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Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Saturn is getting pretty close to Pluto now, a very intense alignment that is going to be influencing things for a couple of years. These two “heaviest” of planets are in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, which is Saturn’s home turf. Capricorn and its ruling planet, Saturn, correspond with foundations, organizations, superiors, ambition, the establishment, and structure. When Pluto “the destroyer” gets involved, the foundations of things are going to get a disruptively karmic overhaul, both on the personal level and on the larger scale. This will be a transformative and potentially destructive period.

This is a really good time to make boundaries with people who are avoiding authentic self-work, as people who avoid self-work tend to shadow project on those aligned with truth, and align with others who reinforce their facades. This is a time when people on the path of Knowledge/Love/Truth need to bow out and protect themselves, diligently focus on personal karmic issues, or "Get yourself right with God", to use a traditional way of speaking about this.

People who avoid self-work, tend to make enemies of the very people that have what they lack, such as the capacity, arising from COURAGE, to reflect, integrate and evolve. People who are on the authentic path of truth and knowledge, if mixing with the wrong company, may find themselves in the crosshairs of stuff they don't deserve during this period, especially closest to the time when the conjunction goes exact. Make your own space, and know that when a karmic time approaches, people are going to get what is coming to them. Situations are going to take care of themselves. On the other hand, perhaps this is the best time to tap over that first domino.

You reap what you sow. If you sow good things, then good. I see January 12th, 2020 as a kind of Judgment Day approaching. There are probably people in your life that you could think of, that skip through life, seeking episodic pleasures and constantly trying to stay a step ahead of themselves...and I can guarantee, this transit is going to be hard on those types. What this means, is that this is a time to deal with our own stuff and not worry about going after anyone, the situation is going to take care of itself? Somebody burned you and never made up for it? People who avoid their shadows, are going to be forced to experience them.

We are living in a time when we will all be experiencing situations meant to call forth what we really need to face up to the most, and then become lighter. Answer the call.....

A person who is on the authentic path is not responsible for being anyone's safety net, that are engaging in avoidance behavior. Life provides us all with opportunities for "answering the call", and if someone refuses to speak to the voice within...they have made a choice.

We live in a "victim culture", and I don't believe it, especially as it avoids the real victims in society, namely children.

Pluto with Saturn in Capricorn can manifest as violent totalitarian tendencies, not just from institutions, but from people in general, such as all these fashionably “rebellious” fanatical activist types wanting to control everyone around them in the name of "liberation"....mainly people that are avoiding authentic Self-work. People who cannot control themselves, want to control you, and renounce self-responsibility to greater controllers. What a mess.

We will be seeing intensifying activity in the areas of established authority and it minions, which has to do with the general undermining and re-configuring of Western Civilization. As I write, Saturn is within 3 degrees of Pluto, which will be conjunct on January 12th, 2020. That will be an interesting day, when also the Sun and Mercury will conjoin with Saturn and Pluto for a very profound dose of the Capricornian archetype dropped into the collective eyeball. The stellium of Pan.

There will be upheaval due to this alignment, certainly. Pan-demonium. All it takes to trigger cataclysmic mass hysteria and upheaval is for Donald Trump to be running again in 2020, this absolutely guarantees that hordes of people who are out hating against hate, discrimination and inequality will be causing mayhem in the streets and all over social media to protest the people they hate, because people who disagree with them about "equality" (antonym of diversity) are lesser beings who need to be singled out for persecution in the name of tolerance, etc..

Naturally, this kind of inevitable mob craziness could spur the violent response of governmental authority in the form of police, perfectly coinciding with the Saturn/Pluto correspondences. Pluto signifies collective mass movements, along with Saturn, the “authority”…it may be that the “authority” even guides the “tell me something and I’ll believe it” masses, which correspond to the sign of Cancer, the complementary opposite sign of Capricorn. The TV will tll them who their enemy is, always something that polarizes people into fighting over various distraction issues.

I’m looking forward to making jokes about hindsight being 2020, especially if it’s a year that hits people upside the head and leaves them dazed and confused. “Authority” WILL guide the masses of those who want to be led away from sovereignty, it’s not a maybe situation.

It seems like a sobering and unnerving time is on the horizon, but there is entertainment value to be extracted. The activities of people that are ostensibly for equality, who are ironically being piloted by what they are against, is interesting phenomena to observe, to say the least…Equality! with the exception of those authority, of course. Authority still gets to be superior to and exempt from all this so-called "equality", but the proles will be legally equal, because equality will be mandatory and if you don’t like equality, you aren’t even a real person and off to the gulag with YOU! A projected situation. Honestly, authoritarians talking of equality. The concept of equality REQUIRES that everyone is equal, which means...there is no "responsible authority". The presence of governmental authority is precisely UNEQUAL.

This winter will be the focal point of this conjunction, it will be a great time to see everyday totalitarians being steered by the image of the person they "really don’t like", as they loudly proclaim, that lives inside their head because that person is really all they can think about, their "enemy" that they are secretly in love with, because that person provides the opportunity to be a "victim", and victim is a synonym for a narcissist...both never do anything wrong, or are accountable for their actions....

Social upheaval will happen, absolutely. The last time Pluto moved through Capricorn, America was founded, we’ve come full circle…perhaps America is the span of one revolution of Pluto. America has been turned inside out and is now its anagram, "I camera"….which is the same thing as "I phone".

By now you may have noticed that there are certain interests and groups that want a revolution in American government, so that it will be absorbed into the Global Village (ant colony) and whoever is against that is “old-fashioned”. By the way, the word "government" actually means “to steer the mind” from Latin “gubernare” and “mente” meaning mind. A revolution in the manner of steering the mind. If that is what government is, there are a lot of backseat drivers in this in-car Nation, and the conjunction is going to make it a crazy ride for them. Not even backseat drivers, just passengers in the backseat. Does that mean that the chauffeur is a slave driver? The car is a vehicle for the driver, the body is a vehicle for the Being that inhabits it, which shouldn’t be in the backseat making requests about if it can stop and go to the bathroom at the next stop. To steer the mind, may also translate as to turn the mind into a steer, as in a herd animal. Beers, steers, and fears. Now I'm being facetious.

Along with the intensification of the Pluto/Saturn conjunction, there will also be a lot of backlash against rampant collectivism from individuals who understand that there is no such thing as a collective, because a collective is comprised of individuals, and only individuals can have rights. A collective of people only has as much rights as the individual. A collective is an abstraction from reality and a phantom pursued by those looking outside of themselves to find their center, in the form of whatever Pied Piper it happens to be....demanding that you look away from your own soul, to be immersed in the phantasmagoria.

For the time being, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde, Saturn goes direct September 18, and shortly afterwards, Pluto will be going direct October 2nd, so by early October these forces will become much more noticeable, perhaps we are in a calm before the storm.

That last time Pluto was conjunct Saturn was in 1982, on Nov. 7th in the sign of Libra, there was an economic depression at this time. If hard times are coming, don’t decide to take out a huge bank loan! Don't choose this time to start a new restaurant on a fault line!

“Two awards for bravery in war” is the Sabian image associated with the 23rd degree of Capricorn that the stellium of the Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto mostly happens in, which seems to signify…a war. Wherever lots of unhinged people are gathered, don’t go there. Stay home, free yourself from the inside. The only revolution that matters is the one that takes place on the inside.

With so much Capricorn energy on January 12th 2020, I predict deliberately symbolic events will happen that those with eyes to see will be able to associate with the Devil Card of the Tarot, which corresponds to Capricorn. Bacchus and Pan are mythic figures associated with Capricorn, perhaps we will see a peaking intoxicating, hedonistic Pan-demonium, a Bacchanalian frenzy. Maybe Bono himself will be televised appearing as a horned Bacchus and will sing for the world on top of a big black cube, which is a symbol to represent Saturn, to impress his cohorts.

Watch for the black cubes. Another symbol of Saturn is X. Watch for the use of the X, for sure. The Kaaba stone of Mecca is a black cube, Islam is symbolically about Saturn worship when you boil it down, oh...and so is Statism. Expect Islam related shenanigans with this transit.

The “Black Diamond” is also a symbol of Capricorn, and also my favorite song by KISS.

do an archeological dig within oneself, it is a great time to unearth long buried things that have been subconsciously directing behavior...things that once discovered and integrated, won’t have to manifest externally as fate. The more inner work of this sort that people do, the less trouble will manifest in the outer world.

Opting out of the Shadow Work will result in highly unpleasant surprises at this time. It’s about as optional as “sure you can do whatever, but I’ll kick your ass if you don’t do what I tell you”.

Stay determined, find courage in the face of darkness and danger. This transit can give intense focus and discipline, and bring the wisdom that comes from experience. Reading psychology books by Alice Miller is a great way to sidestep the need for experiencing crazy stuff, I’d like to add. This is a great time to be into psychology, repair the holes in the psyche, by all means. .

Saturn is a taskmaster, Pluto is deadly. Imagine someone telling you what to do, or they’ll kill you. Instead of that manifesting externally, tell yourself what to do, with threats that you’ll kill yourself if you don’t. That will get your ass in gear. Actually, that's not the best yourself during this crucial time.

Don’t take any guff from this Saturn/Pluto thing. It’s a scary one, no doubt, although potentially very rewarding. If you have good karma, sudden amazing turning points could occur.

One last thing, shortly after the last Pluto-Saturn conjunction, Kilauea in Hawaii starting erupting, ceaselessly. This conjunction is happening in the sign of Capricorn. Upheaval, in EARTH. I wouldn’t be surprised at the occurrence earthquakes. I wouldn't be surprised one little bit.

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