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Racial Fluidity

I think it is time for this to be a thing, because if gender fluidity means that your gender is determined by "feelings" than what if you feel like another racial category?

By the way, I must now take the opportunity to communicate what is likely to be a first time encounter with these ideas, the uniqueness will not stop people from attempting to bully me into doubting that I am intelligent and am qualified to be the captain of my own ship.

"You obviously read some books and just regurgitate what you read" and of course, that person can never tell me what books those were, and runs away at the question. Dumbass.

What is an Indian, and what is a Native American? These are the categories you must fight over!

Whatever, says the Sioux. "Native American" implies that invaders pointed out to the defeated that they didn't realize they were Americans all the while. Indian, is actually a very interesting term...and I have not heard anyone take this position until I thought of it, which certainly demonstrates that I can regurgitate other people's get attention, of course.

George Carlin once remarked that Indian comes from Columbus saying they were "En Dios" God, Indian means to be in God, and so it is a compliment. "En Dios Confiamos", "In God We Trust"......hmmm.....something went wrong somewhere. George, you paved the way for my insight, so I thank you but you were not correct about what Indian actually means, and it arrived in my mind by the same route which got me realizing that Libras are books for girls, or perhaps Poets that girls are crazy for. In Spanish, Libros are books and, so.....the Spanish seem to think that books are masculine....which is true, in the sense of being aware of what masculine and feminine actually is. Consider that the book is masculine, and the reader is feminine. This is true, you are allowing your mind to be penetrated by the words carried on light rays through your eyes, which are a couple of vaginas on your face in case anyone was wanting to realize that visual perception is as erotic as the intercourse of flesh, and just as is obscene to expose the intimacy between the object and subject to is private. It is sacRED. The Libros make love to the Libras, it makes a lot of sense.

Now apply this to En Dios. Indian is not from Dios, but Dias......the feminine counterpart of Dios, and who is the feminine counterpart of God?

The Goddess. Calling them Indians, is referring to the native people of America, a the children of the Goddess, it is not Americo, but America. (The mainstream claim is that "America" comes from Amerigo.....Vespucci. Do you see, the "a" rather than the "o" Amerigo? Ameriga! America. America is a Goddess, the Indians are En Dias, rather than En Dios.

En DIOS Confiamos, rather than En DIAS confiamos. The two are meant to come together, even on the primitive level, simultaneous orgasms of the circle and the square.

A little digression, it really annoys me anytime that people have to say "wanting attention" about anything I do. What they are actually implying, and this "getting attention" happens by being able to regurgitate books I have obviously read, for the goal of "getting attention for being smart". Okay, whatever Hector would like me to divert my course to deal with you and make you the object of my attention, and I know that this attempting to bully me into submission, to bully me into believing I have low self-esteem and desire recognition and attention to escape from my "inferiority", is just you...buddy, looking to me as a surrogate father that can give you the attention for being a significant. I understand that the accusation of wanting attention, by being able to mimic or regurgitate others ideas, is trying to tell me that I am actually not communicating anything of substance, what I say means nothing. Well, it means nothing to a person incapable of understanding what I'm talking about.....

I am going to have to "regurgitate" this again and again, and I certainly would like to vomit on people who piss me off: instead of envying others, you could be inspired by them and engage your True Will. A person who is fueled by the need for attention, is a person who is unitiated into the Mysteries of Life and Death, and I am experienced and have been initiated, and have paid a very high price for that knowledge. There is no gift given to a person that doesn't come with a price, and all the bullshit that I have been through that I am writing about in consecutive blogs, the ordeal with my wife and cancer.......has all the while been recognized as another initiation, and the price has been paid for the level of knowledge that has been recieved, and what that means is......those who fooled themselves into believing that they were preventing us from achieving goals that are envied by those who insisted on adding as much trouble as they could to my wife's battle with cancer, did not block us.....just wanted to let you know that we are eternal champions, and remain as yet, undefeated...and have never surrendered.

This little digression, is relevant to the topic at hand, because the Indians were being slaughtered and humiliated by those who envied them. What is the meaning of the Seventh Cavalry shooting entire herds of wild horses? The sight of freedom was unbearable, so they shot them all with carbine guns. No Water, No Empathy, No Compassion.

By the way, if you have ever read the story of Crazy Horse, you should assume a lot of it is invention, and it occurred to me, that this "No Water" character, who supposedly denied Crazy Horse his true love, is code for the Seventh Cavalry. His "true love", supposedly Black Buffalo Woman, was taken by "No Water"...and I do not believe these characters existed in real life.

The Battle Of Little Big Horn was such an outrage at the time, it is considered as big an emotional detonation as much as Pearl Harbor and 9/ I have read. When considering that, I understood it is a whole lot of dogshit....and a person can discern the truth by understanding the patterns of the Freemasonic mind. The black and white checkerboard floor pattern is the root of existence, a black and white world. Consider that we still live in a country that sections off black and white people, okay? The Black Hills were to become the White Hills, with the carving of Mt. Rushmore with the four faces of money, to usurp the idea of moon (mon) PHASES. The One, Washington, becomes four silver quarters. Washington, has a statue of himself in the Baphomet pose, which I came to realize stands for a male appropriating the role of the Goddess once removing the actual Goddess from the situation, Cancer.

Cancer is the dominant sign of America, founded in the sign of Cancer. The natal chart of USA is an entity, and it is a thing to consider, that casting a natal chart of America, actually creates a living WILL. So, a nation ruled by the Moon Goddess......and where is she? Well, the Moon Goddess of the Sioux is none other than White Buffalo (Calf) Woman.

When encountering No Water and Black Buffalo Woman in the same story, and No Water injured Crazy Horse.....what is really being communicated here, is that No Water is referring to the sign of Cancer, and Black Buffalo Woman is a reversal of White Buffalo Woman. The descendants of Crazy Horse will even say....with a if something is being left unsaid. ......"he was unusually light skinned and light-haired for a Lakota, he was like....... the White Buffalo." Really? Hearing that, I understood.

My point here, is that there are certain patterns that are recognizable when dealing with evil, which is the enemy of the Individual, the Self-Realized person. The Black And White Game is the level they play on, and when understanding the concept of reversal.....of projections and deceptions, the LIE is a lot easier to discern. When people educate themselves to the ways of THE ENEMY OF AMERICA, they will have no hold on us.

AMERICA was founded by rape, Yeheshua ben Panthera was a bastard whose mother was raped by a Roman Soldier, and it is possible that Crazy Horse was a half-breed. I understand why he became "Anonymous" because he had no wish to be used as a weapon against his people, if it is true that he could have been a half-breed......the mindset of those times would go nuts over it, and every dipshit out there would have said "he was so skilled a tactician because of the white in him", this is a controversial subject and I think the time is ripe for looking at the truth.

Perhaps who he was, was a living symbol of the goal of America, and a living symbol of America to be....and The Battle of America was the decisive battle for whose claim on America was legitimate. The "American" Army lost, and is the thing that really makes the "whites" a problem......their tactics of psychological warfare were unknown.

The Americans, in my view......were the Lakota and the Cheyenne....even if they had not adopted the term, I have found out what Indian really means, and it is the poet who is the man or woman who can find out the truth....because a poet is able to question words and, although "no man hath lifted my veil" be uttered by the High Priestess......the Poet sees her nude, because for him, she voluntarily removes her veil......and so it is with a person who is in relationship with the woman as an equal. The Poet, is not what academia says.....A poet does not listen to academics. A Poet listens when the world, the body of the Goddess.....speaks. All sense impression is the language of the Goddess. You will know her by listening, and letting her penetrate you......and the people of the square, in those times especially......were uncomfortable with a woman being on top during sex.

Crazy Horse, was a living symbol of what America's destiny is, and that is the marriage of opposites. He was undoubtedly a Heyoka Warrior, who is made to act as opposite of the norm, and he unites in himself the balance of opposites. Just my speculation.

America, is the world yet to be born that marries the circle, the En Dias or Indians, with the Squares...the En Dios.

God vs. the Goddess. The Goddess won at Little Big Horn, and Custer was even killed by a woman.

To "Make America Great Again", actually implies that Sitting Bull be Commander In Chief. This is why they were RED HATS...and RED HATS are HATS that are RED, and HAT-REDS......were you one of the legions of fools who were conned by the Trump, to despise fulfilling the Ghost Dance Prophecy? I tell you this with all confidence, there are many red souls in white bodies, black bodies....etc. I know that death is actually shapeshifting, and especially with Heyoka Warriors, who vowed to never stop fighting, and did not believe in death like Christians or Materialists do......are well aware that a man or a woman walks from one body into anothers, and the Heyoka Warriors/Shamans, would naturally be meant to incarnate as whites in white families, often completely surrounded by people who are completely unlike them.

I believe this to be the case with myself, and regarding Racial Fluidity....the "fluidity" is a comment on the sign of Cancer. It does not matter whether or not you believe in the zodiac archetypes, because your owners do....and have constantly been playing games. I am supportive of the idea of "gender fluidity", but I will throw my grenade into the argument. Your confusion may be due to switching genders......after being a man again and again, a person selects to become a woman for the first time...and is very new at this, and could easily become a lesbian...or transition. It is part of the journey, and the next incarnation....a person will be better able to handle the experience. I think I could clear up a lot of confusion, and this would make sense to a lot of people...

I have been a red man, and I am one of those who has incarnated as a white man, in a family of my enemies. I do not believe in random family is not biological, they hated me and still do, because my soul is red and they are unable to connect with me and love me. I was treated just as if I were a "redskin"....never respected, always being punished, betrayed, denied full human status, always having anything impressive I do explained away.....always treated without respect.

I selected a body that is the original redskin, the "red-haired" person. For those of you who do not understand, it is the "ginger" (i hate the term) that is "Pahana" the lost white brother. The "gingers" were the redskins before the Indians were the redskins, because they burned in the sun and got red. They were considered the children of Satan before the New World was discovered. All they way up to discovery of black people and Indigenous americans, "gingers" were the redskins, and treated with just as much fear and loathing, in case people have forgotten. Gingers are exempt from the category of white, and I mean that wholeheartedly. Do not include us in the category of white, you ignorant PC dickwads.

Ancestral memory is a thing, and I experienced that I was always an exception to the rule, such as....."everyone deserves a hug", except the red-haired kid, he's bad.

My parents were not redheads, one blonde, the other dark haired....and my soul has nothing to do with their attitudes, and in Hawaii, we paid a heavy price to finally learn about who we are, Hawaii told us.

I am free from fearing that people will disapprove of what I say, and free from depending on recognition. I am not motivated by approval/disapproval, and that won't stop people from trying to bully me into believing I am what they say I am, "I just want attention", which clashes with the desire not to work.......(recognizing my redskin immortal soul)----all these constant accusations of laziness, being "boy", pretending to be something I'm not, less than, is the unconscious recognition that I am not white.

It is not a "I identify, so I am", I remember, and I know the patterns, and I have always felt alien in this society, and have always been rejected for ridiculous reasons....and the reason is that, beneath the camouflage.....I am an Indian Outlaw......the ongoing saga of a Heyoka Warrior, who went down that path as being necessary to understand the nature of evil, and why people are so greedy and full of betrayal.

I volunteered to go to hell, and found myself amongst my enemies....I volunteered to let them try to try and overwhelm me and block my True Will, which failed....I am stronger than evil.

I am stronger than death.

I am the balance and marriage of the Square and the Circle, the Cube and the Sphere, the Indian and the White, and within myself, by everyone who has ever tried to merge with me and give their burdens, I am the Seventh Cavarly within the Seventh Cavarly identified themselves with symbols of their enemies, as if becoming them.......the other side found a way of becoming them.

I say such things, because I know them to be true, and you know that nobody enjoys "getting attention" by causing controversy, is because I never stopped fighting.

Last but not least, when my wife got cancer, her parents tricked us into a situation where they could treat us like dirt, lie to us, betray us and treat us like children who deserve nothing and no respect,.......choosing for us to live, for the last 3 years, on the equivalent of an Indian Reservation on Maui, a reflection of who we are inside.....this has been an initiation into the true Hawaiian mind......

I am not white, and will not tolerate being referred to as white.....and I can prove it by reminding a world of assholes, that gingers are another racial category, and the first redskins.

The original redskins and Indians....because, sometimes....."Children of Satan", who is a redskin with horns and a tail, is a cover for children of the Goddess....the real adversary of those in the know, who deliberately polarize and divide the world into God vs. Enemy, who is Goddess.....and they do not ever want it to be known, that it all comes to an end when the Square and the Circle become one......

The dialectical monism. The Merging of technology and feeling.

Don't call me white, I am not white, leave me out of your hatred for is stupid, and I don't need to check my privilege. I have rights, and I have lights.

I write with the feathers of an angry sky, and recognize no fathers but the man from the past who is myself in another body. What's up, dude........Mission Accomplished.

I am one Risen Sun that could not be stopped, and if I can do can you.

America begins in Maui.

The colors will all come together, when it is recognized that the soul is immortal, I have the cure for racism....and many will listen to me, and I will be doing a lot of damage to the USURPER'S solution.......who has knowledge of what is to be.

The recognition that there is no death, the time has come to accept this. What normal people believe is so goddamn crazy and stupid, calling my ideas crazy is just........mentally retarded, to be honest with you. Mentally retarded and schizophrenic people are the dominant group, calling people like me, with sensible means absolutely nothing when they speak.

What? Didn't you avoid answering the call with prozac, instead of suffering for knowledge and power? Shut the fuck up.

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