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"Please don't tell on me" he says

I was reading Eckarte Tolle this morning, and before the nausea....I was realizing how so many people have been influenced to imagine that they are good people as they proceed to bully a person with cancer, who is an "ego wanting to be feeding the pain-body" I suppose the ego wanted to get cancer, to give the "pain-body" license. All hail the Great Twat who encouraged a million assholes to believe that they are being spiritual when they deny empathy to someone going through a really hard time, because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

The truth is, if you are weak, pathetic, envious of superior evolution and lack the capacity for will love "Icky the Troll", as some call him. I have heard that he is good at being spiritual, because he isn't good looking! Spirituality is a disdain for the Goddess, as usual!!! A guru said this in my presence, a guy with a beard representing the Divine Feminine, to let me know that I can't understand spiritual things, like how a spear begins the ritual by entering the hall of Isis, which is a fancy way to talk about fucking. Spear Ritual. I don't get it.

George Washington is the reincarnation and resurrection of the White Goddess America, and the real one is symbolized by what became of Sharon Tate, in case you hadn't noticed. Baphomet is a Goat with titties, symbolizing Patriarchy's ability to appropriate the qualities of the Goddess as the real one is cast into the Pit, and this is all directed behind the scenes by Mommy. Abusive men, I have found, are those who never are able to overcome the domination of Mommy, and get their balls re-attached to themselves and walk into their True Will....and so they want yours. The Orange Man is the Rising Sun at Dawn who has gone to rescue America, aka, the White Goddess, aka the White Buffalo Calf Woman, and for all the autistic kleptomaniacs out there, make sure to take this literally.

I am truly amazed that a guy who viciously abuses my wife while planning to steal her inheritance after she succumbs to cancer, because he is the executor (executioner) while making himself obvious when trying to frame me for abuse, (this is to have a scapegoat ready to go)............which is about the lowest and most pathetic thing a person could do to his sister. Naturally, he projects "lowest and most pathetic" on me, because he also needs to make us look like the worst thing ever to hide from his own failing marriage (police my marriage for no reason, you make it obvious that yours is on the rocks, and also.....I know you by all your projections...dumbass) Why does this happen? We are learning about things that can help others, at our own expense......just to get attention of course, if that is all anyone can understand besides getting money or blowjobs.

the link above will take you to a song I made with Chrystya, being determined to turn all this shit around for her.

Her family, not realizing they just took a huge shit on a guy that people call "musical genius" behind my back, started getting really pissed off that they caught me working really hard to bring joy into Chrystya's life...after they bent over backwards to take all of her self-esteem away from her and sabotage my life for good!! Her brother is especially pissed off, and imagines himself to be so big and bad, that he is going to bully me into feeling so bad about myself that he'll get to push me around, to compensate for wasting his life all on his own, which I should get punished for. To hurt Chrystyas feelings as much as possible, and imagining that he is in competition with me for supremacy.....he imagines he is going to shut me down this way, when the goal is really to hurt Chrystya's feelings because HE decided she is not allowed to have life work out beautifully for her, look at this:

It appears that you have read a few books and the regurgitated what you read on your website as if you are a true genus? Your grammar is awful, you misspell a lot and your "original" music is awful. I could make better banging my garbage can and yodeling. Must suck feeling so lowly about yourself and your lack of true accomplishment in your life so far. This website is a piece of shit and if you take credit for putting all your energy into it, that is really pathetic. So my questions in regards to lets chat - how does it feel to be a free loader and take advantage of everyone you can whenever you can? Are you proud of that? Does it bother you at all? It bothers me a lot that a guy has to go out of his way to make sure my life is sabotaged so badly that it includes the death of my wife, so he can steal what does not beloong to him, yes.

When a guy is going through hell with his wife, her mentally challenged brother is determined to bully me into beleiving she doesn't have cancer and I spend all of my time on this, because that is more important than helping Chrystya.....why is he insanely jealous of my capacity to bring beauty to the world, that mostly attracts people who want to hurt me and stop me from successfully making the world a better place at my own huge expense? The guy hurts his sister deeply, and contributes nothing...and has the nerve to send us a letter from a while ago, reiterating that he thinks he is authority and we are not allowed to expose him, reminding me of a molester who calls his victim a tattletale if exposing his crimes. Oh, thanks for reminding me to do the complete opposite of what you told me to do, abuser of his sister when she has cancer, asshole who tells lies about her parents paying all our medical bills when they paid for nothing.....his name is Robert Allen Johnson, and I will send this link to him soon, so he can see how useless it is to abuse his sister.

Chrystya and Brian – I read some of the posts that you have put on Facebook, and at some point you included me in them. I don’t want to be in your Facebook posts, but I also will not share in your Facebook posts, as I feel I really should, as what you posted there seems really inappropriate to me and really not necessary.

Abusing my wife after she had her breasts removed for the second time, by trying to make her feel like killing herself over having a donations page up, that was inappropriate and unnecessary.

What you posted makes you look whiny and desiring of being victimized by Mom and Dad.

Observe that he is trying to bully her into believing she wants to be treated badly, posting about having pain from cancer makes her look whiny. "Desiring"

So I am sending this to you two directly. Actually, he avoids confronting me like a bitch and attacks her instead.

I think that Facebook is a totally inappropriate platform to share your victim mentality so I am not going to add to it on that platform. We are in Maui, and their family members are living in the same area as him, so he can cause trouble by talking shit in person.

This communication is between you two and I. Why are you bringing our parents into you having to have another surgery? Do you want me to post on Facebook your emails between you and Dad to show that he asked you for a budget plan 3-4 months ago to show him how you can afford to stay in the condo without their financial support?

They were harassing us about micromanaging stuff that is none of their damn business, we ignored them and they hurt her for being adults.

His email didn’t come out of the blue the night before your surgery, he asked for that some time ago and you two couldn’t be bothered to do it. Moron doesn't understand that controlling us is not something I will cooperate with.

On you. My cataract (not cataracts) came on due to my dry eye condition that I have had since I didn’t take my contacts out for a 3 month period when I was 14. I own that, it is on me. My auto-immune disorder is on me also, it is a direct cause of the internal environment that I allowed and empowered inside of me due to anxiety, pressure, lack of good health decisions.

His point is that Chrystya deserves no love or regard for going through cancer, because he is retarded.

It was a wake up call for me and not fun. But I have learned from it. I am not sure what I have learned from all of the surgeries I have had, I guess it just is what it is, you recover and move forward as quick as you can so you can get back to being independent and self-supportive.

This is a good opportunity for him to be a better person than someone, neglecting that we always were independent and self-reliant until his family conspired against us when we were down.

But I am not a victim of Mom taking an experimental medication, that was her choice at that time in her life. Don’t bring me into this again on a social media platform.

He is just a victim of his mother castrating his will to go after his dreams in life, he wasted his life and wants to see ours be sabotaged to compensate for wasting his own life......

Our Father may not be the same person he was going forward, which is a normal part of aging. To degrade him on Facebook to support your victim mentality is a bit disgusting to me.

Initiating violence against us, in order to hurt Chrystya as much as possible, because he fears his lack of capacity for empathy, someone might say is disgusting. It's really great of him to tell her how disgusting she is when battling for her life.

He has bent over backwards for you for most of your adult life because you have not wanted to take on adult responsibilities.

He completely invented that one out of thin air, on his way to stealing her inheritance and cutting out as many people as he can, he is the executioner...I mean executor.

I have been telling you for some time that Dad and Mom would not be able to continue to support you financially and you have not wanted to hear it or understand it. That time is coming. Please imagine it, it will be very real for you two soon. But to share what you did on Facebook is just not necessary, I am not sure what you were trying to accomplish with it besides growing the sympathy you desire. It won’t lead to anything. And to think that you can somehow change him as he ages to fit your agenda, down right looney.

We have an agenda to get people who initiate violence against us busted for it and exposed. They also harassed us about not being able to pay something, and when the day comes to prove it....they won't let us pay it, as if to say that they just wanted to have a reason to abuse us. This is why I decide we're getting out of here with an amazing album, not realizing they took a shit on a guy considered a musical genius, I am. I can prove it, all the time. If you don't like it, you can not listen to it.

I have similar experiences with our Mom as you, and similar feelings as you about her, but I am not going to post that on a social media platform.

Because he can cause all the trouble he needs to without going there....but I think a person who initiates violence against his sister when battling cancer deserves to be exposed to ten million people. "You are not allowed to get me in trouble" Oh my god, dude.

What do you think that is going to accomplish? Again, support your victim mentality? Or? I would love to hear another answer that makes sense. You are a grown ass woman that should not be dependent on your parents for your financial needs or your emotional needs or your housing needs.

A guy has to say my wife has a victim mentality, who can't do anything nice for her, not realizing someone with a victim mentality thinks he is entitled to hurt innnocent people battling cancer.

I am out in regards to this whole conversation/situation. I have no say in your Condo in regards to you and Mom and Dad and your agreement. It is not my issue. He is planning to have it for himself, as soon as we are destroyed.

I hope for healing for you with your participation to heal as quick as you can and you and Brian find a way soon to be able to stay in the condo or live wherever you two choose.

He thinks we aren't interested in healing, says "never looked at his childhood" guy.

I will avoid commenting on your social media posts for as long as I can tolerate them, but I suggest not bringing our parents into your situation in a disparaging way again, I don’t see what that accomplishes or changes.

It's okay for them to tell people that I am such a loser that I wouldn't be able to help my wife unless they came to the rescue, when the truth is the complete opposite...they interfered and tried to end her life with stress, and meant to humiliate me to be dying on the cross for their sins, and this is a challenge to prepare for greater tasks.

They will age. It happens. And I am sure that I will be the one to take care of them as they age, the same that I did for Vera and Barbara, I loved every minute of it and I am eternally grateful for the memories I have of our time together. No one else was around to do it, including their children, our parents. They were off doing what worked for them at the time, very similar to you and Brian. It will be the same for our parents. And I will be thankful for it. Life is an interesting adventure.

Life is an interesting adventure that he never really experienced because he was too busy being afraid of others disapproval for going his own way, and so we have to be hurt to compensate for his feelings of inferiority.

I love you and hope that you engage in healing and finding a way to not be dependent on others. I think it would be the most healthy thing you can do for you and Brian. Until then……


He assumes that she is not interested in healing until he tells her, so he can take credit for it. For them to conspire to ruin our lives, out of their inner lack...needing to make us look pathetic so they can feel like they never wasted their lives, only caring about money.......I'm sorry, but my life is not yours to throw away, idiot.

If anyone hurts my wife again and again, and can't be bothered to help...and only preaches about healing as if he can take credit for it when she heals despite being severely abused by him.......what an ass.

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