Here at Tezcat Real, we feel pressed to demonstrate the light and right to a name which you can think about if you want to go on that particular journey.  We are living in an age where we are priviliged to have access to the uncoveries of many great thinkers such as Scott Onstott, Marty Leeds, Jain 108 and Joe Dubs..each of them have shown with scientific accuracy that we are living within the Imagination of a Great Mathemagician....we take this a step further and show that THE POET is also a reality of our Mind At Large.  To ignore these proofs of a Great Intelligence operating in the Universe while claiming the status of "expert", of a Spirit which is not outside of physical space but wed to to be a complete and utter dumbass. How many times do logical patterns need to be found within nature to pass beyond "mere coincidence"? It doesn't matter, (pun intended) nothing matters for them because spirit is beyond this world for both traditional science and religion.....the positions of authority enjoyed by the weak and underdeveloped depend on blocking the entry of the Truth of our Universe.  

We consider a word like "Universe", as being comprised of as many symbols are there are letters...each letter an entity with a life of its own, U N I is you and I...and we VERSE together.  This is called communion, and the UNI of Universe is a Yoni. With that intimate image of the pussy of GODDESS delivering lines of verse, (Universe is "One Verse")---does it not imply that GOD is experiencing this verse? While "science" insists on idiotic multi-verse theories that completely miss the point, Tezcat Real can tell you all about it.  There are as many Universes as there are Individuals in Communion with GODDESS.   

We are living in an erotic shared Universal space, and a band/nation name like Tezcat Real must live up to itself by not shying away from the nature of poetic communion....which implies simultaneous orgasms.  Do I need to point out that walking through big obvious vaginal doors into what is called "Mother Church", past the vestibule-which is the word for the wet pink flesh between the labia minora and "The Holey of Hole Ease", and then sitting in the pews (as in "PeeYYUUUU---those nuns smell like hot sweaty garbage"--​it's the only way to ensure that priests leave them alone) and waiting through projections of guilt and shame so to recieve symbols of sperm and menstrual blood from a guy in a dress, "communion" get on your knees before a guy wearing a dress to receive this communion---to symbolize that this organization was founded and run by and for those who cannot experience the real thing, who were precisely the reason why some knowledge was guarded from the profane because they would take symbols too literally and mix sperm and menstrual blood for the experience of communion...and also far worse things.  Then you get told you are a sinner and exit from your mothers pussy, which lets me know that a lot of men and women are controlling authoritarians as a result of an erotic fixation on Mother, who stopped natural development at some early stage making it necessary to have children to display as evidence that they can make it happen with a real partner, but "Jesus comes first" who is just a scapegoat anyway, people send him off to run errands (pray) so they can be with Mother while nobody is looking.... that had a priest inside as if to say that you are not the baby, the priest is the big stupid baby....hey waitaminute.  

Tezcat Real carries with it an erotic vibration, and we understand what is going on in society.....fighting against it is useless, we are aware that the situation is always the same: there is a place for everything, and the Truth will occupy that space...unless an impostor can find a way to mimic the presentation of the Truth, and usurp that seat.  It is up to women to save the world from this darkness which is manipulating women to get it's way...and it will fail.   The internet is as freely erotic as it is, because we are meant to identify with the digital, virtual world as preferable to this world.....which is "not safe anymore"--don't socialize, everyone you know is a potential danger....but keep obeying the pervert in office.  Where is women's intuition?. Huh? What happened? 

Of course, if we were talking of true science and religion, we would be relating to the concepts as different sides of a unity.....a dialectical monism.  Yang and Yin.  The polarization of the two "opposites" has one only able to mimic science, and the other only able to mimic religion (from tie down, as in bridging spirit and matter) the polarization of two false claims is yet another symptom of a world having an indecent affair with 2D, as if we were re-enacting the "fallen angels who fell from their high estate" by deciding that it is lots of fun to get laid with the "daughters of men" (contrast with the daughters of women who give birth to children naturally, the "daughters of men" implies artificial means of human reproduction--genetically engineered primitive workers).  We are mating with the inferior dimension, surface images.    Pornography---think about how many "men" you know that are frequently mating with the second dimension? Every orgasm experienced while being stimulated by soulless images, is a 


Science has been far too busy discovering new ways to negate meaning to bother to uncover anything, and religion? God is Good, (Goddess Good) Religion will cover Dess or Dis cover with a version of God which is aversion of Goddess...With Goddess covered, God discovered --- and just in case of a great uncovering of the truth, there are those who are dedicated to recovering the Goddess with aversion of Goddess which is "female only",  so that the dynamic of opposites in competition rather than synergizing 

October 12th, 1492.. "Discovery" of a "New World" as the history books say  (hystery).....and who ever considers that the New World was a Disc-Covered world...that Columbus (the Dove) had brought Masters to, a land that had previously been the land of the naked Spheres? Columbus and others brought trauma, shame, terror, plague, ungratefulness, absurdity, abject horror and clothing to these people of the sphere--whatever there word was for "sphere".  I would not be surprised if Indians quoted as talking about "our Mother Earth does everything in circles" (I believe Black Elk Speaks is one instance", and how often is the idea of the Sphere actually lost in translation?) 

How could they say that a New World had been discovered if there were already people here? Right....something doesn't make sense.  You know what does make cents though? Little discs with disembodied heads which say "In God We Trust".  The heads on these discs are precedents, oh..I mean presidents. They are images of those at the top of the chain of, each head is a Disc Over our world.  Each one of them is an "O" shape, making each a Dico-O.  Disco sucks, and by the way....if someone asks you to spare some change, you can give them head as you pay THEM to receive head from you. 


"In God We Trust"...and you want proof that this "America" has been a situation where those who take words for granted,   


and trauma takes people down to a place where things are two dimensional and polarized against each other---black or white, and rather than say no gray area, I am going to say no RED, which is in the middle of the other two.  

I have been thinking about how everything I have to relate to people is unorthodox and puts me in a position where I can expect to have people demand that I go out of my way to prove things.....which is only going to slow me, imagining my audience could be people that really need extra convincing because they are from a religious background, or a mechanistic universe background...and you know what, other people have come before me...and if you are where you are at now, that is where you are...and if you have not chosen wisely, go ahead and waste your own time disapproving of this, have a ball.  


We are at a point where I am not out to sway people who are on the other side of the line....wherever you are at, you have made your choice of what path to go down....and I won't waste time trying to win you over.  If my ideas are offensive to you, that's awesome.  This voice is for those who are already oriented to a way of being in the world that rejects 

Proof of the SEX GOD

God is Real.jpg

This can be done with any disc, any planet, star, English Muffin, cup of coffee or satellite.  The Full Moon is the Rock Star, it is made of rock and once a month, it rivals the Sun. 


The Rock Star. 

"Only Women Bleed" is my favorite by Alice Cooper song, by the way


           The ratio of the Diameter of a Circle to the Circumference, reveals the infinite.........                                        Pi. 3.14 etc. into trillions of decimal placements and still going......


Here is One (and Zero) Reason why the Serpent has always been a symbol of High Wisdom and Initiation. Stare into a serpent's I for long enough, and GOD will be revealed.  Oh, wait GOD doesn't like snakes because they also symbolize death and rebirth.  REBIRTH is taboo.  You only get one shot, and it's Evan-Williams instead of the fancy stufff. 

Symbol of PHI, the Golden Ratio that is a proof of Cosmic Intelligence. IO, and not just that.....PHI is bluntly stating that the I of IO, is I, myself.  I is larger than O, to emphasize the LOGOS, rather than the seamless world.

Below are quotes about GOD, who is the child of IO.  They don't tell you that GOD has parents in the Bi-Bull.  


Serpent climbs up the pole for ISIS 

cell dog.jpg

Another internal visualization operation involves simply regarding this image of cell division as a DOOR, the doorknobs are clearly implied.  Imagine that the door hinges are parallel to the knobs on the circumference.  Open the door and know DOG.  

DOG is your best friend.  DOG is your co-pilot. 

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