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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

So, this is my explanation of the phrase "Rael to Real"

That phrase "Rael to Real" came to me after the original domain, was chosen, and I'm just going to keep it that way! I like the phrase "Real To Reel", it's interesting that "real" and "reel" are homophones (words sounding the same, but spelled differently and with different meanings), this seems to imply that what is REAL has something to do with what is REEL. This is quite profound, for reasons I will get to. "Rael to Real" is inspired by that phrase, and in its own way, also refers to reality having something to do with a film reel. So what is "Rael to Real" supposed to mean?

This has nothing to do with the Raelians suicide cult, by the way. I suppose that people searching that will find my site?

There is an obscure book called "The Language Crystal" by Lawrence William Lyons, in which he states that the word "Israel" can be considered a question. "Israel" apparently means "a struggle with God" in Hebrew, and he found that this struggle to be described in the very word "Israel" itself, which can be considered three words put together. According to Lyons, "Israel" can be read "Is Ra, El?" (That a guy named Lyons provided inspiration for the theme of, is merely synchronistic)

What the question "Is Ra, El?" means, according to Lyons, is this: "Is the external light equal to the light within?" Ra, designated to represent the external light, is the name of the Egyptian solar deity. El, designated to represent the inner light, is the Semitic "One God". Is Ra, El? Is the light within, equal to the external light? If the answer is yes, we are all "Suns of God", are we not? Are we not then born to be free, to be sovereign, self-owning Individuals with no need for any intermediary to "God", erroneously conceived as distant and above us?

Lyons notes that the word "Ra" in Hebrew, means "evil". The dual appearance of "Ra" in desert languages seems to be telling us, that if the external Sun is not equalized by the inner Sun, the external Sun can will become a tyrant. "Is Ra, El?" If the answer is yes, that means our inner reality is interlinked with the external experience, ending the illusion of separation, which illegitimate authoritarian dynamics are rooted in.

RA EL To REAL. RA, the external light intertwines with El, the inner light, and REAL., There you have it, "Rael to Real".

The name El, the designated inner Sun, appears in our alphabet as the letter L, the 12th letter. This lends a kind of synchronistic support to the concept of El as the "light within", considering the human brain has 12 cranial nerves, for example. The brain is an example of "light within" that is 12. Fascinating.

I believe that astrology also operates on a "the outer and inner reflect each other" principle, the 12 signs of the zodiac are within us, were originally projected on the heavens by collective human consciousness. Our "inner Sun" is projecting these 12 functions of consciousness, at the same time the external Sun passes through 12 signs during the course of the year.

Astrology works due to psychic interlinking, RA and EL, become REAL. The inner Sun is 13, in relation to the 12. This probably has something to do with how 13 has somehow been made into an "unlucky" number. The external Sun is also a 13, 1 amongst the 12 houses visited during his "persistent traveling on the Highways of Heaven". 13 and 13 are 26, the same number of letters in our alphabet! EL is the 12th letter. According to Lyons, R, the 18th letter is Ra's place in the alphabet. 12 and 18, add to 30. 12 is the age that the Sun/Son of God began to teach. 18 was the number of years spent in mystical study somewhere. 30 was the age he returned to spread his message, until 33. R-L are definitely a duality, two parts of a whole, right and left. 12 is 6+6, 66 is our most famous American HWY. 18 is 6+6+6, 666 (Ra is "evil" in Hebrew) The external light, on its own, is 666? Keep in mind, the Earth is traveling around the Sun at a mean velocity of 66,600 mph, or 666 hundred mph. And that's not all....far from it.

I find it very fascinating that Route 66 is exactly what it is, a wonderful HWY experience, a road of revelations, I know this from experience...the desert especially. 6+6 are a pair of dice, which sounds like paradise, (there is much fun to be had with this concept). Gamble with your revelation on Route 66...the normal world is full of distractions from inwardness, and there is nothing like a long stretch of desert HWY to bring the deep things inside a person into conscious awareness. On 66 driving through the vastness, thoughts seem punctuated by ravens.

Astrology recognizes the inner Sun, and validates the idea of an inner reality being equal to external. Not surprisingly the art and science has been taboo, and is still openly mocked, due to misunderstanding of its operation, including by many astrologers themselves. Religion has long wanted us to make sure our "Sun/Son of God" is external to us (even when Jesus in your heart, he is still external?), and science (more specifically the religion of materialism, known as Scientism) says that there is no inner Self, you are a soulless biological computer experiencing the illusion of consciousness as a byproduct of chemical interactions and the firing of electrical signals. Mainstream science says you don't exist, external material reality is IT, meaning is therefore only derived via the presence of the "external light" (a distant authority).

Materialism has been blown to smithereens many, many times over, but since rigid hierarchical structures depend on Mass belief in their legitimacy, the answer to "Is Ra, El?" must be always be NO. The answer is YES. Reality IS created by consciousness in the aggregate, so what happens when there is widespread acceptance of YES! being the answer to IS RA, EL? And our world is full of distractions to keep us looking outside, constant drama, constant noise.

RAEL to REAL. Freedom is Real, we are all Suns of God, if we only realize it. When Ra and El are intertwined, each Individual's experience of reality is a bridging of within and without, materialism and atheism are incinerated. Carl Jung wrote that the inner world of the psyche is intertwined with our shared external reality, lending explanation to phenomena called "synchronicity". Synchronicity, for those new to the concept, is the occasion when external events seem to mirror the Individual's process in deeply meaningful ways, too amazing to disregard. They are often triggered in periods of intense change, crisis and other high-energy situations that are able to provoke the depths of the psyche. I have had my fair share of them, it's been brutal.

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