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En El Libro De La Vida y La Libra...the Goddess of Justice is no blindfolded lady whose message for us is not that "Justice Is Blind"...what a ridiculous notion they harbor, that the Lady of the Scales herself, the very Goddess of Truth, Perfect and Balanced Judgement and Harmony would be having the most trouble out of all of us when needing to recognize the truth rather than seeing her, it shows just how deep it really goes in people.  Justice is a very beautiful woman..and isn't it a lot of what makes her beautiful in the first place that SHE would be the one whose capacity for recognizing and serving the truth, rather than becoming fooled by her implied "immense capacity for prejudice" -- should she perhaps, be especially discriminatory against fat people?  Perhaps that is why she was made to wear the blindfold to begin with.  It went something like this:  some fat guy was on trial for alleged armed robbery...and she simply couldn't resist.  "Robbery with those arms?  Those are some fat fuckin' arms....I bet you're too lazy to commit armed robbery, because YOU'RE FAT!"  From that point on, the very Goddess of Justice herself had to wear a blindfold so that it would be stated and widely believed....that "Justice Is Blind" long as she was a woman of perfectly balanced and harmonious features....she was prone to not being able to see straight...because, she was The Goddess Of Justice herself....and, naturally...who the hell was she to judge?  She mustn't allow her prejudice for Natural Law which operates in a universe in which people make sure that their center of gravity should always be within the heart, taking residence in some body rather than allowing them to turn everything into games in their court rooms.  

What of blindness before The Laws of Attraction?  According to The Laws of Attraction.......who is very pretty shall have the attentions of others projected outwardly in her general direction, for reception of it.  Reception of attention simply must be a two dimensional person.....or as it happens, she is taken for being a two dimensional, it is the Goddess of Justice who is blind, rather than she who is able to recognize that, the viewing of a beautiful face does not send that person with that very face to an inferior plane relative to the the person who attention has sent her, it is the very person who looks out for others and cannot look within themselves who is the two dimensional person.....therefore as feminine as its target...seeking to take her down to its level.   It has  

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