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I, Bran

I have been reading quite a lot of this wonderful book by Robert Graves, "The White Goddess" and we live in times where people will say this is racist, and Black Goddesses Matter. Yes, they do. Listen, the White White, not because of her European heritage, but because she represents the Full Moon, which I have come to the conclusion, is what the term "ROCK STAR" implies, the wholesome kind. The Black Goddess, is the New Moon. The unwholesome kind of rock star, the Rock Stars of Hollywood Blvd., that are actually seeming to me, at least, to be anchors of lost souls....because, by placing your name in ALL CAPS --- CAPUT, CAPITAL, inside of a star.....that is not protected within a circle....activates a bad idea....five is the number of life, of birth---

ALL CAPS, when referring to the shadow image based on the idea of you, and is actually the concession to an inferior dimension, is done on legal documents and such to create the "strawman entity" a legal fiction.....a world of legal fictions, is a false world, and should not be condoned...and it began with America being Discovered. Dis-covered. Dis, was the , to manipulate a person into identifying with an image of themselves, something DEAD. The Rock Star, with the name in all caps, is a curse upon oneself......the star (the red star is the symbol of communism, btw) when not in a circle, is unprotected. Stars! They are often broken people to begin with, and if you know anything about Laurel Canyon, they try to get people in compromising and degrading that their inner integrity is compromised, fragmented...and a person will begin to identify with the image. This star, with my name in it (in all CAPUT ALL letters, to signify a dead entity) is, wow! I'm a star. I wonder how many celebrities die, to find out that it was an occult maneuver to trap them, doomed to wander the boulevard....and there is a GREAT, GREAT deal of things that the ratio 5:1 can mean, one in five.....etc. The Doors song, "five to one baby, one in five no one here gets out alive"....

That guy, does NOT have a star with his corpse name. "THE DOORS" have a star. Whatever. I bring this up, because I, like many people who actually understand the man was psychic....and came up with stuff...well, the truth is, a real Poet is psychic....the information is whispered to you by the Goddess, you can call her Sophia...I call her America. The Poet is who has successfully integrated their inner wounds, rather than compartmentalizing them...and identifying with images, and no longer able to experience reality.

Reality, is the Goddess...and what that means, is the person engaged with reality, engaged to the God. God is not external....that was a trick to divorce you from your power.

Five aspects of the Goddesss....Five lobes of the brain.....

Five points to one star, one star within five points.

No one here gets out alive. I believe he was, largely talking about his awareness of what the stars on the walk of fame, really were....the cursing of a person with an image, that overtakes their actual being. He didn't get one.

They made sure to do everything they could to replace the real man with the images, and I'll tell you this. Read the book "Wierd Scenes in the Canyon" by Dave MacGowan....he does amazing research on Laurel Canyon, and how the 60's scene was actually a secret society, there wasn't anyone in Laurel Canyon not from the military/intelligence community...and Laurel Canyon was set up to be a playground for elites who are into foul shit.

The trouble with Dave MacGowan, and I notice this all the time....there is a primary dysfunction in men, where they are unable to objectively examine a man's life if they wish they could be as badass as him, look like him, and being worshipped by women......and, due to unconscious fantasizing...wishing to be like that....Dave MacGowan failed when he got to the chapter, trying to implicate the Doors with the other Laurel Canyon types....

I am a man with a very strong skill for sniffing out the truth...and being able to connect the dots of behavior, and what gestures mean.

Grace Slick described him, who she thought was "the most beautiful man she will ever meet", as a pariah in Hollywood by 1968. This was when he was still great looking and doing great shows. I understand that Dave MacGowan has the affliction that many men have, that they cannot control the impulse to unconsciously project on the sexually superior the atrocious research in the Doors chapter, does not mean that his research is suspect in other areas.

He is an amazing researcher, when writing about ordinary looking guys. My instincts tell me, that what was going on in those days, was that Jim Morrison...was thought to be "one of them", from the military intelligence/CIA community and/or scions of elite society.....and people really need to wrap their minds around will set them free. We are far more than physical bodies.

Jim Morrison is said to have hated hippies, which isn't really true. Who he hated, who he was absolutely disgusted with, were the Satanists and "sexually liberated" people who believed that including children in sexual activities is "freedom"...and a lot of wierd shit, specifically went on at the Log Cabin, which was a commune that had to be being funded with CIA money, because there was just always plenty to go around...for anyone who wanted to be in an environment where Frank Zappa is the Master of the House, who believed watching porn with his children was a healthy family activity. People, such as Pamela Des Barres, described a lot scenes you could run into there as "creepy", which means.....there shouldn't be an 11 year old girl engaging in sexual activities with adults, like John Philips, for example....or Vito Paulekas.....a guy who liked them real young, like....4.

This is the real story of Jim Morrison, and wrap your minds around this. There ARE shamanic beings that come to our world from time to time. They will incarnate into a family, that makes a situation possible, like being in the Laurel Canyon Star community, because of his military intelligence background. People need to think more deeply about patterns, and WHY such great lengths and expense have gone to making sure that the morally righteous, dangerous, and deeply wounded and lonely genius of a man....was just a stupid doofus.

When Jim Morrison was invited to parties in Laurel Canyon, it was the first and last time. He was, in truth, a warrior who was there to witness....and the stories of his behavior, were altered to blot out this kind of thing: SCREAMING AT PEOPLE about what pathetic and vile pieces of shit they were, for making child abuse a party game. Jim Morrison was banned from Frank Zappa's commune....probably for being thoroughly recognized as a warrior, in the truest sense....a protector of children. This is why he was a pariah, gossipped about, and harassed into having a nervous meltdown......There wasn't supposed to be a morally righteous, if drunken, warrior screaming in people's faces about how soulless child pornography is and he wishes he could take a shit on every face in the room, but start by emptying his bladder in the refridgerator. The combination of intelligence, beauty and moral backbone....will guarantee that you will have lots of enemies.

Jim Morrison was the scapegoat of Laurel Canyon, who would expose the activities of the child fuckers that were very famous film stars and musicians. ...... can't have that! He knew it was a suicide mission to declare war on Hollywood...and he deserves to be appreciated for the amazing soul he truly was. A lot of the trouble, is even wanting to know that a lot of child fucking was going on in celebrity homes (Mamas and the Papas....ewwwww.)

Then he really got angry when Vietnam Vets, his biker buddies reported to him that rather than being enlightening, The End was used as a soundtrack to genocide and unbelievable acts of cruelty. This is exactly the point when the man didn't care about being alive anymore, which ironically, can result in more great acts of courage.

I know something, that is a fact, that people will free themselves if they can understand it....the object of life, is to raise your vibration, by setting your sights on achieving some great act of courage, or giving something that benefits us...because, we do come back. Most people, reincarnate, and there is a lot of trouble with that.

People have long been accustomed to using the word "reincarnation" when referring to the idea that we are more than temporary bodies, travelers. Reincarnation, is like counterculture. A word given to us to use to divorce our souls from the magical realm. It is retarded to claim to be the reincarnatin of anyone. If you are the reincarnation of someone, you are saying that you are an exact repeat of time, place and circumstances happening again.....reincarnation is another word for going to the land of the Dead....where your memory is wiped, and you try again....because your last incarnation was a focus on competition for social status and material wealth, when the object of to grow greater within yourself. A great act of courage, is a man, on his own.....being willing to create complete chaos and get everyone to hate him, if he can successfully spread awareness that at Jack Nicholson's bullshit party, he saw a guy fucking an 8 year old.

Jim Morrison was a Pariah in hollywood, at the height of his fame...and so he chose to hang with ....... ordinary guys at dive bars. This is the truth, and for being courageous.......there is NEVER going to be a reincarnation of Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison graduated.

Wherever he is, he still has something to do.....refuse the idea of reincarnation, laugh at people who suggest it, and properly identify as the perpetual traveler. A witness to what is not for the public to know of, there will one day be a man who can reach into his soul, to verify , with memories and instincts....that there was one righteous man, who was hated for being a righteous man.

If you look at the chart for the United States, the part of fortune is at 26 degrees Cancer. The image associated with this degree is a "violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes".....this is what America needs for her greatest happiness?

If we understand that the Canyon is Laurel Canyon, the time for that storm has arrived....they are being exposed like never before...and one day, a righteous man will be seen where there once was "just a drunk with no talent".....

The Goddess rewards the courageous, by making them beautiful. Beauty, is achieved by experiencing evil, and amazing amounts of pain. You know it is a reality, and you are driven to identify with truth by the experience. To be jealous of a beautiful person, a "gifted" person, is to be jealous of experiencing sadness, rejection and great pain. A talent will be developed as a way to overcome, and then people call it a gift. It is the property of the man who earned it, and the gifted, are those who are fortunate to be getting to experience it.

The fan is the gifted person. Calling an artist gifted, is a great way to declare war on artists and make some of them into warriors, only out to achieve one great act of courage...against a society that should not be. That is the privilege, earned.....of those who know that the Goddess is a mother and a lover, and every sun which sets, will rise again.

The profane, such as royals, cannot understand spiritual realms, and the reason why knowledge was guarded from the profane, is so they won't interpret "she is mother and lover" as meaning that incest makes you special. It is about the Goddess, Reality...who reveals to you that you have been inside her and impregnated her, when she gives birth to a child called a synchronicity, that reflects back to you...she knows about your most private parts. This Goddess, also has given you a body.

Reincarnation is a stupid idea, no I don't believe in reincarnation......for myself. Game over, reset. Game over, reset....perpetually, for thousands of years, riding the same merry go round, and thinking it is the first time and only time. then game over, reset......

Reincarnation is the destiny of fools. What snapped me out of the belief was the statement "you have never been here before, reincarnation is a lie"---and after pondering that for a while, I said...well, duh.....every successive incarnation builds on the last, and each of them is a one experience only....there are no resets or do-overs. Traveling, perpetually. Some people incarnate to witness, and if they can somehow achieve the the absolute worst nightmare come true for the scum who reside in Laurel Canyon. The storm in the canyon, that is America's greatest the storm that is brought to Laurel Canyon.

As an archetypal type of name, Bran suits me. My name is Brian, anyway. Bran, means Raven. Corvid also means Raven. Covid? This can be dealt with by invoking Corvid....I don't know about you, but I can call myself Bran legitimately, because I dream of 8 foot tall Ravens, who must be respected......they will take your life from you, to teach you to have respect for them.

My new year's resolution, is to be the Warrior Chief that I know I am, at my core. It is my duty, to be the first person with the guts to initiate things, people wait for me to give the signal. I am the first to take off my mask....I know of an astral plane, where 8 foot tall Ravens are the worst nightmare of the morally decrepit. Call on them.

I am Bran, a War that is happening, an act of defiance and great rebellion.....that is every breath I take, because I have not reincarnated, and I am one of those, there are many, that are subject to dark occult forces making strong efforts to block us entry. I am too strong to be blocked. Every breath, is the rebellion of Truth against a sick world. The time is now, to banish the weak and pathetic ones, to their world of images, which will not be allowed to interact with the organic, and magical realm.....which is called Dis, who Bran is given the right, by Danu, to speak on behalf of and represent to the inhabitants of Hell.

This world is Hell, for the reason that parents believe that their children, were made by them, rather than a traveler experiencing a new land in a new vehicle. To assume authority over another, is to take the life of another. Authority, is murder. Murder, is authority. The taking of a life, which is not yours to take.

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