuse to be friendly to the other Doors if she came by their office?  It made no sense, until realizing it began here.  

It shouldn't be such a surpise to find out that auto manufacturers were still just as interested in using "Light My Fire" in a car commercial, once John is gone?  Hey, aren't there four doors on this car...allright!!  Lookit, The Doors...on a car!  "Light My Fire!"  says The Injun....I mean The Engine, drinkin' firewater an In-Car Nation.  

Come on, Buick....Light My Fart.  

Consider Jimi Hendrix, Tupac, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and others.....since these souls have lost everything, shouldn't it be that their souls are no longer sold...but, everything just....let go?  Right....they made damn sure to let us all know that Jim Morrison really had a Native American shaman jump into him during that car wreck thing....and, look at the ending of that movie! Did you see the movie? The Indian moved on.....never knowing the name of the shaman which animated him.   Anonymous.  

All these people go and visit a grave which is regarded as his final resting place, why have people all decided that is the case?  He didn't go to heaven? Robby Krieger's "Set The Night On Fire" has a chapter about Elvis Presley making the acquaintance of Lynn Krieger and Julia seemingly at random, choosing them to honk at and to close in and honk some more like a big honky.  "Hi! I'm Elvis, let's party!"  So, they went and hung out...and it was Julia Densmore who disappeared into a room with Elvis Presley...The King!! I think John Densmore's marriage didn't last long after that, and Robby just lets us imagine what that meant was going on between Elvis and Julia....which is pretty damn funny.  Reading between the lines....what he seems to be implying there, oh ho ho!


It appears that Robby seems to be willing to take it seriously enought that, maybe it was worth some consideration that it was totally Jim's influence on Elvis (from the lower astral, most likely) which caused that party to occur, for was it not John Densmore to spread the beliefs about "Jim had a schizophrenic moment!"  So he was all like, you can tell people that Jim Morrison is dead and then he told Elvis to bone my wife! Sure you ain't schizophrenic? I mean, really. Come on, man.


 That would mean one thing in particular, if he could influence Elvis Presley that would have to mean that Jim Morrison wasn't giving much of a shit about "his final resting place in Paris"...and probably because it was too noisy and crowded all the time, he was wandering the lower astral, god fucking dammit! Which could mean that the body in the coffin was a mess? The Sioux mutilated dead soldiers to make sure that they got to be on the lower astral, wandering until...who knows what the hell.  I think it might be kind of dangerous there.  Elvis is The King. NO!!  "Jesus Christ is The King!" Elvis would most likely say in reply to that, it is good to be humble...but of course.  Jesus Christ!! What the hell do we do now? 


Is it really so difficult for people to arrive at the point of considering the possibility that, perhaps and just maybe, the body is simply the house of the soul, and it is the soul rather than the body, which is primary? The body is basically an expression of the soul, yes? I want your expression of soul.....and I think I know why this is happening. It is due to a general failure in placing his center of gravity within the 3rd dimension...after 1991, especially...and did you see that movie? The Second Dimension Coming To A Theatre Near You, and it is the Second Death Coming....the first death was "The Incarnation" born into your body in 3D territory, so called tomb and grave of the says Alvin Boyd Kuhn in "The Lost Key To The Scriptures" it.  Come away from it knowing that "the dead" are simply those still asleep, that FIRE is symbolic of spirit, when water is the symbol of matter.  Firewater? Or Gasoline? Injun? Or Engine?  Come home to the world of our Central Authority...and it is housed within the heart, with all the BLOOD. Just kidding.  The Mesoamerican culture before Cortes was corrupt.  We need not rip the heart out of the beautiful male warrior and offer it to the Sun up in the sky.... I mean, talk about Autistic Kleptomania!!  A prisoner chosen to imersonate the god of music - Tezcatlipoca? Impersonate?  Red, White and Blue (Tezcatlipoca) and nagual....


I suppose that he went on to other adventures, the "shaman" WAS him, duh... (not the guy in the movie)...and maybe he is laughing at everyone? 


Anonymous, The Injun


For he was Jim Orison....a prayer named Jim.  Why people would visit some silly bones and dirt experience, to each his own..and then act like there is someone there? Sure...themselves...and did you see that movie? 




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