The Image Of Nation below, was a peace that I offered to the One Mile Clock Project at Burning Man 2011 and it was something worth the generation of a great deal of thought...and for a while, I have wanted to write a passage for myself, since the sentences are serving me and never the other way around.  It is rather interesting to consider that I was placed AT IO o'clock on this big bastard of a time peace. It is even more interesting to consider that I was placed at the one and the zero, which is quite a bit more interesting and advanced beyond the immaturity of "the one", who is my bitch, and O, also a bitch.  A real Sun of a bitch, har har. 


IO, which is equivalent to God-Goddess, or masculine and feminine co-operating powers---interesting.  Wasn't the whole layout of Burning Man based on a Clock? Like, streets are name 9 o'clock ROCK! No, I just made that up. I still have the peace, and also a peace of the I never "de-activated" the image by burning it. is still telling time what to do, yeah.....and this is what time is going to on this Autumnal Equinox of a Just US---I never was consulted about the theme of the last one to be....which actually suggested a Metamorphosis idea, and then having the actual idea be.....Kafka's Metamorphosis.  Well, all you ROACHES that came out of hiding and are out in the open? 

This Year's Theme: Silent Man....and the sacrificial victim? None other than all you roaches....Burning Roach Man.  I live in Maui and it broadcasts spiritually to everywhere from this island of love.  Tezcat Real America--the I AM CARE, prevails.....the statement is growing emotionally.  The Archetype of Cancer is healed and restored and from now on, any Dionysus based solely on Capricorn 

I have decided, officiating here as Brian Johnson, Brian Hendricks, Brian Hoffman and Marshall Rygzz, (I have many names) oh...and 

burning man.jpg

         TEZCAT REAL

"The imagination is not a state,

                                 it is the human existence itself"


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