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This image I drew to be included as part of a large art project, called the One Mile Clock.  In a great dry lakebed in Nevada, a circle with a one mile diameter was drawn out, and there were 12 towers at each point where the hours of a face clock would be.  My piece ended up being at the ten o’ clock hour, a selection which was made on site, and not known to me before I decided to begin work on it. 

I realized many years later how much it seemed like a subconscious “knowing” took over for this drawing, it is perfect for what I didn’t quite realize that I meant to say.  This is an example to myself, that I can be guided by something I don’t understand at the moment, the way to connecting to it is to be deeply involved with your truest feelings, at the time I was cleaning the mud off of the windows of my perception. 

I wasn’t quite aware that the timing of the unveiling of this project was exactly the moment when my Saturn return went exact.  EXACT! The Saturn Return, takes roughly 29.5 years to return to the degree that it was at birth…

The Saturn return brings the karmic energy back. 

This festival was actually the Burning Man festival.  I wanted to avoid the subject, but I can’t.  I never gave a shit about Burning Man, and I never will.  It doesn’t mean to me what it meant for others, like “I’m going home, here is my family, this its where I am accepted and loved”..yeah right. 

The “clock hands” were made of lasers.   There was a central tower with an expensive laser that worked sometimes, eventually playa dust broke it. 

The theme that year, was “Rites of Passage”, and amazingly, that is what a Saturn Return is, A Rite of Passage, when you really enter the serious part of adulthood or something. 

I don’t really get Burning Man, and do not share the reverence for it that a lot of people do. 

Saturn is the “Lord of Time” for Chrissakes, and of all possible situations that could manifest as the exact timing of my Saturn Return, I get sucked into this project randomly, and was ambivalent about it. 

I don’t quite remember exactly what I was trying to say with this image, had something to do with something I was reading about. 

A child is walking towards the horizon, flanked my two dogs, intended to be symbolic of Sirius A and B, the sister star of our Sun.  “Next Services 8.6 Light Years” says the sign.  I was to learn of the “Cosmic Sequence” many years later from Scott Onstott, my mind can never go back.  No frikkin’ way is the existence of the solar system  the end result of randomness, with the exhibition of a sequence of certain numbers, appearing and reappering in fractal scale. 

Start with cubing three, you get 27.  You can see in the image, that I for some reason decided to represent THREE…then you keep doubling the numbers, and find them in creation all the TIME

27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864, etc.

864 links our Sun with Sirius, a clue that this is really going on as the next level to consider, a “spiritual Sun” behind the Sun, or Isis/Osiris for their child, Horus, whose name is an anagram of hours. The diameter of the sun is approximately 864,000 thousand miles in diameter, and the distance from the Sun to Sirius is 8.64 Light Years. 

864, twice.  I didn’t realize this at the time, I just let it be 8.6 Light Years to the next Gas Station. 

The mountains in the distance make the shape of “M”, that is beyond the woman…M is a symbol for incarnation into matter, naturally “M” is the letter that begins matter, and mother, material, and math. 

The upright triangle is a symbol of the masculine.  Also, the Egyptians considered the pyramid or upward blade to be the Yoni giving birth to the morning sun.

The serpent’s eye. 

I learned later that the Aten was the name for the rising Sun, the worship of Day, the Sun is the “Only Begotten”, as opposed to the nighttime, when all the stars are revealed that puts the Sun in perspective.  A person that would want people to lose that perspective, might worship the Aten, but not the Sunset. 

I have a stellium in the sign of Libra, of which my Saturn leads off.  They say that a person with such energy in one area, needs to make it a point to go to the other side of the chart, get out of that house! I need to get into Aries, or the “Sunrise”…because of being way to tied up with compromising with others, and go in the direction of me, because it is for my footsteps alone. 

He puts me at “TEN”, which is actually the Egyptian name for sunrise.  TEN….far out, man. 

Saturn is the ruler of my South node in Capricorn, which is in the tenth house…father, public recognition.  The Karma of Saturn in the seventh house and sign, because of the tenth.  This manifesting as my Saturn return, is as if saying “this is what your South Node is about”…

I bring into this life, involvement in big projects connected to Dionysian happenings. 

The Raven was about what was born, a messenger of death, a messenger from the other side. 

That he placed me at “Ten” – was also very interesting, because my Saturn was coming from the tenth house. 

They are taking baby steps to it. 

Burning Man is really a tribute to Saturn. 

Libra is there….Libra is about art, and connecting with others, and music, being beautiful, all that stuff.  No one else has ever had a Saturn Return like this but me, it’s the darndest thing.  Ever since then I have been thinking about the connection of clocks and religion, Saturn and the Sun. 

Saturn is in it’s exaltation in the Sign of Libra.  Saturn Returns are as beautiful as the sign they are in….Saturn is in it’s best manifestation.  Mine was a piece of art.  You have got to be kidding me. 

The clock is set up the way it is, so that TEN

They say in Driver’s Ed training, two put your hands at two and ten, so…Ten is for the Left hand.  Oh, great.  The Left Hand Path is doing this shit.  You want to know something about the left hand? It is controlled by the Right Brain.  The Right Hand Path connects to the Left Brain. 

This left hand/right hand business referring to evil vs. good, I don’t take the symbolism seriously.  The Right Brain connects us spiritually, the Left Brain makes us separate egos. 

I get that the “One True King” mythology surrounding the DAY really leads to totalitarian regimes, and I never spent any time on that side of the festival at all.  I spent my time at 2 o’clock, which corresponds with the WEST.  Amen, as the Sunsets. 

As a person with red hair, the very idea of Burning Man, that people are gathering around a man being set on fire, on Saturn’s day nonetheless…really got under my skin.  Even before I ever went to it, I had issues. 

Fuck all you people, fuck you.  I thought to myself.  It is in my genetic memory, that a person with red hair was often the choice for those whose really fun party was brought to a climax with tying a person with red hair to a pole and setting him on fire, and everyone would watch….fascinated and transfixed. 

Burning Man is not simply not respectable. 


With that said, I also have to admit that I had some great experiences..and when I look at my chart, I totally understand what is going on.  It is my life path to break away from cooperating with others.  My experiences with trying to be part of a team, a tribe, to help…always were met with experiencing ingratitude and rejection, telling me I would have been in the same spot if I just started off flying solo. 

Flying solo.  A leader that will go completely on my own if people don’t believe in my leadership and get behind me. 

Related to flying solo, was the extremely profound experiences of being involved with synchronistic occurrences, the point of them is to alert the person who experiences them…that a person can fly solo and needs not consult others about what the proper course is. 

People these days, empowering each other, because by themselves….they have no power.  Power only comes from association with others.  How can you give what you do not have? Reinforcing each other’s beliefs is more like it.  You agree with my belief? Oh, good…now I am more certain of myself.

The experiences I had, were about feeling certain of myself before a human has to get involved and agree or disagree.  The relationship with Consciousness mirrors back to me if I am in error or not, and this can manifest in the form of people. 

The need to fly solo, and directly link with something, that makes people upset.  They smear it by saying “selfish, arrogant, etc.” they are wrong.  Selfishness and arrogance is when you act as if other people must obey you.  Acting as if nobody has the right to control your unfolding being, is the complete opposite of arrogance and selfishness.  It is belief in yourself, and self love. 

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