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In the Beginning was The Word, and The Word was with GOD, and The Word WAS GOD -- John 1:1

To begin, when we could start?  Why to people need to start at the beginning? Why not just start and get on with it? Should we finish when we reach The End?  You may have heard of a seventh generation, but what do you know of your own generation?  Do you accept Central Authority as being within your SOL?  There is no introduction to us that suffices, we can show you but cannot make you, you are a destiny that is between yourself and a Goddess, whose abuse and enslavement has been uncovered by us, and what we have to give can be found nowhere else... dedicated to the universe as a goddess who guides the inner SOL by communion, she is poetry....or UNIVERSE, you and I - but we have been thrown in REVERSE --- and we know the way out, and most suppressed and threatening to those unworthy of any position of authority, is knowledge unearthed by us and, the erotic ways of the jaguar priestesses........a gentleman doesn't expose the intimate means of raising massive power that has been cause of envy, violence and appropriation of knowledge very much in misuse today.   All of the female industry slaves, these pop stars, we realize they are meant to be priestesses, whose videos include leopard print symbolism to let us know of Beta Kitten Sex Slave programming.   This points to an extreme betrayal of what has become our name.  If what is happening in Hollywood is unbelievable to you, we want to make sure that we alienate those fans who like our music, but trash us --- we are not entertainers. WE ARE AN OUTLAW COUNTRY BAND, MEANING THAT THE AUTHENTIC AMERICA HIDDEN FROM US ALL, IS ALIVE WITH TEZCAT REAL AND OUR TRIBE...NO FANS, AND ALL FOLLOWERS WILL BE SHOT.   


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Waiting for the Sun was released on July 3, 1968 

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