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Shame Rock partuan

The hollow grams for the zombies are coming, and perhaps I am not even supposed to be here. That's how I have been treated my whole life, anyway. Who are you? Just kidding, go away.

Which way? Don't get smart with me! So, I had to leave stupid behind. I have the soul of a Poet, and what that means to me is going to be not what anybody would write in this blank space


Nerd? No, quite the opposite. Gay? No, I'm miserable. Pretension? I like that word, just before the tension, was his pretension. Thanks for marshing my hello...I mean harshing my mallow. The pretension is often in the person who can point out to you a need for a tension. "You just want a tension!" I was hoping to not be vulnerable to assassins anymore, by raising my status to the level of my standards, but just like Amy Winehouse, I want as much tension as I can get so I have an excuse to make my existence a death for the sake of entertainment, rather than the celebration of the soul overcoming the pain by singing my own song. Now, you know what an interview is.....people want to watch the placing of a corpse in the tomb, after watching her be tortured and shamed for exposing the reality of their "entertainment", that a great singer is full of pain, it is a way of dealing with pain, by adding beauty to the world.....and people will miss the point of the degradation......that it is their reflection. A poet needs to enter the situation.

Twat? I wasn't listening, either. Poor? No, the millionaires envy me, they want my gold.....and this is worth a novel, as I have proven beyond doubt (which means that I don't give a shit about doubt, I know the truth), that money is simply emotional energy externalized as rectangular art prints, think of how much the originals must be!! These art prints are worth certain amounts, because they are portraits of The Gods of the White Hills, which used to be the Black Hills. Have you seen the Headstones? They are on Mount Rushmore, which is to refer to how much of a hurry they must be in. What amount do you have? "A" at the beginning of a word seems to suggest the negation of the concept following, such as "amoral" or "ageneration"...."he was the voice of ageneration, and a real degenerate at that". So, when your (my) dada says that I'll never amount to nothin'....this must certainly mean that I will mount a lot of something, that's for sure. The more you mount, you are a Mountain, and so we have Mt. Rushmore tricking people into wanting to make sure that they amount themselves.

I have the soul of a Poet, and I big P on that oet, to emphasize that a Poet is worthy of being King of the world, and the world that I experience just so happens to have me surrected as I selected that this would be the case for freedom. As you have witnessed, there are some heavy duty games going on with words that get us to enslave ourselves, and I prefer to believe that our language has come to be as it is, with the way that we use it awkwardly, is a mirror of our psychology. It takes a Poet to point the way to Freedom, and it takes a Poet to walk through the door and wonder why the hell everybody else stayed on the other side of it and then started impersonating him, in a way that wants to suggest that he was very gifted, but a goofy dumb clown, and because he was so gifted, the gifts he left for everyone are always there to remind people that "God uses fools"....and so confident are people that the death of the body is the end of existence, it becomes really necessary to go out of their way to insult the memory of a man who sacrificed his life to give his gifts to society, as if they doubt this and need to prove it by insulting someone so harshly that, surely......he'll have to come and beat the shit out of us......nope, still dead. The Grateful Dead, and the Ungrateful Living.

I have daydreamed about being in a college situation, just so I can do my semester project "The Case For Freedom"....and I would walk up to the front of the class and open a case, and proceed to pull out the woodcarved letters F-R-E-E-D-O-M, and set them up on the podium. Then, I would hold aloft the case for FREEDOM, which has inside the styrofoam cutouts of each letter place.... where some are lower case....on the bottom half, and some are upper case, on the upper half. Then, I would pass it around, so everyone could get to see the case for freedom, and not get it and need it to be explained.

"I don't get it?" Of course, because people that don't get it are really spiritual, and do you know why? They are only thinking positive thoughts, and this is like a baseball team where all the people in the outfield are standing with bats instead of gloves, so they could be protected from getting mentally ill. "I don't want to catch anything", they'll maybe say.

The dumbest situation a poet could be in, is college....this is where you go to get a head in life, and people probably mean "where you go to get head in life", because telling someone that they need to get a head in life, is a wonderful example of how people are only caught in a matrix because of the idiotic way that we use language, which is the failure to recognize that, if thoughts are things....words are entities unto themselves, which we use to create our realities.

If I have made myself clear, good. If I wanted to be less clear, I could declarify that with a Declaration of Independence. I want to make it abundantly not clear, that you are Independence to a peace.....of paper.

If I want to fix what is unclear, the suggestion of the nuclear might make things weird. Although, Scientology needs the Clear, not Nuclear. Also, we want traditional metal, Nu Metal is the Nu Clear of...Metal.

---Uncle Ear

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