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Chemotherapy is for people who get peace and quiet

After a page and a half, an excerpt of the absolute lies that her family has been using to torment us and sabotage everything for us, once successsfully isolating us from our own resources and friends.....we have the internet. When someone make believes to have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of your medical expenses, when they paid zero....what message are they sending? This is how much we feel we should be owed by being bothered with you having a battle with cancer that you had your insurance cover?

Chrystya's family abused her heavily during her battle with cancer, which has been really hard Money is their religion.

My wife's parents have been suffering from dementia, which kicked in when coming this way...and to me the whole thing looks like an initiation upgrade, I will say this again and again...there is no being "gifted" with talent, there is a price to pay and years of work, and because it is so ridiculous how people decide that I have been given something, and therefore am deserving of torment because it's not fair, I owe everyone??? It is time for me to bring up the subject of sequential incarnations, so that I and other creative individuals who are fighting to keep the imagination alive, are not defeated by ignorance, because a soul carries its previously developed capacities to the next incarnation, that is how someone can be good at multiple things.

We end up living over native burial grounds, and it has been very spooky....and I am going to tell you, that it is a less than acceptable fact of life, that the renunciation of individuality is worse than wasting your potential and projecting on others as surrogate symbols of the passed...people get possessed by something it "nothing"

My wife's brother, just started harassing her if possessed by something that knows when she is going to be down and vulnerable. He thought it was really important to remind her of messages like this that were sent to her, a letter harassing her about a whole lot of make believe, meant to give her as much stress as that little of her energy could be going towards her own healing. I want people to know this, lest they start thinking that Chrystya is choosing not to heal somehow, it has been years now. Emotional abuse steals energy, and I am challenged to test my ability to override the "spirit of betrayal".

All of this was started up, because I put up a donations page for her and her brother pounced on the opportunity to start telling people we are making it up to avoid working, look we have a scam....lying to people so we can be lazy takers, not like she really actually has a recurrence of breast's hard enough to have cancer, worse to be seriously attacked...and I have a powerful protective influence, long story. It's hard to get started in a new place, when the whole time my wife has been battling major health disasters that look to her brother like an opportunity to destroy someone he feels jealous of, and also steal my wife's inheritance.

Word games abound in society.

The Executor of a Trust.....executor. Executioner. I have seen it happen twice, the executor......begins trying to execute people. My aunt tried to screw everyone out of their inheritance, because she was the executor....the executioner. Words are entities unto themselves and are to be respected. When they are not respected, this happens. A family is cursed by the black magick of legalese.....the word executor is meant to be as executioner.

She is fighting for her life, and now that her parents were able to manipulate us into abandoning our own resources, they waste our time with this nonsense, and the problem is people wanting to believe in it, because a person with money can say a person who hasn't had a career come together yet at 35, is whatever they say I am. The red lettering means to express anger/hate. It really comes off that way. Her mother talks about epigenetics all the time, the influence of emotion on genetic expression.

They have actually convinced themselves that they paid our medical bills, and that is why they can treat us this way, when we covered everything.....that's what dementia will do to a person, and Robert Allen Johnson has been behind the scenes the whole time, encouraging them to believe that we should be evicted, planning to have the resource as his own one day, the executioner of the estate.

Absolutely everything about it is complete bullshit, and you can clearly see that Chrystya having a battle with cancer, has been an opportunity to hurt us as much as possible, and attempt to overwrite our reality with their version.....and their version claims that we have been such a burden on them, I am a going nowhere with no potential loser, and also.....I don't bother to pay any bills and do nothing. This is their big opportunity to destroy someone else as a symbol of everything they split off from, but I am far, far stronger than them....and have been having to be camouflaged while undergoing a prolonged metamorphosis, and I think it is time to spread my wings now and show what I can do.......okay, check it out, how very irresponsible it was to keep having health challenges when being abused---which tends to be bad for health, and having to get them to play pretend that we cost them money paying our medical bills....what an excellent way to try to make me look like a worthless loser!! Wow, this is an amazing way to cover up the inability to relate to another person's pain, eh!!!?? I am not impressed. I am a warrior, and this has been training, and rather than it being a waste of time dealing with it, I am a qualified authority on a number of subjects related to freedom and soul growth.

Amazing that at the beginning, you believed we were insisting that you and Brian move to Maui. Red language above clarifies what we were suggesting.


The May, 2019 letter also made clear from the start that your recovery from cancer was critically important as it would enable you to go back to work (but, unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet) so that you could earn enough $ to cover all occupancy expenses (utilities, insurance, real estate taxes, and condo dues and assessments).

Bottom Line: You say in one of your recent emails, “Nothing has changed” but, in fact, “EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.”

Your ongoing health challenges, mounting medical expenses, inability to work, and efforts to secure larger governmental assistance, coupled with our Covid-19 dramatic negative impacts on our fundraising services income has necessitated that our earlier hopes (yes … hopes … not promises … not a contractual obligation … simple parental hopes backed up with the conditions noted above … cannot be realized BECAUSE NONE OF THE CONDITIONS WORKED OUT! “EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED.”

We have suggested alternatives, including helping you restart somewhere suitable on the mainland possibly with a single or double wide trailer in a trailer park (but this will only work if we can sell Harbor Lights condo so we have funds to help rent or purchase something inexpensive at a suitable mainland location), but, so far, you have not accepted the drastic change in our financial situation and insist on continuing to live at Harbor Lights … and now, with Covid-19 outbreak, on your floor no less, it is downright dangerous for you to be there. Cannot understand what you are thinking.

If you are to stay on Maui, you must find a better living situation in terms of social distancing.

Best choice: use the money you would pay for Harbor Lights monthly condo association fees. But you suggest staying in Harbor Lights condo and paying only for the c. $600 a month condo association dues. We recognize advantages such as c lose to Maui Memorial Hospital but it is certainly doable and you have a great car for your use on Maui

Poorest choice: stay as a tenant at Harbor Lights with us renting to you at the going monthly rental rate being charged tenants by other Harbor Lights owners of c. $1450 to $1700 a month according to online apartments for rent information for rentals at Harbor Lights. Note: those appear to be unfurnished, with only appliances … not the “whole package” we provided to you.

Remember, when I told you about the going monthly rental rate for Harbor Lights apartments and our need to boost our income, you said you would talk with Brian to see if he would help pay for the same and you promised to get back with me. You never have done so.

By the way, your other large misunderstanding relates to Budgets. A budget is not a listing of your monthly income and it is not just a listing of your monthly expenses. It is actually both, and based on past experience and/or justified, realistic future projections using annual numbers, not this month’s numbers.

Despite your several claims to the contrary, we have never received a complete, factual budget from you .,.. just a listing of potential governmental assistance on the income side.

By the way, is the potential assistance based upon you and Brian being single people living together or as a married couple using a copy of your legal marriage certificate or license?

Also if I understand correctly you have advised governmental authorities that the monthly $ financial support we provided in the past was a loan, not income, and you would have to pay it back to us. Is that correct?

Frankly, at this time we are hardly able to help you and certainly not able to financially help Brian AND you. It sounds like, despite the wealth in his family, he had a horrible family situation and thus broke all ties with his family. But, that doesn’t mean we are his salvation in terms of $s and a place to live.

Whatever we are able to do to help you is for you only. We cannot do more than that. It is not fair for you to translate that to “My Dad and Mom don’t like Brian and they want you two to separate. That is your business and that business is made up of your choices. You get to make your own choices but that does not mean that we cannot make our own choices, does it?

Another water: one of your emails said “I am not asking for $ from you and Mom” but you are.



We have $100,000 to $110,000 or more of our retirement money invested in the condo, remodeling, furniture, fixtures, appliances, and furnishings. And, if we were a landlord, and you were not living in the condo, we could rent it completely furnished for $1450 to $1700 a month (maybe even more) with the tenant paying their monthly utility bills and the agreed upon rent. From the gross rent, we would pay insurance (c. $100 a month), real estate taxes (c. $150 a month), and condo association dues (c. $600 a month).

After paying c. $850 a month for those, we would have from $550 to $850 a month or more of the gross monthly rent $ left to serve as our “return on investment” for the c. $100,000 to $110,000 or more we invested in the condo, remodeling, furniture, fixtures, appliances and furnishings.

So, you are asking for $ … the net rental monthly income $s ($550 to $850 or more we could have, after paying expenses, if we rented to a regular tenant rather than you.

You say Brian’s health with fibromyalgia challenges does not permit him to work a job, but what would he do for a place to live if you and he were not living together? Wouldn’t he have to use some of his governmental assistance to pay for housing somewhere else?

Remember, when I told you about the going monthly rental rate for Harbor Lights apartments, you said you would talk with Brian to see if he would help pay for the same and you promised to get back with me. You never have done so. Or, maybe you asked Brian to consider helping pay and he said “No?” But, you didn’t want to tell us that?


The above may not be what you wanted to hear or read, but it is the reality of the situation the three of us find ourselves in.

If you must stay on Maui, the best solution at this time to stay on Maui: you find cheap rental housing and live there. If possible, do some caretaking or perform some services to allow your landlord to reduce the rental to some degree. And, hopefully, get into a socially distanced situation totally unlike Harbor Lights.

We offer all of the above because we care very much about you, want our relationship to return to normal, but finances do not allow a one-sided solution favoring you or one where we favor you and you allow Brian to be a part of that without our permission.


Dad, Mom too

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