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It amazes me that an absolutely cowardly person is enabled and supported to punish Chrystya and I for what we have been confused about, for the longest time.  What was it really about? Writing a great deal, I managed to explain much of it to myself.  I find it hysterical to imagine people who have no idea that their sense of their importance is based on nothing more than terror of their own depths, which compensates for itself with a Satanic value system...but of course, people who are like this are too ignorant to even have that realization about themselves.  

You think you are authority?  Since when? When did this happen that I was consulted about this, and you were granted license to watch over me?  How dare you betray me, how dare you again and again perpetrate and perpetuate the seemingly endless attempted murder of your sister, my wife.....whose body is not my property to assert authority over....and yet you have decided to assert authority over her body....which you behave as if you lust after...and so, why is it that, because Chrystya was diagnosed with Cancer and....I loved her and empathized with her, you had the "right" to declare authority over the both of us?  There is something very cowardly about a perverse person, trapped in a state of arrested development, who plays pretend about being "authority" without even having the guts to even one time -- speak with me, and why is that?  

You are a coward, plain and simple.  The debt that has been accrued from six years of behaving in an evil and entirely worthless manner will come for you, it has been a matter of deciding WHEN to go on the offensive....and there you are, imagining that your place is to police my website because of a fantasy which makes you "feel" (you don't feel anything, or you would feel ashamed of capacity for embarrassment)....if you can destroy a man that you go to great lengths to vilify and "reincarnate" with the horseshit you make up...does that make you a man?  Or does that point at a fragile and easily threatened masculinity which "deserves" to hate, ruin and murder someone who has done absolutely nothing at all to aggress against you, but you have decided...when the opportunity presented show how big and powerful you are, fully intending to show how you "dominate" the person who reminds you that -- you have no True Will..not at all.  What are you?  A fucking goddamn idiot that anticipates no decimation when your time comes.  

You have to lie to yourself about absolutely everything to "justify" to yourself that it was okay to attempt to push your sister over the edge when she experienced the most sorrowful day of her were going to push her over the edge because you know how much your mother that you hate had to talk about epigenetics again and again....and wasn't that clever of you?  You would kill without any suspicion being on you...and all you have to do, is make up some bullshit about me...."knowing" that I am going to be SO ASHAMED of how i have a heart defect, which twice in my life has led to partial heart failure....letting me know that, I could not have too many years left on this planet...and, it has been your job to what?  Show your sister that you are (better than her, a millionaire, approved of by daddy's authority) a a person becoming known of to an audience that you never, ever expected to have...because evil always sows the seeds of its own destruction, doesn't it?  You knew that I am all those things that you will not admit about yourself, so I guess you just have to experience everyone else saying it for you....WHAT A PATHETIC LITTLE TURD, I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH AN UNDEVELOPED CHILD PRETENDING TO BE AUTHORITY, WHILE HAVING ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA THAT NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG, BEING EVIL WHICH THINKS ITSELF GOOD....HAS IT BE YOURSELF, THAT NATURE ABHORS. 

i HAVE SAID IT ELSEWHERE..and I say it again:  I know what you are, and why you fear me.  It is unknown to yourselves, and what are those anyway? Selves?  Those were sacrificed for MONEY which clearly doesn't have any chance of a rivalry with a soul.  I have a soul, you have money.   Who gets to win here?  I'll put it this way....I'm not falling for your opportunity to have me polarize against you....Robert Johnson twice born as Robert Johnson.   

Fans of Tezcat Real...oh, we need and furious, there is something incredible to witness here.  Unfortunately I, wait....unfortunately THE WOMAN, CHRYSTYA has had to suffer immensely for a reason that seems to be rather strange.  Is there an impostor in YOUR life? Yes...there is.   I want to tell you about a polarity flip...rather than all of 3D reality being consumed by a SMART PHONE...let's have it be this way.  Stupid phone, and smart human! 

Society wants to take us into the second is already after our first death has gotten us in our condition of amnesia.  What is death, as it should be accurately defined by a person who had been guided to know the works of Alvin Boyd Kuhn?  It is the lost meaning of death, that the word DEATH refers to this bodily incarnation.   Stand up straight, and outstretch your arms.  

That is our crucifixion in this world....this plane of pain which has gone insane in the membrane, insane in the brain.....insane in the membrane, etc.  AI wants to take us into the second death, after our first death of this bodily incarnation.   How easy it could be to recognize the truth....if only people would respect the wisdom of children....and, what utter foolishness it is to silence a child...such as I was once silenced, for telling Dad something simply because I was excited to share it with him...and, as usual, he had to show behavior which is certainly robotic. "Don't talk back to me!!!"  He couldn't be as interesting as me when telling him...."when I was big, I went to a jail!!  Me and my friends had guns and we ran away from the jail and then had to go point our guns in a store where they give us money when we say to give us some money!! Dad, why don't you have money? We can go to the money store and point our guns at the lady and get money!!!!"  

Who wouldn't have been thrilled to have been my father?  I experienced something important....that, a time of great sacrifice could be meant as the sacrifice of "The Son" by the "Father" who absolutely MUST NOT be related to as if an external authority.   No, this whole time....The Father is nothing less than what we should call...."the last generation of myself".   

"When I was big....etc."  Daddy doesn't want to hear about it, because it absolutely negates his position above you as the "authority".   

I can hardly believe that those assholes decided that they somehow deserve to act as if DADDY which I need so badly?  Let me guess, you talk shit amongst yourselves and come to the conclusion that....I "didn't have a father figure and so I didn't learn how to work!!!"  

Oh, I've never heard that one you know why people arrive there? They see that my face is pretty...and a pretty face?  Isn't that....feminine?  Of course, this is not articulated...just "felt" is because I have a pretty face that I get to have everyone do everything for me, like....make choices for me about who I am...and what I need, all the while setting yourselves up for an encounter with someone that is not supposed to be in  You see the pretty face...and your ATTENTION goes out to it.   Is it because, your ATTENTION goes out to my face...that has you truly believing that, I am...lucky?  You wish that someone might look at you, give the same attention. 

My face pulls you in...and so, it is assumed....entirely because of a flaw in perception that has you unable to consider a synergy between opposite poles of experience...whatever is feminine...that must be me, eh?  I am inferior to you, give ATTENTION from the 3rd dimension to what your feeble mind reads as the second dimension...and so there it is, there is your superiority .... 

I am so sick of this shit.  You know what? It gives me an edge.....every two dimensional mind that encounters me....will constantly misread my face, seeing a pretty face totally must mean inferior, right?  Is this why you treat Chrystya like less of a person that yourself, because you imagine that she actually IS the image in the second dimension?  

I have a website as well.  You look at my art.  Oh, your ATTENTION goes out from the 3rd dimension of space, to the second dimension of the image...and it seems that you really do believe that your attention is important to me?  Your attention....from the 3rd dimension, rushing out to the 2nd dimension.   You really must imagine on some level that....I am less than you, can look at my art and "give it attention".  Yeah, so can I.   I can look at my art, and "give it a tension".  

I was imagined to be everything that is inferior for no reason.  I recall...that you had to go swimming instead of taking over for me, when I had to go to work.   I had to go to WORK.  What is this about "not wanting to work?"  What is this based on?  Is it that my face seduces you to "Give Attention" which makes you, by the act of being able to see my face.....very important?  Do you realize that....anyone can look at a face?  So, you can look at my face and get a hard on, jack it off a little, listen to our album and cry baby, cry.  


that....something has maneuvered itself to be against me 

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