The automatic shifter gives us the option of "FW" and "R", and now that HWY and WHY have been linked to YHWH, "Putting it in forwards" spoken aloud to the poetic type is "putting it in four words", and YHWH, in Hebrew or Aramaic is Yod Heh Vahv Heh, or Hand Window Nail Window.  Driving in four words: I am going places.  We can see quickly, that HWY certainly is the REVERSE of "Mr. Jealous Guy", who gets insecure about people "who are going places". 

REVERSE raises the question if the "four words" direction was a VERSE itself.  Or was driving the equivalent of a chorus? Four Words.  Re-Verse. The shifter is hinting at us in the proximity of HWY.  REVERSE HWY and get YHW, etc.  Question everything, HWY and WHY are freedom, YHVH is Master/Slave.  "the Jealous guy".....A Man with a beautiful wife and other good things understands YHVH perfectly well.  He is the idiot little brother of UNIVERSE, the actual name for our Deity.  U n' I verse together.  You And I Verse is also moving four words, REVERSE includes the possibility that some live the same life over again to get it right, which is supposed to explain Deja Vu...which is too absurd for me.  To experience this lifetime more than once, when once is more than enough.....(shudder)

WHY is one of those words like EYE.  They are three letter words that may be reduced to a single letter, Y or I, three-in-one specials.  I is the number one, and letter I for an EYE..which has a pupil substitute for one, the dot.  Y is I becoming two.  The EYE and WHY are both a magnet for images and the other a magnet for answers. 


The researcher Ralph Ellis brought to my mind that the Essenes referred to their sect as The Way, and he found that words that had been translated into Engish as The Way suggested that it could be a kind of road, or a highway....and then he hit upon the idea that there is a certain highway that would be most revered by Gnostics who think this world is awful and await their glorious Resurrection in the "Spiritual World".  There is a certain Highway that is traversed by the dead, according to the ancients.  The Milky's pretty High of a Way, like Way High.  The Amanita Muscaria could take a person there while still incarnate, which is to get Way High.  A person who says "My Way, or the Highway"  offered me a choice, so I went my way when I was high.  High on life. "My Way, or the Highway" is what stupid people say when referring to their way as the Low Way, which equates with immoral, bestial, crass, base and meaningless.  I take the Highway every time "I am going places"


Four words, "I am going places" need to reverse it. It's perfect.