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Being And Doing in a Corporate Name

I do not incarnate in these situations because of the soul ties, I was atranger come to town in a family where I did not belong. That right there, is a statement that the upgraded mind will simultaneously interpret as "unwelcome, alienated" and "going to get out of here, soon as I am able" --- The dysfunction of people who avoid their Core, is to find a surrogate of what should be at there center.

I even had a little brother name Cole, who my experiences with him, show that names are more than the mundane. The people on the level of the mundane, they are there because that is where they are at. I am a Poet.

A poet is not what Academia ruins and calls modern poetry, where people take themselves seriously, yet give themselves too.....little room to expand.

Cole, the experience of someone always attempting to get me to abandon my Core....which is not only a child at the center of Being, but is a Goddess. Core, Kore, Car.

Cole and Core, this works in such a there is a "language crystal", that has L and R as interchangeables that ccan show the same idea....from the left or from the right, inside/outside...etc.

They were always trying to get me to identify with working for Boeing; Boeing is GOD to these hooligans.

It struck me, just a few minutes ago...the cleverness of "Boeing". "Don't you wnat to work for BOEING!?" P{fft,, how about I work at BEING. Although, BEING -as something you work at, is contradictory.....that would be DOING.....

Oh, BEING DOING=BOEING. BOEING, accomplishes giving the human who is not in his CORE, but rather somwhere in the COLE....a feeling of "arriving" at BEING//DOING without bothering to grow a pair and investigate what is inside you that stops you from being in the Captains Chair of your own Being.


to really prove it, lowercase letters are necessary. being and doing. d and b, they reflect each other.....b and d, are related to what r and l do in words, in the magical and poetic sense. being and doing....combined as one word....boeing.

Write it in all caps BOEING! The Corporate world is orchestrated by occultists, we will never be free if we don't know how to play the game.

This reveals what cowards they are as well, they can only win, if others can't even compete. ....a true competition, would put them in their natural place....last.

Boeing. That's a good one!

The Poet is the shamanic person, who understands the magical quality of words. Academia has destroyed this. "Modern Poetry doesn't rhyme" pretentious, and also....rhyming is what words do, to mirror what magic can do....synchronicity is events rhyming with your mind.

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