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A Kitten In My Solar Return!


That's right! There was a kitten in my Solar Return for this year. By observation of my own life compared against the charts, I have recently discovered that there can be an event a few days before a Solar Return, that can work symbolically or poetically, to mirror the coming year. I got a really interesting one.

I have found that, as long as a person maintains skepticism about their poetic and symbolic interpretations of the seeming mundane reality, interpretation of actions and events can be rather enlightening and interesting. I regard Consciousness to be the omnipresent force in the Cosmos, which means...our minds are inextricably interwoven with our everyday environment, in a way that suggests intelligent statements can be expressed by the ordinary, which then becomes extra-ordinary. A kind of dialogue, or conversation takes place with the environment. Sometimes, the guidelines of dream interpretation may be applied to waking life, which makes life so much richer and guiding. A great way to demonstrate that there is more than my creativity being projected upon the world, is to check the astrological information. "See, I'm not making stuff up....astrology proves it...." ha ha.

A person that isn't keeping a skeptic's distance about their "waking dream" interpretations, not only has no business being an astrologer, but may become certain that the paperclips and watermelon seeds do conspire to proclaim that he is the "One True" reincarnation of Napolean and it's time to stand in the middle of the freeway in his underpants and shriek at the NEWS helicopters. Actually, taking "signs" literally and much too seriously, is the domain of the fundamentalist mindset, and kleptomaniacs. Vice versa, the complementary polarity of this fundamentalism, is the belief that consciousness is confined to the brain, and a byproduct of the brain, and an experience of interaction with the environment is meaningless creative invention. Hogwash.

Both poles of fundamentalism, whether faith or "science" based, cater to the lowest denominator of awareness, "fallen from grace". Omnipresent Consciousness is the operating model of the Astrologer Poet, the Universe is a line of verse....or a circle? Consciousness is the Omnipresent Deity, (which includes you and your experiences). The way to go, is from the marriage of logic and intuition. So, my Solar Return manifestation was pretty interesting!

3 days before my actual birthday: We had come home from the beach park, where my wife had picked some passion fruit growing in the forest where a hundred cats also live. She is the woman who goes by "Cat", by the way. When we got out of the car, her hands being full of stuff, she dropped three passion fruits. I then had to fetch them for her, they rolled underneath a car next to us... a place normally hidden from our awareness.

Retrieving a fruit of passion, I came face to face with this kitten. "mew meow meoww!" and all of a sudden there was a new kitten in my life. Becasue I am married to Cat, there was no way this kitten was not going to be taken in and fed. "We have to take him in! and then we'll take him to the humane society!" That kitten was not going to make it to the Humane Society Seeking the fruits of passion, or following passion (fruit), led to this. I was certainly in "omens of the coming year" mode, three days away from my birthday...which gives my new Solar Return.

This kitten was purring as I bring him upstairs, and in the back of my mind, I was thinking.."this is how you end up with a new cat, and the best kind...the one that finds you". He sure was hungry. Our two cats that we already had weren't so sure about this, but after a couple of days, they accepted the kitten. He's a kitten, and now there is a trio of cats. Wrestlemania.

When I actually looked at my Solar Return, I was very interested in what it said about my upcoming year, mirroring that this kitten as an omen of "following fruits of passion" was spoken of. Literally, a kitten is a fruit of passion, by the way.

My Solar Return ascendant was in Taurus, a sign connected with pleasure, resources, music, money, security and patience. looking for the ruler, is placed in Scorpio in the sixth house. This can certainly be interpreted as "pursuing my passions" in my daily schedule, as Venus is related to our passions, and what we enjoy doing, in the sixth house...there is more passion and joy in the daily routine, especially because in the sign of Scorpio...the sign of passionate extremes.

One of my computers has a glitch, where it will give Lunar Return interpretations for the Solar returns, so looking at what the program was saying about this placement, it literally said stuff about getting a new pet that I really want, an "ideal pet", but this wasn't expressed in the Solar Return interpretation. Ending up with a new kitten, exaclty our preference, is exactly what happened. Male, friendly, interactive and snuggly, etc. So, I learned that there is good reason to look at the Lunar Return intrepretations for a Solar Return chart, to get more information relevant to the year as a whole.

This Venus in Scorpio in the sixth, was having an opposition to a Moon/Uranus in the 12th, in the sign of Taurus (same sign as AS). The 12th house is of "things hidden from normal view", "losses", "places of isolation", and even "experiencing the Mystery"...energies of the "beyond".

This is how it played out: The Moon/Uranus conjunction, relates to the idea of "emotional surprise", finding a kitten under a car when looking for lost fruit qualifies. That the Moon and Uranus are in Taurus, points to Venus as the "dispositor", or in other words, what happens with the Moon/Uranus conjunction, flows into or goes towards the Venus. Especially due to the opposition aspect, the Moon/Uranus in the 12th, can be said to "cause" the Venus in the 6th situations (having a new kitten in my daily life).

Taurus as the sign of the Moon/Uranus (and AS) would mean....pleasurable emotional surprise, "causing" what occurs in the 6th, which is also the chart ruler the Venus in the 6th has quite a bit of emphasis, lending weight to the concept of this kitten being my year's good omen, for what Venus in the 6th can mean pleasure and passion in regard to daily routine, and "caused" or "triggered" by the pleasant emotional surprise from the 12th.

"Oh shit! All the fruits are rolling away!" (Emotional surprise/moon Uranus)Then I'm ooking for passion fruit that disappeared under a car, a kitten is another surprise. Oppositions are a polarity, the 6th house kitten experience fed back into the emotional surprise in hidden places.

The Venus, representing the manifested kitten, was at the 9th degree of Scorpio. There is a certain part of the body associated with this degree....the vagina, that's what my program says. Cats and vaginas can be alternately called "pussies". That's kind of specific. Isn't astrology amazing? As my omen for the rest of the year, it's as if to say "suprises related to hidden places will cause pussy to appear".

Earlier that day, I was a little bummed because I was expecting 3 books in the mail, two by the same author, one by a different author...both related to a similar theme. Instead, we got a kitten, adding to the 2 we already have, mirroring the "3 in the same category, 2 in a pair one is different"

I was recieving two books by the same author, volumes 2 and 3 of Ralph Ellis's "King Jesus" series (the most incredible historical works I will probably ever read in my entire lifetime), and Astrotheology and Shamanism" by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit. They are all in the category of "theological revision", 2 of them deal with tracking down real historical characters, and the other deals with astrotheological and shamanic themes. These passionate pursuits, (dealing with the research of things obscured from normal awareness is 12th house) trigger bringing what I am passionate about into daily life, which bears fruit. Either that, or we got a new kitten.

It was a good birthday omen.

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