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The Rock Star

The term "Rock Star" is an interesting expression of consciousness, applied to the figure in mass culture who excites and arouses people's emotions, who lives out fantasies for others' vicarious experience, who often acts as a mirror of the society he lives in, and who can become the recipient of a nation's projections. Especially over 30 years ago. Everything is boring now. When I wrote the following, I was thinking about a past time period, these's not the same.

The life and function of a "Rock Star" parallels the Moon in a number of ways.

Get this: specifically one day of the 29.5 day new moon to full moon cycle is the one hundred percent full moon. That is the 15th day.

When the Moon is one hundred percent full, it is the twin complement to the Sun.

The sun and moon appear the same size in Earth’s sky because the sun’s diameter is about 400 times greater– but the sun is also about 400 times farther away. It's really amazing how this works out in a universe that materialists claim is random and meaningless.

Self-evidently, before the age of space exploration, many ancient peoples would refer to a Full Moon as a Night Sun, the Mother Sun complementing the Father Sun. Although, in Egypt, the Sun was Female, and the Moon was Osiris. Both orbs can be androgynous, feminine and masculine in relation to each other, depending on context.

The Night Sun is not a star, such as the Day Sun is a star, a globe of fire that produces its own light. The Night Sun does not generate its own light, but is a mirror and a screen for the light of the Day Sun. The Night Sun is made of ROCK. If the Night Sun is any kind of a STAR

It is a ROCK STAR.

In astrology, the Moon relates to emotions and the body. The element of water corresponds to emotions. The human body is mostly water. When a crowd of human bodies that are mostly water gather in front of a stage at a festival, it creates a temporary sea upon the land. The Rock Star affects this sea of bodies, and the Moon affects the tides.

Consider thousands of people jumping up and down, headbanging, moshing at the insistence of the Rock Star, who is sometimes drunk as hell.

At the time of the Full Moon, people tend to go nuts, it is a time of unrestrained emotion, hysteria. Consider the emotional hysteria that Rock Stars have been able to generate, Elvis for example.

Beauty often goes along with the Rock Star typology, the physically attractive are most likely to be recipients of projections, and become a screen that catches people's weirdness....parallel to the Full Moon catching the projections of the Sun. Although there are wonderful things that go with success, there is another side to the situation, it seems.

A beautiful face subconsciously reminds people of children, and people's often repressed and wounded inner children get drawn out by the pull of the Rock Star's presence, they can get projected upon the Rock Star, who gets tripped out. This is a huge reason why a Rock Star will become a drunken mess, which only encourages more projections of people's repressed inner child. "Immature, irresponsible, etc." Often the story is the same, it is part of the role....The Rock Star "doesn't know when to stop", in the same way a child can't be trusted with a dump truck full of candy and fireworks.. Inevitably, the Rock Star often has some really special experience of being an example to mass society of why its really a good idea to keep their inner child under control.

Like the phases of the Moon itself, it plays out over and over again. Full Moon, peak of the powers, then a gradual waning and "what happened? This album SUX!" (New Moon) and when people think it's over, there is a "comeback" another waxing.

Due to pulling the inner child out of people, which gets projected, the Rock Star/human theatre screen gets a huge amount of criticism. You ever hear "people who cannot create, become critics?"

The reason some people cannot create and criticize as compensation, is because of repressing and suppressing their inner child, that is all tangled up with pain and sexuality. When critics rip on the Rock Star, they are often laying a trip on their projected inner child, not realizing what they are actually doing to themselves at someone else's expense. The Critic secretly wants the Rock Star to behave like a child, the more the better. Get drunk and fuck up, make a shitty album. They punish their inner child that is projected on the Rock Star. As stated earlier, the Moon is the screen of the Sun's projections.

Sometimes, what drives the "Critic" is specifically the discomfort with their own sexuality, and they want to punish somebody for it as a sublimated form of release, most likely the one arousing something they don't want to admit to, let alone act on. Sometimes the critic can even be the drummer that is in the same band as the star artist they are ripping on, rather than someone who just works for a magazine, who then becomes a source of laughter to outside observers.

When a person is uncomfortable with a part of themselves, they spilt off from it, disown it...and that is why the projecting occurs, it is impossible to just bury something. When a person is projecting something onto the Rock Star, something that needs to be corrected, shamed, or whatever it may be, they get to feel like "Father", sort of. Astrologically, religiously, psychologically, the Sun has always been tied up with the concept of "Father".

When somebody takes the heroic route and does something wonderful with their creativity through owning and channeling the wholenss of themselves, and gets attention for it, they inevitably invite patronization from broken types who want to create a "parent to child" dynamic with the celebrated artist, wanting to use that person to give themselves a sign that they really grew into an adult rather than being in a state of arrested development, to unconsciously re-enact their unfaced childhood wounding as their futile and transparent attempt to recognize the original situation being reflected in the moment, and also to cover up their cowardice with "you're lost without my advice" ridiculousness. It is the Rock Star's job to say "you just act like this because your Uncle used to touch your weener on your birthday".

In ancient Babylon, the name of the Moon God was Sin. Rock Stars (in the "golden Age"), were required to knock over tables in restaurants, throw up in hotel lobbies, set things on fire, and do it to your mom and girlfriend at the same time as part of their job description, to sin....act like LUNA-tics.

This is what happens when people regard eternal archetypes as "wrong", and bury them...if you bury something, it will surface in another form. Same goes for reverence of the stars, back in the day. Human beings are "the stars" now, the ones above (and within us) aren't noticed and revered, due to the city lights. The manifestation of "stars" can be controlled by the CIA. The Stars in Space cannot be controlled by the CIA. We should acknowledge them. Elektra is a star in the Plieades, and also a record company. I regard the Sun as a conscious Being, which implies that all stars could be conscious Beings. I don't want to talk about the weather and football scores, I don't fit in.

The Concept of Sin and 666 often go together, 666 relates to the Moon as well. The diameter of the Moon is approx. 2,160 miles (specifically 2,159.2). Encoded in the diameter of the Moon is 666, because 6x6x6=216. In numerology, adding or subtracting a zero to a number does nothing to the QUALITY of the number, so 216 or 2160...same thing. 666 is often a reference to the Moon, in this means nothing "evil", 666 is a number code found in nature frequently. In one of those "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movies, Captain Jack Sparrow asks for 216 barrels of rum. Now you know why.

The real "sin", and "lunacy" in 666 is this, to be so enamored with the "external experience" that you lose the relationship with yourself. 666, being the number of the beast, is that person who is obsessed with external heroes and saviors to the point that of not seeing solutions starting with themselves. The Beast cries out for Authority to do something.

There are 6 coordinates of the external world, from the point of view of the observer. Above, Below, North, East, West, and South. Seven is the coordinate of the observer. 777. Don't allow anyone to live for you as a saviour, don't "cast out demons" onto a societal scapegoat.

The best artists get destroyed by the unhealed collective psyche, they are a signpost. The Moon is a mirror, A Rock Star is holding up a mirror to society. If he is always stoned in public, think about that in the Biblical sense. Also relating to trying to fix the world with political action, the revolution has to happen within, if it doesn't people are trying to fix hallucinations that stand in the way of REALITY.

What a show. If most people were interested in psychology, everything would be different.

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