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Man, Men, Min, Mon, Mind

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

In "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets" by Feminist Barbara G. Walker, I found this gem:

MAN- "In the original Old Norse man meant 'woman'. The word for 'man' was not man but wer, from the Sanskrit root vir as in wer-wulf-, the man-wolf. The name Man meant the moon, creatress of all creatures according to Scandinavian and other tribes throughout Europe. Even in Imperial Rome, Man or Mana was the mother of all manes or ancestral spirits. The Sanskrit root man meant 'moon' and 'wisdom', both the primary attributes of the Great Goddess.

Heathen skalds composed a class of sacred love songs to the feminine principle of the Moon and her earthly incarnation, woman; these were mansongr, "woman-songs". They were expressly prohibited by the Catholic Church.

The Isle of Man was formerly sacred to the Moon-goddess, who was sometimes a mermaid or an androgynous Aphrodite who kept men's souls in "pots turned upside down"--i.e., grave mounds and beehive tombs. Passage graves in East Jutland were full of upturned pots, and Iron Age custom. Apparently the Isle of Man used to be a sacred Isle of the Dead. The name of its deity was variously rendered Man, Mana, Mana-Anna, or Manannan.

The island used to have an 'enchanted palace' with a crypt or chapel of thirteen pillars, the sacred number of the old lunar year."

It seems that all the "Womyn" out there never heard of this at all. This is so silly, ironic and hilarious. There is nothing "patriarchal" about the word Man, nor the word "Woman" at all, in any way, whatsoever. According to the research of feminist Barbara G. Walker, it seems that what man and woman really translate to, is "moon goddess" and "birth-giving moon goddess" (womb-Man). It's absolutely hysterical that "Womyn" claimed that "Woman" was a word implying that women are extensions of men, even though "Woman" is the bigger word that could be seen to have "man" contained within it and come out of it, which is a reflection of what actually happens in real life, anyway. Men come from women. Holy Bananas, do you have to be weird to forget that. Out of needing "emancipation from men" , someone decided to replace the A in WOMAN with a Y, which is the symbol for the male chromosome. XX, XY.


It's almost as if a deeper and disowned issue was being revealed here; that many of those identified as "Womyn" (not all), envy and would rather be men, and are unhappy about being born as women for some reason. Much of the time, traumatic events experienced early in life will later cause people to feel uncomfortable within themselves, specifically if the abuse remains unadressed or unresolved. People often blame themselves for what happened to them, and they might blame the cause of their abuse on being born female, (such is the nature of unresolved sexual abuse)...and of course, the original abuser is not specifically held accountable and becomes unconsciously projected on all men everywhere, who are all participants in a wacky conspiracy called "patriarchy". Victims victimize.

Inevitably, someone pointed out how stupid it was to put the male chromosome in place of the A. If trying to "be emancipated from men", it looked really dumb and hilarious. So "Womyn" became "Womxn", by putting the female chromosome X in place of the Y. Then someone inevitably pointed out that replacing an A with a consonant is even more fucking stupid. "But Y is a sometimes consonant!" So it seemed okay, but it was real dumb to demand people refer to you as a "Womxn". Now that we have found out that Man is the Moon and the Goddess, just be happy with "Woman", don't like being a woman...and just admit it, and that . By the way, now we have seen the "Man in the Moon", for realizing that the word Man IS the Moon. Cool.

People will go to absurd lengths to avoid facing their own souls, Carl Jung said. People who are motivated by need to hide truth from themselves will attempt falsify reality for themselves as well as others, turn it upside down and inside out, and in the process screw things up for good people. So many of the "noble crusaders" of our world are at bottom motivated by self-loathing and envy, it is very important to realize this so that people will yield nothing to them. To falsify reality in an attempt to hide truth from oneself, is a form of initiating violence against others. Victims victimize.

There is a freedom to discern, experience and decide that comes through greater understanding of the lunar archetype and its symbols, often associated with Woman and the Great Goddess. The more people understand what symbols mean, the less people can be subliminally coerced.

The word "Man" is also etymoligically and phonetically similar to "Moon", the consonants anchor the meaning. By that fact alone, there was little foundation for claiming that "Woman" is some sort of patriarchal slight to females. Man, Men, and words beginning with the prefixes Min, Mon, Mun also connote "Moon", words like Mind, Minute, El Mundo, Mental, MENstruation, Money, Monday, Mankind, Manhattan (Moon-Aton) etc. connote the Moon.

Now that we know that "man" is the Man in the Moon, and means "woman"...we don't have to say "humankind" instead of "mankind" to be politically correct, because as be politically correct means to be symbolically and psychologically incorrect.

The word Man, regards the feminine. Guess what feminine means? Looking at Old Norse, Old High German, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Faroese, Dalecarlian, Swedish, Old Swedish, we find words like Fem, Femm, Fimm, Faem, Fimf, Fimm for the number FIVE....this must be where femme comes from. We all know that femme relates to the feminine, and femme is mirrored in the words above that all mean "five". Femi-nine, seems to literally mean 59.

59? Fifty-nine? What is that all about? Oh...wait. Clocks. The hour is not 1-60, it is 0-59. This works out on digital and faceclocks, where 0 starts at the #12. Feminine is 59. The first clocks were sun dials, that marked time by the shadows cast by the rays of the sun. The shadow is feminine and 59 to the light, which is masculine. Considering that the shadow is feminine, to "get in touch with one's feminine side", should require getting in touch with one's shadow side. Victims are people that avoid their shadow material, and instead project it onto others and act as the "light that exposes them". A person who does not revere, respect and get acquianted with their shadow cannot be a feminist. Implicit in the word feminist is a reverence for the feminine, which is 59, and which is the feminine complement to the masculine light. Without the feminine, nobody would know what the fuck time it is and nothing would ever get accomplished, such as building civilization, which has been entirely attributed to patriarchy. Huh, that's pretty wierd considering that it would have been completely impossible without organized schedules, made possible by time-marking fem-nine shadows of solar light.

The clock is a wheel, the circle is a female symbol as well, that is then divided into 0-59 minutes. The MIN in minute is a lunar prefix. Feminine is cyclical time, the digital clock abstracted time from the wheel, deluding us about time being linear.

Feminine, apparently meaning 59, is a reason why the rosary in Catholicism has 59 beads. It seems that believers are subliminally influenced to "get in touch with the "feminine"/59 side" in a certain way, without being informed what it's really about, and likely most priests don't know either.

Accepting/rejecting as an energetic dualism; the accepting believer is "feminine" to the priest, on the recieving end of being told what to believe in order to be acceptable to the LIGHT. Feminine and masculine are synonyms for projective and receptive actions, the LIGHT projects it rays and...hitting a spire in the center of the circle (spire is phallic and circle is yonic), the shadows point to the feminine, 0-59. A priest, standing in front of the images of the Deity, is symbolically the spire, any intermediary can be seen this way. It's a fantastic metaphor to access whenever a person does the "expert" trip on me. Believing, accepting, "having faith" are a psychologically feminine route, as contrasted to rejecting, fighting, being an inconvenient nuisance and seeking for oneself, and then still engaging the feminine to reflect on things, accepting truth by way of self-discovery. This is a higher androgyny.

"The light touches me and I point at your feminine (receptivity and shadow)". Psychological patterns do conform to this model, actually. Fractals work in a poetic way, not just mathematically and geometrically. Every expert that poses as the intermediary of "the light" (knowledge, righteousness) immediately casts their shadow on whoever they want to be feminine to their trip, that is; receptive, pliable, subjected and submitting. Note: "feminine and masculine" are polarities within all of us, it is not about biology. When balanced, a person is sane...out of balance towards either end is equally toxic.

Too masculine=an asshat with no self-awareness that tells everyone what to do, always projecting everything about herself onto others who laugh at her, the "know it all" that has no clue what's going on.

Too feminine=no mind of his own, forgives everything and never sticks up for himself, never takes a risk in pursuit of a great dream, accepts what is rather than deciding to go to the gym and get in shape.

A person who balances these polarities, becomes spritually androgynous and is IN-SPIRED by the light, rather than standing in shadow of an external intermediary dressed as a priestess (in faux androgyny). Balanced, a person is able to REFLECT and be self-aware by way of the feminine principle within, which determines the actions to be taken in life, so they may be guided by intelligence and awareness. It is impossible to be intelligent and to make intelligent decisions without the feminine principle of self-reflection and looking within, otherwise a person acts like an utter fool, blaming everyone for why things predictably go wrong. I

It is feminine to recieve sense data, to take things in and observe, it is feminine to absorb information and digest things, which results in being more profound and deep. A person who rejects the feminine/59, is that typical a-dolt that doesn't notice anything that would be cause for reinterpretation, reconsideration and proper assessment of a situation, and on the flipside, a person who rejects the masculine, is the willing slave who never seeks challenge for the sake of evolution into freedom and capacity, the lifelong infant with no self-respect.

It's just such a farce to see people having a battle about either "this or that", you can only choose either A or B, not both....always, the same game played through the ages, the pattern never changes. The polarization of "opposites" always leaves us stuck and infirm, it is only by way of authentic androgyny (psychological, emotional, spiritual) that a person is freed from the sadomasochistic hierarchy that people refer to as "normal".

There is a really interesting dimension to my claim that MAN refers to the Moon, and by association, all that is Goddess oriented, including the feminine principle, which I have etymologically associated with the clock number FIFTY-NINE.

From Marty Leeds, I learned of the amazing, astounding, and profound gematria cipher for the English Alphabet, which based on the number SEVEN. This was uncovered by taking note of all the septenary allusions such as the seven days of creation, the MENorah, the seven seals, the seven churches, etc.

It works like this:

English is a magical language

He found that by going up and down from 7 four times, and then up again to 7 again, touching 7 FIVE TIMES (five, fem, fim, faem, femme) he arrived at a shape that, seems to spell out a word.

Corresponding with the idea of 59, he disovered that the name JESUS CHRIST=59. WTF!!!

You may have heard about the New Agey "Divine Feminine Christ" at some point, which is an imbalanced reaction to the lopsided "Divine Masculine Christ" that lacking a feminine side, puts people to the sword and sets villages on fire.

Let me show ya something.

Using the cipher for the English Alphabet, we get JESUS=45666=27 and CHRIST=365567=32

27+32=59. Jesus Christ is FEMI-NINE. But wait! 27 multiplied by 32=864.

864,000 miles is the diameter of the SUN! The Light and the Shadow simultaneously encoded in two words.....the theme being expressed in this fashion is that harmonizing both polarities within yourself in front of an audience will get you crucified and then everyone who wants to go through life not being accountable for their own behavior will imagine that you exist take the burden of consequences away from them. That right there folks is the foundation of FAME, a phonetic equivalent of FIM, FEM, FEMME and FAM, as in FAM-ILY.

FAME, which seems to connote five...can be described as the experience which occurs to a person who ends up being the recipient of collective attention projected at them, similar to standing within the beam of a great light.

The Greater the LIGHT, the Greater the shadow that is cast. The person who integrates this shadow, will become...really profound. John 10:9 "I am the Door"

"Numerology shows us that the universe is much simpler, more magical, more crafty and in the firm beliefs of this author, unquestionably intelligent than we currently tend to believe. There is an intelligent force, a great mystery, a great spirit within nature and that intelligence is speaking to us through the magic of number."-Marty Leeds

"The universe cannot be read until we have learnt the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word." – Galileo Galilei

59, by the way...reduces to FIVE. 5+9=14=5.

FIVE is a star.

A star experiences FAME,


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