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The Original Iron Man

I had to do this for the sake of Irony. Get it? In this age of dissociation, people go to great trouble to arrive at notions that are, at their core, meant to cover the view of the core is that for irony? That core is where the inner child is...the one that is still projecting from the past into the present moment. That inner child wants to project an abusive father figure onto strangers, which is part of the process of protecting the actual abuser. Being too chicken to face what actually happened to you, is a choice to be cowardly.

There is much hair splitting regarding the difference between "Male and Female", some want to say "there is no difference, and that gender is a social constuct"...and simultaneoulsy, claim that men are bad and women are better...which requires men to be different, because if we are all the same...then "men are bad" means that women are too, because equality.

The best way to erase discrimination, is to lump everyone together into broad categories...which always leads to categorizing everyone you meet based upon stereotypes.

What is the difference between male and female? Well, usually people don't bother to think about the words themselves, which are interesting. First, like the words Heaven and Hell, Female and Male are 6 and 4 letter words, they add to TEN---the number of completion....but more interesting than the Fe---IRON is the difference between Male and Female, so obviously, a fetus becomes female when the mother eats MORE SPINACH, which is where Fe (Iron) comes from .

Also, the Fe-Male---is MAGNETIC more than the MALE, Iron and Nickel are the two metals that magnets are typically made of.

Fe (Iron) Male----

FEMALE, is interchangeable with IRON MALE...and MALE is sometimes, but not usually today, associated with MAN. (The majority of males today do not believe in rebellion against enslavement, or being willing to be unpopular for sticking up for the truth---they do not qualify as MEN).


Females are the more IRONic.

Notice that the element of IRON is #26, by the way.

26 letters of the English Alphabet.

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