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The Glyph for Gemini appears to imply a hallway, leading to a either door, or perhaps more hallway. Typically, the glyph for Gemini shows the bars set above and below the straight pillars are curved, or tapering, rather than being straight, as if to remind someone of the perspective of walking down a hallway. See the image below, which explains what I mean.




Gemini, in one sense is about exploring, especially your local environment. Put this hallway in the context of signs around it.


Taurus. You're sitting in your favorite chair, drinking beer and listening to "Master of Puppets" as loud as you want to, because you don't have any neighbors anymore. (This is my fantasy, but follow me down this hallway of thought) You eventually run out of beer, realize you're tired and feel like going to bed. So you leave Taurus (being content where you were) and get up, and walk down the hallway (Gemini moves about the local environment), and come to a door, which is the Master Bedroom..or "Master of Bedrooms". Inside, is your bed, your haven where you can get all comfy, and have the cat sit by your feet. where the bed is, specifically, Taurus to Gemini, to Cancer. Gemini is the Hallway. Whenever you get up to do stuff, get something. The hallway is also this experience right now of reading this words, when you are done and satiated, you are at Cancer. Gemini is the reading, you are the student. Exploring the local environment, the words before you.



Jachin and Boaz are the twin Pillars.


Gemini, the sign shows that there are two pillars, and an opening. Two, yet it is the third sign, and corresponds with the 3rd house.


When a person unites the two pillars, there is a third in the Qabala. Masculine and Feminine working together. There is all this talk about "you choose the left hand path" Boaz, or the Right Hand path, Jachin.



This concept also applies to the concept of Dionysus and Apollo, Nietzche referred to in the Birth of Tragedy. The wild emotional intuititive psychic chaotic part of oneself, working together with the logical ordered part of the self.


The "third pillar" Gemini is three, when a person is able to unite the twins, walk through the Door. The Door leads to Sagittarius, the 9th house. The Priest.


The 9th house is the "House of The Teacher"...the Archer shooting his "arrow", if Gemini is the balls....the arrow is most likely....the orgasm.


At 26 degrees Sagittarius is the Galactic Center.


As the story goes, "Jesus" had a brother named James, James is long for "Jim". From his perspective, he would relate to his experience with his brother with statements like "Jim and I went and got stoned in the public square by a bunch of crazy assholes" .


Jim and I, Jim n' I. Gemini. Siblings. If a person knows what to look for, the Bible is just so darn interesting. It really is. The way the Universe works, it just seems that things happen in unexpected, miraculous ways.


King James authorized the first Bible. King Jim. The book and the reader, Jim and I. Gemini.

Two books, twins. Testaments.


Two Testicles, Gemini is a masculine sign.


The septenary gematria system is one I often explore.

Boaz is 6. Six is Sex.


The left hand path indulges in sex. Six. The external illusion.

Jachin is 20.

Penis and Vagina are also 20.

together, Jachin and Boaz are 26.


The twins are the brain hemispheres, Left Brain and Right Brain, Apollo and Dionysus, Castor and Pollux,



37 is an important number, numeroligicaly. From Gemini to Libra, is a concept of 3 and 7.



Gemini is 11----

Libra, the relationship with the other...two brains in relationship is 11:11.


The twins are also the concept of Ida and Pingala, or Od and Ob.


The third eye, when the twins unite. Gemini is two pillars of a door, the third eye is the door...and the Sagittarian. The Priest.


Twe twins are also the eyes. between them is the dot in the forehead. The temple.

The third eye is the temple priest.


The Snake Charmer ---(the snake in this case is the spinal column)


The Sun and the Moon are the Twins...and the mathematical correspondences between them.


The Triptych is Gemini....


When you realize the amazing parallels going on with the sun and the moon, a door is opened , and you walk through and meet the Architect. The "arrow" being shot, is the Logos.




yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

The siblings of NOW are the past and the future.


Today is the Door, that leads to the "priest"..the snake charmer....the twin pillars are the past and the future, the present walks between them.


his brother and his sister, boaz and jachin...


They always tell you, a near death experience, "go towards the light" that is at the end of a tunnel, or the hallway"...


When on the inside of a cathedral, it creates the illusion that you are hearing an intermediary standing at the end of the BIG hallway, the BIG door, and the stained glass window above, is meant to allude to being the "representative" of that light. It is all a con.


"He walked on down the hall"

The image of GEMINI's glyph can also be the FRAMES of FILM

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