Television Set, the enemy of Horus, has as a nickname "TV".  In the Alphabet, TV are the two letters that are on either side of U.  TV has U, in the middle. 

Let's review.  Television Set is a way of getting folks to sit before the ENEMY of Horus, the Egyptian equivalent of the Son and Sun of God, with a right out in the open disquise of using Television as an adjective, or describing to us what for SET has taken, as the enemy of Horus.   "But a Set is just a word for a box/machine/device....yes, and we need to upgrade our approach to language.  It is also Television Set, the enemy of Horus.  Set is the Ass Headed god.  

It was called a Television, which is a Tell A Vision, depicted occult symbolism in a TEST pattern that means to infer "here is the teller of Visions" 

Television Set, is Tell A Vision, Set............and Set replies "don't mind if I do".  Not only is it Television Set, Telling A Vision...Told by Set, it is also TV, and TV is implied to contain U inside itself.  Do you want to be on TV, isn't the goal be INSIDE of TV? Do you want to, be inside me? 

T and V are two letters that work as symbolising the male and female genitalia...and not only does Television Set show us SEX, but also VIOLENCE.

SET is associated with the time of SUNSET, which gives us ties to the astrological associations with LIBRA and SCORPIO, both...I have decided.  

LIBRA, because we are having a one-to-one relationship with this other, and Scorpio...because we become completely absorbed...and it shows us sex and death, and resurrection.  Every episode that the cartoon characters die, they are brought back to life, the next episode.  Television SET gives us resurrection, and reincarnation.  

TV---T is the male genitalia, flaccid I suppose, and V is the delta of the female.  

U are in the middle of T and V, you are penetrated and giving birth to its idea, and also you penetrate it, it takes you into itself.....

U and V, esoterically are a similar thing.  

W is to include the idea of two of U and V, the sound of U doubled, the look of V written.  


The meaning of the name "U2" is now revealed.