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Water is a metaphor, and is specifically water which is that which puts out fire....but of course, there is also firewater.  What is firewater? The human beings equivalent of drinking gasoline.  

The "fire demons", or ARCHONS, which have been written of 

The energy of the times is what it is, and there is a boundless imagination out there.  Externalizing this, is "no boundaries".....we are making a boundary.  

Bring a phone to our concert and a spotlight will shine on you and I will give a short speech about a phone that took it's slave for a walk, so that it could experience the higher mansion of experience.....the human is the camera of the phone.  Our band is excellent and nobody is going to succeed at changing my mind---because the attempt to bully me into doubting this has been a thing, go ahead with your "ego" accusation. 

On every page, I want to have brief reminders of certain things: my wife was not respected very much when she was suffering from breast cancer.  Why is this? The word cancer is a bridge to program an entire world of feelings, like REEL and REAL are the bridge so that the boundary between 2d and reality is confused.  Cancer is bad=empathy is bad.  

What a joke, that I would hear from people about "astrology is so stupid" if I talk about a zodiac archetype.....when people generally have no clue that the zodiac began on earth with natural ontology, and they are judging me from their extreme ignorance that upholds 

A proper symbol to represent the idea of Apollo and Dionysus is Pisces.....

There is a very good reason to reach for this goal, the state achieved where the poetic mind and the analytical cooperate, it is a balanced brain, really.  The "marriage of heaven and hell", or "Dionysus and Apollo" in balance, the beginning and the end. 

You may feel a bit de-fensive at my treatment of words, and would perhaps take a fence to me.  I tell you that the ears and the signal interpretation connected to auditory reception becomes repressed to give exclusivity to the the light interpreted by the eyes.  This is a biological and psychic mirror of the stark divisions between categories of humans we have seen, such as Cowboys and Indians.  Imagine one race to be eyes, the other ears.  Or even, eyes and ears.  Perhaps, it is only the person who can be a blend of the two, who is the expression of whole functioning.   

"I take offense to you, SIR!" 

"Is it to keep me in, or keep yourself in?"  Taking a fence to person, and caging THEM in, becomes only possible with mob hysteria that becomes organized, organized crime that is.  

Civilization is organized crime? No.  What appears to be civilization is organized crime, and it is primarily perpetrated by the self against fences, the fences of children are the first to go.   A person that is a creative, spontaneous and sexually attractive adult finds out that self-defense is responded to with a hysterical overreaction.  "Who do you think you are! You can't say no to me!" But they can say no to you, all they like.  People seem to believe that a boring, unpleasant looking adult is a superior to an exciting, charming and arousing adult.  Which one is really stuck in childhood and is requesting the other to remain there with him? Sometimes, it helps to have your projection beat the shit out of you.  "That was not a child, that was a leader of men!" 

"Only use Kung Fu in self-defense!" My fighting style, is Fukk Yu.  It is a unique style all my own.  


The eyes and ears are segregated, and no amount of politically correct evasiveness can hide a person whose perceptual functions are kept segregated.  There used to be a test in my school that "proved" a person was racist if offered categories to choose from if asked "Mark and Nancy vs. LeShawn and Shaniqua" if you assume LeShawn and Shaniqua are white, you are not racist, really good at ignoring reality and ready to eat your own shit while believing it to be a chocolate cupcake. 


Fukk Yu, they are not white, not black--more of an espresso color. People of color, nice try.  You have to have a rich character to be considered colorful.  Either white or black is a two dimensional polar choice. Oh, and you might want to start calling plurality of me "they", because I have become aware of prior lifetimes, I am a known entity---I think this has been anticipated somewhat.  "They". Where did Brian and Pete go? They are the same guy, but different people.  They went to acquire some pistols and machine guns...and guitars.  


The beginng and the end is found in words, broken down and interpreted for the ingredients that make them.  Nobody can tell you that an apple pie placed before you, which is actually full of beef and gravy, is actually an apple pie if you know what the ingredients are, and the difference between an apple and ground hamburger.   Alas, people seem to be unable to notice the equivalent of this within language.  

"May I see your pen, please?" 

"Sure, go ahead" hands her a pen, and she accepts it...trying to hide her disappointment that the man was too dense to know what a pen is.  She will travel to pen island one day, for it is at pen island that the great Pen, who is one with Us, the Great Pen, US."


Sheep Pen, US.....their fenses are down, our fenses contain them.




 They never tell you that sex is six, involving all the sensations of the external....a full sixual experience....why two dimension porn ....why attacking sex from religion.

SEX is the entire experience of the Self in the physical world.  The SELF is seven.  First, externalize the SELF as a Sun god.  Then, make the Sun God abstract....and exhale or exile from this world.  Anus.  Greek/Latin version of Anu, the "Sky Father".  

SEX is all that we have left, and Latin was the origin of Christian preaching.  Sex in Latin is SIX.  SEX is wrong, keep saying the Roman Catholics.  

NO SIX NO SIX NO SIX until marriage.  That is because when you halve sex, you are 3.  Three and Three become SEX.  To halve SEX, could also leave you 1.5, are not SIX, and Seven is become THE ONE. 

God is #1, "literally"...the ONE.  Not the two, but the ONE.  

Five to one, baby=6 then one and five.  

51 ---1.5. Five to one, is the world without the Spear's penetration.  There is another self, who gets his...and they both come at it.....mirrors. 

Organic reality has this time scheduled as a "great unmasking" a time of revelation, of remembering ourselves, and awakening to the truth about our situation, our history, our destiny, our potential; a context for the nonsense we are experiencing about masks, a subject not to be handled one-dimensionally.

Remembering is kind of like being your own Frankenstein....but with the missing pieces of your mind, not others body parts.  


This should be a time of dimensional expansion.  A door to a higher octave is opening and accessible to whoever is equipped for that route by tuning themselves to be in harmony and accord with it, which is also to have discord with a downgrading option, there is no maybe, it's either one or the other.  Not being on the same trip as a lot of people isn't as bad as it might seem, a tuned and well seasoned Bandwidth isn't doing the same show with Aton's Atonal Simphony Sideshow. 


The offerings and the choice are equals in their own way, and yet not to be reconciled because of an equal potency. The paths are non-complementary, and life cannot be death, and vice versa. Organic and spiritual or a machine with no soul? 


The regressions are equal in their intensity to the enlarging and evolving spiral, equal does not mean shared experience in space and time.  Truth and Falsehood are not to be finding a middle ground for "equality's" sake, or going to live in the same neighborhood.  Choose one, and not the other. That is the meaning of equality, a paradox that breaks the minds of those who want "both at the same time" equality.....and become lost, befuddled. Right and Wrong, Health and Sickness--when Wrong is allowed to mix with Right, everything suffers and one of them must triumph, eventually..  


This is a time of forking paths, where the lower way leads to a lesser dimension--there is no neutral anymore, we are either upgrading or degrading...and one path goes down, down, the second dimension, the realm of images and flat digital reproductions of the reality, the analog and allegory, the shapely, unfolding world.  Shadows are the lesser dimension of their sources; they have their masters, mother stars..


..photographs and other taken images can never sustain independence from the unfolding being they are like the snakesheds of. Images are worn masks, ....shadows, film and sheds left behind their makers' journey. 


Eternity and time and space are the infinite album always playing live while being recorded.  The masks of things are emanations, rather than nations unto themselves. 

We're all rather sick of masks, aren't we? Isn't that ironic? We are sick....of masks. I am predicting that once we don't have to wear masks to go into a grocery store anymore, there will be this great sense of relief. like "The Great Unmasking" has finally happened and it's a rather clever tactic against the more important unmasking of unsustainable illusions, isn't it?     I am not fooled, I can see through it.... and we aren't stopping the Unmasking and Learning Evolution Experience for this attempt at neutralizaling our evolution.  

Another mask to contend with is a category of image worship: "masc-identified", a new phrase to define masculine as something to identify with instead of being Brian. (Oh god, shut up with the "privilege" stuff, nobody gave me, I HAVE-rights rather than "privileges" that parents can take away when we get grounded ---as if being grounded is a bad thing).  


"Hi, I'm Brian" That pretty much sums up "how I identify". Although, in Utopia you always have to show identification everywhere all the time.  Boy, sure sounds like MASK-identified, huh? 

"I am Brian" That is my answer to the the idenity crisis, in other memories of myself and meaning interpreted from my experiences are closest I come to "identifying".  It's not very Zen to be so identical all the time. 

For those involved with revolution, revolution is most strongly experienced farthest from the center of things, farthest from the eye of a storm. If a person is at their is the the external experience that makes a Thou to converse with any I of the Storm. The private and public intersection, revolutions spin 'round the central hub.  The center of the Universe is everywhere an Individual is a Star. There are as many Universes as there are Individuals....this is the meaning of Multiverse.  


Revolution! Whatever. Revolution is what clocks are good at, and if people haven't figured it out a culture measured by clocks, which are the counters of seconds, minutes, and hours......a "counter-culture revolution" happens every 12 hours.  The Second is Always Coming. The second dimension of a clock face, measuring and RULING our lives, is the second-dimension's occupation of a higher dimension when it is obeyed, and there are far superior ways to measure time than having more love for the circles than the spheres. Who knew revolution was so close and so boring as a clock? People who aren't easily hypnotized. 

Revolution. How exciting. 


At the forefront of what was known as a"counter-culture" revolution, in a position to model "cool and uncool" for so many, was the "Rock Star" personality. "Please Police Me Like I Police You", if not paying attention....phonetics can really get ya, and music is something I think we are mistakenly referring to as "entertainment".  


I have heard them in Hollywood, singing "Imagine" and now...the message is too obvious, and can't be ignored. John Lenin's voice still hearkens from his junkie dreaming, "Imagine no possessions". I'm sure it seemed really profound to think about in his own life, for himself? hey! and....What if my cat could talk and spy on people for me? Whaaaoooaaaa.  Dude. 

















"Nothing to kill or die for" (life is something we have to die for, BTW)

He was singing about being high as a giraffe's balls on dope, and people took it literally, as being about Communism.  "He's not the only one", he means that there are lots of junkies in the entertainment biz. Now it comes off like you can really make something sound like a great idea with good music, and "Imagine" was meant to be a warning. If the lyrics are not beautiful when standing all by themselves....don't invite them, that's what I think.  It's not a safe idea to write a song about Communism just to demonstrate to people that hideous words can sound heavenly with a great voice and artful tunes.  People take things literally, though.  

"My God, what have I done!" that's what he said at his own funeral being a ghost that could suddenly see way down the timeline. 

Influential Rock Star! As far as I can tell, it is mostly still not registering with people.  It is simply amazing that such a colossal hint given as Empty V's (Mtv) "Moon Man" image wasn't enough to make it all too obvious just what a Rock Star really is; which also confirms the joke has been known to industry insiders the for a long time, and confirms that this is far from just my speculative interest and creative linking.  

Things have gone far enough for people to not have noticed just what a Rock Star actually is. This is one of those things demonstrating just how close to the natural world we really are, yet under a spell that is only meant to be broken. It takes an enormous amount of energy to sustain interest in an illusion, like a shadow pretending to not know its master.....and how close we are to recognizing how something, is a hair's breadth....yet, people are allowing being taken for images into Flatland. 

Hey, that guys a Rock Star. Whoopee.  I would prefer that people actually knew what a Rock Star really was, and do my part to make sure that music elevates itself to a link between the cosmos and our Earthly existence.  

The Full Moon is a Rock Star, because once every lunation cycle, the light of the Moon is the precise nocturnal twin of the Daystar.  Ancients even referred to the Moon as the "Night Sun", and if the daytime Sun is a star, as we all know, then the Night Sun also gets to be a star.  Of course, we know that the Moon is a Rock that....Rolls across the sky.  

During a 28 day lunation cycle, the 15th day is officially the Full Moon (with a couple days on either side of it joining the party). For roughly five days of each 28 day lunation we see this Rock Star rolling across our sky.  Five days to one Moonth, a Rock Star manifests as the Sun's twin and reflection....often not making it past 27 (which is actually day 28, counting 0 as day 1).  Quite a bit of mythology has arisen out of this kind of thing, and there is nothing new under either the Moon, or the Sun.  I prefer not to attribute too much of what happens to any person or groups' activities, as it gives too much power that they simply don't have.....because symbols, archetypes, and all that belongs to Logos ARE interwoven inextricably into the life and spirit of existence, and cannot be prevented from arising in certain ways from time to time.  Synchronicity should be normal. 


Often, it is a game of exiles from the center of Being to appear to take credit for what is often the workings of Mystery, and being unable to FEEL is the condition of exile.  Fearing is the wrong turn of Feeling.

Before we built our cities in such a way as to protect ourselves against experiencing too much nature and prioritizing an exploitative competition to hide from ourselves a nagging fear of our own smallness and incompleteness, we used to synch with nature enough to know her rhythyms within and without us, and they still persist without us. 

Specifically, the mathematical correspondence with the rhythyms of our bodies and those of nature were noticed by women. When living closer to nature, women used to experience their periods (also the !?) at the same time together and this time of the month would coincided with feminine religious rites, and during this time they let men know that they should go away unless they want to be ripped to pieces not just because of being so bitchy and irrational, but because it was fun. 


The notion that men would banish the women for "being unclean", is not entirely accurate..women generally didn't want men around and the men felt left out, and just eventually decided to call it uncleanness just to be petty. 


The five day period of the Night Sun's appearance was their Rock Star thing that probably involved entheogens and communal visions, and at least this communion was with nature.  


"Please police me, whoah yeah, like I police YOU!" wawh wawh wawh. I hate that song.  The Red Star deal has everything to do with this menstrual blood.  What's really amusing, is that the words minstrel and menstrual are nearly identical.  

Naturally, Five Days was easy to symbolize as a STAR shape, because it is FIVE.  

A Full Moon coincides with hysteria, especially when psylocybin is involved..Hysterical behavior became part of the legends of Dionysus being ripped to pieces by Maenads, which is easy to believe if ever having seen ancient footage of hysterical teenage girls nearly ready to immolate themselves like monks protesting against the British East India Company, because of being winked at Paul McCartney or maybe he has something in his eye. "He touched my HAND!" and then they pour kerosene on themselves and scream "the BEATLES!"  

A person is ripped to pieces by photographs and so many people's attention.  


There are 13 Rock Stars a year, and by now you may have noticed #13 has something to do with Moon stuff somehow.  

A twin of the Sun, for five days....symbolized by a five-pointed shape, A ROCK STAR, in more ways than one.  "Holy bananas, this whole time it was right in front of my face"

The part that really gets me is that STARS are used to manipulate people into going along with Communism and Socialism.  It's out in the open.  

The idea of a Red Star does not belong to a shitty political idea. Rock Star. 

Now that we understand a Rock Star is a Full Moon, we can proceed beyond literalism in our perception. 

"None but Bacchus, the Holy Guardian Angel, hath grace to be God to this riot of maniacs;  he alone can transform the disorderly rabble into a pageant of harmonious movements, tune their hyaena howls to the sympony of a paean, and their reasonless rage to self-controlled rapture. It is this Angel whose nature is doubly double, that He may partake of every sacrament.  He is at once a God who is drunken with the wine of the earth, and the mammal who quaffs the Blood of God to purge him of mortality. He is a woman as he accepts all impulses, are they not His? He is a man to stamp Himself upon whatever would hallow itself to Him."-Aleister Crowley

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