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This is the PENTAGRAMMATON.  It is the upgrading and enhancement of the TETRAGRAMMATON, which is to be a bridge connecting eternity and the temporal realm, or the non-linear with the linear; what it takes to enter and pass a Door between worlds, to not be limited by the concerns of mortality and be able to have goals that involve many lifetimes, and this means that people won't understand the point of things if there is no foreseeable payoff in this particular life; and would tell me I am a complete idiot, and we're not talking about eternity as "forever" in the linear sense.  Withouth the spirit, represented by Shayin, (sounds like Cheyenne) the triple flame whose number is 300 between YH and WH, YHWH is the Diety, and only a temporal Deity could ever be jealous, because a temporal deity would be....mortal, and base.  There are FOUR points of the base of the pyramid, the FIFTH is the capstone. 


The unpronounceable name of YHWH, had to be pronounced "Adonai" to avoid pronunciation of Yaheweh, a name of the Egyptian Thoth, the MOON god (Rock Star), and breaking connection with anything Egyptian was a big no pronouncing YHWH.  Say "Adonai", which can really be traced to Aten if you want, but that's another story. 

"God, existing in His essential and absolute Unity, is exalted and distinct from material manifestation. As such, He is considered as a "fifth state" existing "behind" manifest Creation. This "fifth state" is the Source from which the four letters or phases of the Tetragrammaton are projected. This concept implies a direct relationship between the four letters of the Tetragrammaton and the four elements of classical philosophy, which, in turn, correspond directly to the four states of matter in modern physics. These four elements are Fire (energy), Water (liquids), Air (gases), and Earth (solids). These are the four distinguishable manifestations of the "source-substance" which Pythagoras termed "Quintessence". In Latin writings, "quinta essentia" literally means "fifth substance".  


So, there you have it.  The "fifth" thing is the SPIRITUAL substance, which is "behind" manifest creation, which is like how ideas are behind the manifestation of the ideas.  





Consider the TEST pattern again, the FIFTH circle is the spiritual essence in the center of the four elements.  The Pentagrammaton is being symbolized here, and Television Set is where Yeheshua is, or something....the Lakota? Indian is "Christ", looking West to the Sunset of yesterday, the Father.  The number associated with Shayin is 300.  In numerology, the addition or subtraction of any zero only determines the scale of the number, and what I am saying is that 300 is equal to 30 and 30 is equal to 3.  With the letter "Shayin" 300 is applied to the letter, that is called the "triple-flame"; it is understood that 3 and 300 refer to the same thing, and 30 happens to be the number between.  Television Set is trying to lure people looking for God that is behind creation, and Television Set has done enough damage.  We must abandon the REEL and get back to the REAL, first by insisting that the word REAL be made NOT to intersect with REEL by having an equivalent phonetic quality with REAL; making sure to speak Ray-AL...and in doing so what is REAL has become what is ROYAL, and this will displace frauds from ever being considered to be important and special.  

yod heh.jpg

These images show the meaning of the letters of the TETRAGRAMMATON, which are claimed to have “behold” for the letter HEH…..this makes sense, because you say “HEY!” when you want to show somebody something, or get their attention.  Although, Heh also means WINDOW as can be seen below.  I wanted to show these images above, because in Paleo-Hebrew, the TETRAGRAMMATON looks like the word “EYES’---and when HEH actually means windows, and there are two of them….we are certainly having two eyes.  Now, it is very interesting to consider that the difference between the TETRAGRAMMATON and the PENTAGRAMMATON, or between YAHWEH and YEHESHUA, is the difference between eyes that seem dead and vacant, and eyes that belong to someone with the Universe contained within them,.

 ‘I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within myself we shall be one.-
Crazy Horse


The “God” behind creation, is the GOD that lives behind the eyes of the person who makes eye contact with you.  This quote from Crazy Horse seems to contradict the idea that Indians are supposed to regard “eye contact” as a rude act of dominance, when I am certain that just means that some tribes were made up of chickenshits that turned away from the warrior path and were passive plant eaters.

There are gestures that are universal, and looking away from the eyes of another, mean a person is uncomfortable with themselves and lacks confidence….has something to hide, otherwise a person, like Crazy Horse, is quoted as having regard for the light in someone’s eyes.  He had no issue with eye contact, and expected others to have no issue, unless they had an issue. "Go ahead and look through my eyes into my Universe, I am not afraid that you will see me as I am, because I am seriously Crazy Horse, that's right".  He got closer to the American soldiers in battle, and wanted to look them in the eyes if he could, before striking. Beyond death, he perhaps got even closer.....he wanted to understand and know his enemy, intimately.  


Shaman's tend towards the direction of what others would avoid.  


I have an interesting take on this, that seems to reveal that linear time is no limitation to the Spirit. The person who is GOD behind the eyes, windows of the soul, can see the future and the past, and for these abilities is held in high esteem in healthy civilizations, which is not ours in any way at all.  I have shown in another page that YHWH reveals HWHY when we remember that we read the word from right to left, (The Indian Head looks to the RIGHT as if to say START THERE) and by contracting the repeated H, by the same rule that makes ISIS into $, we arrive at the HWY.  What are we doing on the HWY, with the window(s), the hand, and the nail? And the SPIRIT looking out from the windows of the soul, of course…..


THE HWY is for driving the nail, into the SUN, when we realize that the NAIL that is being driven, is the HWY as it tapers into a point on the HORIZON, specifically when we are driving WEST at Sunset, because that is the appropriate time for the SUN to go down and become resurrected at THE DAWN.  

It's very interesting to note that DALET, meaning "Door", is this fourth character of the five...making a natural transistion from the DOOR to the WINDOW.  A door is a window into another experience...will you stand at the threshold, or walk into the place?

If we return to YHWH or HWHY, we have TWO windows once again, and as the HWY would imply, which includes the possibility of WHY, we are asking why we are on the HWY to begin with? Well, because we are driving...and not just driving.  We are driving the NAIL into the SUNSET....the HAND that is YOD drives this NAIL, while the other hand is for tuning into RA-DIO, the star that has decided to end the days of Video...(Viddy-Yo) 

When the HAND (YOD) drives the NAIL (WAH), the optical illusion created by traveling on the HWY that is the contraction of YHWH, the TWO WINDOWS of HEH, manifest as the driver's side window and the passenger's side window.  

The Nail (V,W) that is the HWY from the perspective of the GOD behind "YHWH"/Eyes, is being driven into the Sun.  The HWY is being driven, BY the Son...the SON regards the HAND (Yod) is driving the NAIL (Vahv), and between the HAND and the NAIL is the WINDOW...the windshield....when YHWH or HWHY is contracted to HWY or WHY when properly read from RIGHT to LEFT, depending on which HEH we dispense with.  WHY gives us the road/ if the Sunset is asking the question, and by tomorrow we should have the answer. 

OR HWY starts with the WINDOW, the EYE of single vision, or perhaps BEHOLD! NAIL! HAND! (If I only had a hammer, or a way to get hammered).  


WHY is the looking forwards, out the front windshield to the horizon.  Double You, (your body and the car) H (the windshield) and the YOD, the fire of creation that is the fire of gasoline burning and moving pistons. Or just Y? Questioning the future. 

HWY is  the look in the rear-view mirror and H the window, W--two of you, the one who sees from behind the eyes and the reflection, and questioning the past. 

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