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Dear Feminists

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I would first like to say, that if I wrote "Deer Feminists" some of you would think I am being complimentary, when referring to an Indian story about Deer Woman who had deer hooves for feet, and was extremely beautiful...and would snatch men and sleep with them, and then kill them by stomping on their genitals with her sharp hooves.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, because I know that I had to warrior through some very amazing and brutal circumstances to acquire the knowledge that people need to know about...and I want to unload this, because I am heavy with this keeps me down, keeping it to myself.

Because people immediately say that some things are "WRONG" and "DEBUNKED" and "STUPID" like they are afraid of getting in trouble or getting in trouble with their mommy and daddy, I am always tipped off that, there lies the truth......because truth is what people are afraid of and told not to look at....because.....this is a world that runs on deception.

The astrological dimensions of this need to be looked at, ya know...and the symbolism. What was going on at the time. First of all, '69 is an upright symbol of the sign Cancer, the sign was was DE-Signed from Consciousness by "Intelligent Design" (stop being obedient to the categories offered you), and by De-Signing Cancer, the Goddess of Mother Water, the nice mother who is dedicated to raising the Solar abused, murdered....etc., and put in her place are feminists and other types who, when having a male child, imagine that castrating his will is going to have an effect other than being abandoned by your son (as happened to the woman who only screamed at me if I started using my vocal chords to say hello, how are you...and was mostly only nice to other people to put on a show about being a nice lady, so nobody would ever believe anything I say if I manage to speak above a whisper, and see me as the source of my mom's constant pleas for help, because her family is abusing her (20 years in the past). Or, the boys that crappy mothers are rude to, grow up to be afraid of facing their feelings and instead, rape and murder women who remind them of their mothers...or at least do it symbolically. Another situation, is to be my wife's brother, whose malignant narcissism caused him to make her experrience with cancer all about his hallucinations that I was stealing his childhood happiness away from him, and was his daddy that he can punish as a substitute, because of being too weak to confront his father directly.....just like the true meaning of the story of Jesus!

So, it's about time to be interested in being nice to CANCER.

Sharon Tate was murdered as a symbol of authentic America, who is the Goddess Isis. In case you haven't noticed, the country which calls itself America, has this whole time been ruled by a usurper appropriating identity which does not belong to it....a predator that is NOTHING...... and now, you are being offered Kamallah Harris, to take that place.....that is supposed to be basically meant for White Buffalo Calf Woman. Endorsing religions that advocate death to all who disagree with violence shown towards women and children, is so schizophrenic I can hardly believe it. Quit watching TV, when are y'all going to stop turning on, tuning in and dropping out of reality? Look within at your hatred of White Patriarchy and maybe you will find the former Indian woman whose teepee was on fire while her children were being picked off by idiots betting a dollar on who could get the best shot. They came up with America, which is a holy name referring to an ancient Lemurian reality.....the name "America" was stolen by the Europeans without the conquered even realizing that the name was theirs. This is how it goes when cowards hide knowledge from the rest of the world, and try to take over.

I won't tell you the details, but it was basically Goddess America who got Custer, and won the war. She had an issue with the slaughtering of the elderly, the women and children in peace camps, plus all the raping that Custer and his "men" participated in.....and then they went and slaughtered entire herds of wild horses with carbine guns, while claiming to be America while raping and murdering America. Same mindset murdered Sharon Tate as part of a ritual to curse Jim Morrison. Five to one, one in one here at 10050 Cielo Drive gets out alive.....get it yet?

Because of the psychological warfare tactics, the Americans pretended to be the Native Americans with their use of symbolism, so if the Indians won the war, the Seventh Cavalry won the war, by losing and stealing from the other side whose identity had been appropriated, making them non-entities.

To make America Great Again, is a reference to the goals of the Ghost Dance.

The only problem with this is, that because of metempsychosis, a shitload of Indian souls transferred to white bodies, the spiritual goal to learn about things closer...and this is a far better destination than rotting on a reservation, after achieving honor by fighting heroically before death.

The way that we are rewarded and punished is by courage or cowardice. Unfortunately, you have been led to believe that America=White Supremacy, rather than Red Supremacy...and now, the Red Nation offered is not the Nation that can claim Sitting Bull as its last President, but China, the most disrespectful to the Earth nation that there is.

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