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Half Moon Phenomena

I keep having this happen to me, a very interesting phenomenon that happens at the precise time at the half moon, especially if I happen to be out in the world to experience the events that happen at the time of the half moon. At the half moon, half is in light, and half is darkness, a precise lunar duality, suggesting the polarization of positive and negative.

The light reflecting from the moon has curious effects, and the occasion of the full moon is already well known for influencing human emotion and events. The occasion of the half moon also has a curious effect on behavior and events, in a fascinating way which mirrors the duality of the half moon on earth.

I have observed situations manifesting that symbolically are "white vs. black", such as parallel reversals of the same concept (flip side of the same coin), and also perfectly polarized, unbalanced situations....the sign that the moon happens to be in also seem to determine the quality and nature of the events. Here are some examples of situations that have manifested as seeming to mirror the concept of polarization, white/black, etc.

A particular day when the half moon occurred in the sign of Aries, my wife and I were suddenly getting a new car, unexpectedly...which resulted in sudden emotional excitement, in the positive sense. The story of why we got a new car would be a digression, the important thing is we were getting a new car, a white car. We drove it home, and when neared the location where we turn into the parking lot of our residence, we saw that there had been a serious vehicular incident. Someone smashed up their black car, and now did not have a car, and needed to get a new one...resulting in sudden emotional excitement, in the negative sense. Our old car that we would now be able to sell, due to getting a new one, was parked in the space directly next to the parking space that a tow truck deposited the smashed up black car, oddly connecting the smashed black car with our car experience, the concept of new car/dead car divided by a straight line of paint, mirroring the We were able to determine that the traffic accident happened at the time we were getting our new car. Mirroring the duality of the moon, a white car comes in, a black car goes out. White life vs. black death. As corresponding to the nature of Aries, there was a sudden violent situation, due to cars RAMming into each other. The situation seemed to also imply a dual manifestion of Aries energy, positive and negative. The positive Aries emotion: sudden emotional excitement due to getting a new car. The negative expression of Aries: sudden upset due to losing a car.

I looked up at the sky, the half moon was visible in the middle of the day, white and black. Is the moon half empty, or is it half full? I always thought that was an idiotic question, is the glass half empty or half full? It's half a glass, dammit. Full is full, there is no such thing as half-full or half empty, it's half, and empty is when it is empty. There is no such thing as half full or half empty, there is no such thing as powdered water, there is no such thing as vegan goat cheese, and there is no such thing as a half full or half new moon, it is half.

On another occasion, exactly when the half moon occurred in the sign of Libra, I was sitting at my computer desk, getting some writing done, when all of a sudden I heard a whole bunch of idiots screaming at each other out in the parking lot. I don't know what the situation was all about, nor did I care, but a gang of nincompoops was gathered at the security guard shack, involving the guard in some very imbalanced social behavior. As a contrast to that, the situation in my condo with the woman and the cats was entirely peaceful. There is a popular misconception about Libra, that it represents peace and balance, more accurately, striving for balance..sometimes because the experience of extremes. Corresponding with the half moon in Libra, there was social imbalance, and polarization in relationships. With the concept of polarization of extremes applied to Libra, the scales get all topsy turvy, and I have a bunch of emotionally unbalanced ding dongs screaming out my window at each other, a completely imbalanced way of relating to each other.

On flip side of that half moon, which was a waxing half moon, was the waning half moon in Taurus. Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, interestingly. At the time of this particular half moon in Taurus, I was on my way home, and was in the left turn lane for turning into the parking lot where I live. The lady in front of me had clearance of oncoming traffic, yet was just sitting there being slow, so she waved me on. I figured she must be busy with having to pull her phone out of her buttcrack because it started ringing, and she was expecting an important call, so I steered around her into the oncoming lane and pulled into parking lot.

Turning into the gate, that leads to the main inner parking lot where the guard shack is, a black man was just walking out, who was hobbling due to an amputated right foot. "That's too bad", I thought. Where I live, I have to drive all the way around four large complexes to get to my parking space, and by the time I got to the 180 degrees opposite side of the buildings from where I saw the guy with the missing right foot, there happened to be another black man, sitting in a wheelchair, whose LEFT foot had been amputated. It's rare enough to see anyone with an amputated foot, and more rare to two people on 180 degree opposite sides of an apartment complex that are both foot amputees, with their right and left feet being mirror reversals of each other. I mentioned that they were black men, not because I really care, but because where I live in Maui, there is hardly a black population at all, adding more rarity to the experience. So the instance of seeing two black men with reversed foot amputation situations, one walking, one quite strange, especially at the time of the half moon, which seems to manifest dualities, mirror reversals, and polarizations. I know there are people out there who think I should say African-American instead of black, and that's as relevant as thinking I should be referred to as a Norwegian American, even though I have never been to Norway and would think it ridiculous to be referred to that way. Black is less syllables. You ever notice how people that have less to say, prefer to use language with the most syllables? The tendency to use euphemistic language which goes heavy on the syllables is a mask that acts as a compensation for stupidity, or "alternative reality preferences". I digress.

The woman who had waved me on, was right behind me for the whole drive around the complex, and when I parked and got out I start hearing "Why are you in such a hurry that you speed around me?!" obviously very annoyed.

"You were sitting there in the left turn lane and not turning when the road was clear, and then you waved me on!"

"I wasn't waving you on, I was waving to my friend". Seriously?

"You're being a dick to me about your own situation that you caused! Whatever..." I walked on.

Corresponding with the half moon in Taurus, was a very slow woman. Taurus=stillness, not in a hurry, stubborn, SLOW. She was slow upstairs, and slow in the left turn lane. Too stubborn to realize that it's lame to criticize people for taking you up on your own gestures that mean "Go around me" at the same time as "Oh, hi Margie, I'm driving my car! HI!" To slow to have self-awareness.

As in all instances of half moon, it seems to always be some form of friction that happens, with varying extremes.

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