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"Five To One" sure is a song with a potent message in there, "What does it mean, Jim?"  Well, it means that an industry that used him for toxic mythologizing sure saw something, like the potential to achieve something that would really not be good, if you subscribe to the dark side.  John Densmore.......did you agree to this, just to avoid getting harassed? Probably.  Anyway, because we know how stupid they are who call themselves "Illuminati" --we are from now on (we don't do blood sacrifice, hurt children, and are generally the sworn enemies of all industry which makes music BAD for people).   We are the evolution of combat, and five to one kind of sounds like 5:10 pm July 4 1776 to these ears., 

Awesome job Jay-Z  Hey, wasn't Ramtha channeled by JZ Knight? YEAH!!!...hey, I'm totally throwing in with Jay - Z here on "THE TAKEOVER" released on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, on an album called "The Blueprint"....that's what Jim sounds like now, instead of being determined to get together one more time in our prime.   The funniest part is how they really, really believe that they have the power to overthrow the natural harmony, love and order......because it is so true, that is why I am laughing!'s so easy, especially when John Densmore was signing a contract that represents the highest vibration of a manifest destiny that nobody realizes is coming to make fun of them.  There are Two Doors in this world, and they are not skinny old hippies.  



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         TEZCAT REAL

"The imagination is not a state,

                                 it is the human existence itself"


I was watching a video clip with Violent Jay-Z and Shaggy 2 Dope, they were talking about their all time most favorite of the dumbest fans of theirs, and they know, they know.  Their fans are pretty cool, dog.  Shaggy, he had some big laughs at his fans, particularly the clown face tattoo guy.  Wow  "So, this guy.....he was a die-hard, and got your face-paint pattern ---with ink!"    "I have made some mistakes in my life" he said...and, they all agreed.  Tattooing yourself to look like a clown, might ruin your chances of getting laid and......"


OH!  Jay-Z? Not violent Jay-Z.  What if I like, call him a butthead? Will he get Violent Jay-Z?   I think Jay-Z is a turd of a human being, for taking the Illuminati's favorite song by The Doors, "Five To One" and making it about "The Takeover" which came out on Sept. 11, 2001.  Thanks you for making Jim Morrison seem to agree with a Satanic Takeover of a world leftover after a mega "destruction of consciousness" ritual is too incompetent to take out #7, IDIOTS.  "Five To One" is about EVE's originally sinful pussy, if you really want to know.  I know, Tezcatlipoca told me. 


Some of these Juggalos, Shaggy says "like, who came up with this thing - Juggalo? I have no idea what that is? Ok, Juggalos...whatever."  So, strange fans.  To me, Juggalos are breasts which tend on the large side, and with the addition by ball point pen of two dots for eyes, and also a little smile beneath the protruding nipple....we have two friendly and bouncy Juggalos.  At the moment of this writing, I have not been laid in 5 years. The Image Of Nation seen below, a peace that I had offered to the One Mile Clock Project constructed at Burning Man 2011, and I would have just considered it to be a thing that I did and give my acceptance grunt "arghhh", but something Twilight Zone happened to me. 


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