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CO-together, both


VIDE-from Latin "to see" or "refer to"

Co Vide "Together, we see....refer to both of them, we see both......

CO-VIDE, COVID......19????

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19 squared=361

360 degrees of a circle=

the whole world,

the field of experience. 


+1 person to experience it=361=square root=19

361=a dot inside of a circle


living together, co vida!

(strain to be born from the Delta of Venus) 


sun glyph.jpg

This is the glyph that stands for the SUN, it is also the universal breast, ayin "the eye", symbol of light and time, and it is also the idea of an individual standing in the central position---the circle which surrounds is the UNIVERSE, perceived by that person.   The Sun is not merely "out there", there is a Sun or Self within access the Sun, a person is grounded in their central core...which requires exploration of the past and the uncovering of trauma for unblocking the way to our Individual Sovereignty.   For every "out there" is a picture constructed by the brain "in here".  There are TWO SUNS....IS RA EL? (Is the external sun, equal to the inner? IS RA, EL?) 

This is also the idea of 360+1, degrees of a circle plus one, the individual.  The square root of 361 is 19.   The 361 is a breast, and simultaneously the symbol of standing in the center of your own being, where you are at HOME.  Breasts are organic hieroglyphs which stimulate us to find our way home, mammary=memory.  It is no accident that you can see all the breasts you want on the internet, as if seducing us to a digital dimension..."I don't feel at home in this world anymore"----this abundance of virtual nudity trains the mind to be oriented towards the 2D dimension as "home" ---and how do we get to the other side? Virtual "reality" --with "virtue"--a new home.  Home is within us.....home is WHERE YOU SEE--together, with reality....a dualism which is transcending polarization----is the poetic experience of the authentic individual.     

COVID--the word implies "both see"---19, the square root of 361.  Two individuals that are at home in themselves share two sun glyphs, that are also breasts.   Have you noticed the self-alienation? Does it matter if this is deliberate? NO...the way that we use words has subliminal influence....and considering that linear time has been demonstrated to be an illusion constructed by our brains......somehow "all time is now", which means that the old meanings of old words are still active somewhere in time, and the subconscious does not necessarily care for linear sequencing.   COVID....VIDE, VIDA---- 

Neurolinguistic programming is a legitimate science, so nothing I point out here is "kooky" or invalid.  

Burning Man---I remember, people always referred to it, being there for a few days, as "home"....this is due to the effect that female nudity has upon perception and the soul, breasts/nipples are triggers that tell the deepest part of ourselves that "this is home"---I do not believe that home is somewhere that lasts one week. 


COBRA--The breasts are considered the "extra pair of eyes" that women have, which is why "COBRA" has been a hieroglyph and symbol for "woman"....CO-(together) BRA (cups that hold flowing "water"). NILE COBRA, is a great deity.....the DELTA of Egypt was very fertile......the Delta of the an abundant DOOR.   

Place S and N on either side of the circle, make a 2D representation of a sphere, S-N for South and North.  What word do you see, if starting from South...which is foundation? SON.  Who places the DOT in the center of the Circle? That would be the DOTTER....the ear hears, but is dominated by the EYES....that believe in Daughters, never considering DOTTERS.  Your hearing is in session.....(bang the gavel)

sun glyph.jpg
sun glyph.jpg

Eyes? Or Breasts? We see 19?

sin of eve.jpg

From the bottom up, the past informs the future.  "Below" is memory, SEVEN is a state of spiritual sovereignty...warrior status, able to commune with GODDESS--and this is when language becomes magic. "NEVER" is a reverse of SEVEN, the S moved one letter R.  Everything is like this, a little twist on a that truth can be replaced by mimicry.  Communion, or communism? 


each of six coordinates can be imagined as leading to an edge, or a plane of a cube.  Try thinking from within the box, not outside the box.  Yes, being inside the box has erotic connotations.....a STAR. 

Without the light, it is a BLACK CUBE---S-U-B-M-I-T or  with the light


So, here it is folks.  Original SIN.  The Original Sin is to draw a line that connects the South and North Poles of a circle, from the bottom up....SIN represents that we do not abandon our roots, which are the memories within us of who we are and who we have been.  I am referring to previous incarnations.  It is extremely stupid to believe that people with extraordinary talents are starting from zero with everyone else.....some of us are more experienced.  This is very logical.  "S" is clearly the letter of our alphabet which can symbolize the serpent---carrier of knowledge, within memory. 

This is also SION.  What is a MANSION? MAN who realizes the infinite within.  When finding the ratio of the diameter to the circumference, the LINE being the masculine and the circle being FEMININE---we get the infinite number Pi...3.1415.........etc. It never ends.  MANSION is seven letters, compare this with MANSON.  The idea these days is to destroy the mascuLINE, to stop us from our awakening.  

The ORIGINAL SIN or EVE is depicted below, for your amazement.  It is a very simple idea that has been hidden for a long time.  By the way, the primordial schism, is the ORIGINAL SIN---the original vagina which gave birth to a world to experience.  SIN is code for female genitals.  Born of original SIN.....yeah. ADAM is A DAM on the river.  The Nile is the serpent behind much mythological symbolism.  Nile Cobra. 

Now, EVE comes into the EVE within SIN, a woman who was not wearing any clothes, so that the allegory of the vagina is secretly referenced.  Vagina is a stupid word, I prefer pussy, want to know why? 

The Aramaic term for LYONESS is labia.  There are TWO LABIA Sekhmet and Bast, that are guardians of THE DOOR.  Sekhmet is in the WEST and BAST is the EAST. 

BEAST is a play on words, merging BAST and BEST, also EAST. 

A WOMAN is the DOOR, if she balances the feminine and masculine to realize synergy.  SINNER-G.  GODDESS. Seven letters. Seven is a five letter word. 5G.  G is the seventh letter.  Consider Zenobia.  Seven letter words.  Her original name is Al Zaaba, which means "The star" "seven" and "the door" simultaneously.  Zenobia is not going to be used as a symbol for modern feminism, because I will screw that up as much as I can manage. Language should be respected as sacred. Do you ADORE A DOOR? Reduction of breasts and pussies (7 and 7) to their functions of sexual stimulation, erotic about exactly what "being sexual" is really about.  SEX is the latin word for SIX.  Soulless sensation.  

SIX is SEX, and SEX is the same as GENDER, in the occult sense of the word...which is entirely the point.  SEX is SIX and GENDER is SIX letters. 66. CIS is also SIX.  SIX refers to being selfless (part of the machine), the primary virtue that almost nobody can figure out that means "slavery" and "self-hatred", loss of soul, autonomy, undead and irresponsible.  I am so frustrated with the constant "selflessness" idea being praised as being spiritual...when it is the opposite. 

It's always a choice between one or the other "service to self" or "service to others"...otherwise intelligent people keep suggesting this, and so I'm going to add.....BOTH of those choices in balance transcend "good and evil" in the sense of the two-dimensional mode of FALLEN PERCEPTION which is always polarization of two "opposites against each other"--and the sad solution, is to "transcend" duality--for ONE DIMENSIONAL REDUCTION....sigh.  Go the OTHER WAY. GIVING and RECEIVING are equal.  


 I hear people say that a key tenet of Satanism is "self-preservation"...which is retarded, because "Satanists" are fragmented or divided within themselves and they all basically align themselves with the idea of the BLACK CUBE, which is taken from the idea of the CUBE-SPHERE, the balance of forces in the Universe...the Black Cube is "lights out" when the SPHERE, the burning star of the SELF at the center---is snuffed out. BURNING which is SEVEN.....EVE within SIN.   The black cube is the symbol of the HEXTERNAL (external)...SIX is a person who has abandoned their light and right to their natural authority, as the ONE added to SEX, which makes a seven letter word.  EVE within SIN is...GODDESS.  It is often said that the Black Cube is a symbol of the Goddess...and this is total bullshit.  It is a symbol of the feminine gone wrong, a vampire....due to not being excited by the divine source of light that SEX is receptive to.  SEX planes of a cube, "implicate orders" of holographic theory.  


SIX is the animal human, SEVEN is the human in communion with GODDESS.  Our world is ruled by those who are weak, and cannot achieve this communion.  They are prisoners, and want to take us down with them.   Look at this image, it is self-explanatory.  EVE is "IN SIN" ---and look at that, SEVEN is spelled.  SEVEN, is directly related to PI, 22/7=3.1415...and 7 is the only number of 1-9 that that will not divide evenly by 360, SEVEN is the DOOR to the infinite.    


There are SIX coordinates of space-time, that can be imagined as each finding an edge.   A black obsidian mirror, perhaps.  Six of them. Six planes, SEX on a plane.   According to this, then my refusal to allow an abusive childhood have me lose contact with my core self, makes me a "Satanist", no actually it makes me A DOOR, to the infinite within myself--and everyone with enough courage can be ADORED, don't identify with (h)external authority--which uses the concept of SIX and SEX (same meaning) to alienate us from what SEVEN symbolizes.....that there could be a light within---that activates GODDESS....without your light, GODDESS is dead.  SUBMIT is the six letter word which takes the place of GODDESS. CENTRAL AUTHORITY is only within each individual, as an experience of communion with the world requiring no intermediary....the universe is far more intelligent than people.   everything else is a lie....and all those who are   Well, according to the definition of SIN--I am a Singer.  I preserved my CORE self and saved it from destruction--I am capable of empathy and love.  

I am not blindly re-enacting things from my unconscious, self-preservation is a good thing.  Satanists destroy themselves, what the "self-preservation" refers to---is obedience to their owners....which can merely be whatever addictions they feed that keep them "beside themselves" and fragmented, divided within....NOT INDIVIDUAL. Have you heard this garbage about "Satan represents Individuality"? Yeah, whatever.  Nothing could be more false.  None on the "dark side" have contact with a CORE self to be bothering to preserve....they join up with hierarchical organizations that require obedience. The individual is unaffiliated.  

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